Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend Fun!!!

Well, it hasnt been too bad a weekend in the Dolbel house. Ive spent a little bit of time doing some scrapbooking!!! Funny enough.....

I was visiting Pip's blog and i found a gorgous layout she had done for a project in her shop. Seeing as i had that patterned round bit of paper, I thought this would be the perfect thing for it. And i also really liked the idea of filling it full of the 365 day challlenge photos!!

So here is mine..... I used completely different colours and things, but the placement of everything is the same... I totally love Pips scrapbooking and it has inspired me quite a bit lately. (Ever since meeting Brenda and seeing her gorgous stuff!!)

I also made a start on the monthly Sissy pack. I just did this single layout which was a sketch from sketch me if you can. She has some great sketches in there. Id been sitting on these photos for about a week, and couldnt think of anything to do with them.. They arnt terribly inspiring in themselves - but still wanted to scrap them. I scrap everything - its my diary!!!

Now here we are day 67. My little tale today is about my gorgeous garden. People look at ourr beautiful garden and congratulate me on ny gardening expertise!! Of course, I have a terrrible green thumb!!!....... But alas, its a lie!!!! My thumb is black and turns lovely green live plants into dead ones!!! My husband is the gardener. he loves his garden and loves the whole feral cottage garden look. Personally, I like a nice manicured english garden with featured plants and statues.. Nah, not happening here!!!! Oh well, its green and lovely and i dont have to do a thing..... So what more can i ask....

Archery day today too. It was lovely out in the bush. So quiet and peaceful. The only thing that distroyed the serenity was the 8 year old nagging and wanting attention the whole time...... (Not our kid, someone elses.....We are put in groups of 4, 2 adults and 2 kids.....) But it was a nive morning out just the same...
See ya tomorrow!!

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