Saturday, August 4, 2007

Day 45 - Quirks, Habits & Idiosyncrasies.... You asked for it!!!

Well, Ive been raking my brain trying to come up with something for today and well, as i was sitting on the loo reading my book - which i always do and contiually get in trouble for it - I thought OK! That will be it for today.

So be prepared for todays Habit!!! Toilet Reading!

There is always a pile of mags in our loo from archery, to motorbikes, gossip mags and of course scrapbooking mags. Now regularly this is fine as one article usually only takes a little while and no one misses me.The trouble comes when i have a novel to read. I havnt read one for a few months now, but after reading the latest Harry Potter book, i have the urge to lay in bed (or sit on the loo) and read again, so now i am reading the latest Racheal treasure book. I totally love this Australian Outback down to earth dinkie di author. Once i get started I cant put it down and the only place i dont get constantly interupted is in the loo. SO thats where i go. I may not even need to use the loo, but i just sit in there in the peace and quite to read. My loo is a nice loo with lovely navy and white decor so its not an unpleasant place to be.......So thats day 45s little QUIRKS, HABITS & IDIOSYNCRASIES ... You asked for itI have heaps of them

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