Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Scrapbook Nook- Thursday Night Class

The Scrapbook Nook Scrap and Chat
is now proud to introduce
Bridgette was a Scrapbook Memories Master last year
and has a wonderful eclectic style of scrapping..
Much much different to mine...

Tonight she taught this layout...
"Best Friends"

Bridgette will be teaching each fortnight at the 
Scrapbook Nook Scrap and Chat
on Thursday Nights.
Other times will become available when requested....
Ring and talk about booking in a class today..
41 Chandos Street

there is a HUGE range of PRIMA MARKETING
now available..
Its running out the door... so be quick!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthday Breakie with the girls....

Its that time again!
Why do birthdays come around so darn fast!!!
The girls and I met at the Verdict for Breakie...
Our traditional meeting place...
It was lovely and I got so spoilt, as always!
Love you girls!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Kaisercraft for March......

March sees the release of gorgeous new Collections from Kaisercraft
These collections are available from
The Scrapbook Nook.....

Find Inspiration at the KasierCraft Blog here

The Great Southern Land Collection....

Tigerlily Collection

Classes at the Scrapbook Nook this month
are concentrating on both the above ranges.

We are also learning about Misting and Masking
and making hand made banners!

Want to join a class.
Classes are Monday 10-1
and Thursday Night 6.30-9.30

Interest is also being taken for Saturday Afternoon classes....
Ring me to register your interest

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book Review........The Hunger Games

Three Words!

Oh My GOD!

Putting these books down was impossible! I was sneaking a read at every available second,  waiting in the drive through at Maccas...
Sitting on the loo
Waiting in the line at Woolworths.....even while grocery shopping....
Cause I also have a kindle app on my phone!
These books were brilliant!

Highly, highly recommended!

10 out of 5 stars!!!!

But wait there's more...

The countdown begins!!

Here is the preview...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Welcome to my new look BLOG

I know its been such a long time since I have blogged.....
And my promise to myself of sharing something I am grateful for everyday... 
has sadly fallen by the wayside...
But that isn't because I am not grateful everyday!
Just the opposite!
I am very grateful everyday that the gamble I made for myself is really paying off.....

So with that, I introduce to the blogging world:

The Scrapbook Nook
Scrap 'n Chat!

Due to popular demand from local ladies
I ventured into the scrapbooking arena, when lots of small scrapbook shops are shutting down!
What a huge gamble!
We have never had a specialised scrapbooking shop in Gunnedah.
We have had two very talented ladies do online kit clubs
Like Brenda's "Scraparooney"
and Bridgets "The Polks Dot Place"
but unfortunelty they fell by the wayside with life and family....
so that has left us local ladies really craving some Scrappy Goodness...

So "The Scrapbook Nook Scrap 'n Chat" has come to fruition.
It is located at my other Business Enchanted Events & Balloons
I have a huge scrap area at the back just dedicated to Scrapbooking and Classes.
I offer a drop in center for scrap and assist every day
With assisted Scrapbooking on your own project on Mondays
and structured Kit classes on Thursday Nights.

After some fault starts I have direct accounts with
Prima Marketing
Websters Pages
Green Tara

And I also have accounts with major distributors in America and Australia.

My scrapbooking stock is slowly building...
I am expecting my very first orders of Prima and Websters to arrive this week!
How exciting is that!

I am also starting to offer Kit Packs now as well that will have all the items you require to complete one, tow or several layouts.
Initially, these will be using older product teamed with some newer goodies
just while I get a feel for it
and then once my gorgeous new stock start to arrive I will have some lovely Designers sharing tips on how to create their styles!
I'm so excited about this!

So keep an eye out for some exciting things coming your way!
I will still share with you all my Kaisercraft deigns, all of which can be purchased through me
but also some other awesome bits and pieces as time goes on.

Wish me luck ladies!!! I  know I will need it!

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