Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 31.........I was feeling OK.... Until....

Until I saw a full photo of myself Emelia took today...
I may be losing weight off my face,
but gosh Im still discusting!!!!
How did i let this happen????
I wont share it though... its too revolting, i dont want to make you sick!!LOL
Anyway, I cornered Stu for a photo today..
One of the piece of me that IS reducing!!!

Hes a dick isnt he... Look at the face hes pulling!!!!
Emelia and i washed Solo today for tomorrow...
He has such a lovely tail...

Its my job to wash that and brush all the knots out...
This is challenge one for the Scrap with V cybercrop this weekend....
We had to use colours that we were shown...
Yellow, Blue, Pink and White..
Layout removed.....

So, thats my day..

Scrap With V - Cybercrop Card Challenge

I dont do cards....
Although i am having a go more and more often...
But it was my turn to do the card challenge...
So here it is:
Card for someone going on a holiday
Summer colours like yellow for the sun, orange for the sand
I want to see some bling
Some ribbon

This is my sample:
Pop on over to the cybercrop and join in on the fun!!!
There is also a LUCKY DOOR PRIZE!!!!
All you need to do is upload at least 3 of the challenges into the gallery, play at least 1 game and participate throughout the weekend to be in the draw for this great prize.

Seeya there!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 30........Weigh in Day!!

Is it possible to loose weight and gain height??
Id never thought so??
I wear the same thing each way in day and go first thing in the morning before breakie....
Todays results were really good,
quite happy with the whole thing..
But I also gained 1 cm in height!!!
How is that possible???
But i have lost .7, better than nothing,
and BMI is down 2 points...

Here i am today!!!
Its so hot and ive been getting so burnt every day!!!
So i thought id show you want this very uneducated photoshopper can do with the Photoshop Elements 7 trial program.....

Here is the photo i took... Look how dark i am!!!

Then here is the one i have changed...

I play with the Brightness and Contrast, Hue and Saturation and then using the brushes to draw a frame around the photo...

Here is a layout i did last night...

Just a simple double layout using up some stuff...

"Wave Kissed Toes"

Just a hint: Do you get stuck for titles for pages?? I do all the time.

This title is from

I usually put in the search engine something like (For this layout)

Scrapbooking + titles + Teen beach

and it brings up different sites that have lists and lists of titles...

How easy is that!!!





Be there.... or... be sqare!!! LOL

Scrap With V Cybercrop Timetable


8pm Friday Night Open - Ness
8.10pm Challenge 1 - Janine - Summer fun colour challenge
8.20pm Challenge 2 - Kim - 'A Place in the Sun"
8.30pm Challenge 3 - Sketch - Kylie27
8.40pm Challenge 4 - Card - Jodi
8.45pm DT Only Challenge- criteria to be pm'd to me by the members which will then be posted into the forum.
8.15pm Kids Layout Challenge - Sine
8.15pm Kids Card Challenge - Millie - birthday card for a friend
9pm Quick Bingo Game - Lindy
11am Photographic Challenge - Jules - A Different Perspective
12 noon - Game - Jodi - "Get to know your new Design team!"
8pm - Mystery Class/Challenge - KylieJ - "Home Scrap Home" OTP item
9pm Quick Bingo Game - Wendy

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 29..... Surprise by Mail!

Look what turned up in the mail for me today...
From my dear on-line friend Lisa A..
Lisa, thank you so much, this is beautiful!!!!
Jumped on the scales this morning and am down a few grams
So this last couple of weeks has been a bit of forwards and backwards,
But its going down and thats the main thing.
I can see it in my face.
I was looking at Day 1 photo day and doing a comparison..
I think it looks smaller....
This is Day 29
This was Day 1
For todays Gunnedah Tourist Feature,
I have decided to tell you about Lake Keepit
Its the place they all go for fishing and skiing...
A great spot
and Full Now after a couple of years of droubt and then a couple of floods...
Here is a link to more info

Photos courtesy of Gunnedah Porthole

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28.... Feelin pretty dang good today!!

After a sleepless night last night!!


I didnt get to sleep until like 1.30am, but i went to bed much earilier..

just tossed and turned

Then Josh left for work at 4.10am and woke me up.

(Damn car is right at our window!!! Grr)

And that was it!!!

Tossed and turned until about 5am and then got up

Did the ironing and folding and i gotta tell ya,

thats the time to do it

It took ONE HOUR!!!!

Usually i am back and forth to it all day!!!

But with no interuptions, i watched all the current news

and did the ironing!

Kids back to school too - so thats a good thing.. Well kid anyway

So us Mothers, Jack, Brenda and a new addition to our trio Naralle, all met for coffee at the Verdict...

I had bacon and scrambled egss again today... so thats my one meal!!!
I have to remember to take a photo, its so yummy!!!!

We discussed all the stuff ladies usually talk about...

including who has what teachers...

My daughter came home telling me she is leaving at the end of year 10!

So over school!!!

Shes not really the school kid kinda type!!!

Shes not happy with her classes or anything,

butshe will settle in.

After being her own boss all school holidays, she finds disapline so hard!


I did a BLIND SCRAPPING CHALLENGE at Direct 2 u Scrapbooking last night..

I am so bad at these, i really am

You say left hand and i put it on the right....

Marissas layout is gorgeous

Mine is so average!!!

Here it is..

Here is my Jumbo card for week 2.

Im only two weeks behind now..
Using Metal...

This is for

Here is me today..

Remember this tree?

We havnt seen it for a little while, so i thought id better re introduce you to it!!!

I have decided to share a bit about Gunnedah on my blog too...Just so you can see the town i live in,its a great spot and a lovely place to visit.

We have a Waterways Wildlife Park. Its full of beautiful wild animals and semi tame koalas that you can actually hold and pat. Its a lovely spot for family gatherings with bbq areas and such.

Here is a link to them

Photos courtesy of the Gunnedah Community Portal

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 27......

No horsey photos!!!!
Now now, be nice!!!! LOL
I cleaned today for the first time in two or is it three weeks. OMG the place was a mess. but in between cleaning, i also got some exciting jobs done....
I have a secret... Shhhhhh
You'll have to wait and see though... Its very exciting!!!!
So Ive alse been doing that today.....
Now my challenge...
I was a good girl today, and i was a semi good girl last week. I am expecting big things come weigh in day on Friday!!!!
Kaysie across the road is also on Slimmm and goodness me, she is looking so HOT!!! Not just because of the temperature either!! LOL
So this is me...
Ive had to lighten the photo!
You wont believe my skin colour!! Gosh i have gone so brown this summer, anyone would think i am a native australian!!!!
Dispite the size of my nose, Im not really!!!!

I have issued a challenge at Scrap with V, and i have given everyone til the end of February to get a layout in the Scrap with V gallery....
Also, if you get your layout in the gallery ontime, every participant will get a RAK from my personal stash!!!
Some come on, check it out and get scrappin!!!!

The challenge is here.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 26.... Happy Australia Day!!!

So, how is everyone spending their Australia Day!!!
I am in the air conditioning inside!!!
Its bloody 34 degrees but so humid!!!
We dont do humidity here in Gunnedah!!!

There are alot of activities to be had in town today for those wishing to get sunburnt!!! May daughter is at the pool enjoying all its activities. Theres lots of races and bellyflop contest, bomb contest...
Swimming, running etc etc...
She took Solo for a ride first thing this morning.
But he is so tired and sore.. He hasnt been riden this much in such a long time.
His legs are aching and he is hobbling along
So he is in the paddock now enjoying a rest....
Here is Emelis putting his pretty pink and purple shoes on.....

But look at him... he looks so hot and bothered and she hasnt even gotten on his back yet!!!
Here is my photo, again with Solo!!!
Yesterday was a bit of a nil day...
I did walk, but emotionally it was horrible, so of course, i turned to food...
Not much of it, but more than usual!!!
Two steps forward, one step back... story of my life...
But the day ended much better than it started with a resolution to do more fun things together.
So today, Stu was surfing ebay and came across a nice cheap little learners bike for me... My brother Gary went to look at it this morning as its in Port Macquarie. Looks ok.
Can you see me on this bike?????
I also had a balloon delivery to do today as well...
So cute..
A guy wanted to give his wife a gift to commmemorate the day they met!! How sweet that he even remembers!!!!
So now its 2.31pm and i am gonna scrap the day away..
So hooroo!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 25... Happy Australia Day Eve!!!!

Had a function to do at the PCYC tonight...
Just lots of balloon Bunches..
It so hard to decorate the PCYC as it is the basket ball court!! LOL
A huge room
and very ugly!!!
But i think everyone did a great job with their tables... they look awesome!
If i had to choose the best table, i couldnt, there are so many nice ones...

The theme is Astronomy...
The band hall did a great job with theirs...

This one is the show societies

Grey Power

They all look good and all unique...
Here is my photo for today..
Me & Solo again...
I think he has it all, hence the caption!!!
This little bloke came to visit us last night...
Isnt he cute...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hahahaha 40 Isnt too young, I took a test!!!

I have been surfing for information on Mid Life Crisis or Transition!!!
I did a quizz, here
The quizz is, Are you headed towards a Mid Life Crisis...
I got 10 out of 10..
so I guess that means i am!!!
Ok, now i know whats causing all this incontedness, now i can do something about it that doesnt involved lodging application for a single pension!!! LOL

Day 24.........????????????

Is 40 too young for a mid life crisis.....
I really feel its time for a change!!!
There are so many things i am just not happy with. Ive spent so many months trying to figure it all out and i just seam to get more and more confused.
Im know i am sick of being in this house!!!
Ive worked from home for 5 years now and the thing is, my husband also works from home. And when he is having a bad day - so do i!! When i am having a bad day - so does he....
And there have been more bad days than good now for many months....
Its like is costraphobic.. I hate being inside lately..
I dont mind it, until i go out to do something and then i dont want to come home... I am just a slave here, cleaning up after every messy person who wont clean up after themselves.
Its seams all i do, when i do actually have a business to run, scrapping to do and a life to live!! Im so bogged down under the mundane, that i feel im not living life at the moment.
You know, theres always heaps going on... but how much of it is my choice!! The only escape i have is to scrap in a corner of my husbands office, where he is working or surfing too....
I just want some space and some time to be just me!!!
Does this make sense.
It it an unreasonable request??
Am i being selfish???
My kids are all grown up now, isnt this when i am supposed to be able to reclaim some me time???
I dunno, see mid life crisis!!! LOL
So, onto my day!!!
Solo got some new shoes today... I dont know when the last time was that he had shoes on. The poor thing, he must have felt like he was in prison this week and doing all these horrible things!!!
We started off just having a bit of a play first... Trying to get him in a good mood.
He enjoyed having a nibble on Emelias hair, ears and shirt!! He grabs with his lips... so cute!!!
He was sure he wanted some of my coffee!!!!

Here is a lovely photo that i photoshopped with my new photoshop elements and the tutorial from Jolene!!!
Thank you so much for this Jolene!!!! Do you know how long i have been searching the net for just this thing!!! And here it was sitting on your site!!!
Check it out if you want to have a play with frames and words. Here

Solo wasnt completely happy about the new shoes..... But he tolerated it like a good boy!!
But then he got a hair cut and he didnt like that one single bit!!!
See that garden, he standing jumped upto the top of that!!!
So when all the chatting was done about Pony Club and town gossip, it was time to do a function.
I have two this weekend, so its a bit quiet for a long weekend!!!
It was a Disco theme 50th Party
See the Juke box on top!!!
The black balloons are round tyre type balloons... I dont know if they are meant to be tires or notes... as in music notes!! Probably notes though i think as the round balloons have notes on them...
Here is me today...
Another play with frames.
I weighed myself and it has come down again. I think i must have retained a heap of fluid after the gallons and gallons i had to drink the other day for the ultrasound... That would account for the increase and the quick decrease again!!
And here are some random shots of Emelia taking Solo for a ride in the rain...
Todays lesson!! Put your heals down!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 23.... Hmph!!! :(

Well, its weigh in day today and im not even going to bother!!
I am so cranky!!!
After yesterdays efforts of not being able to fill up.... But i didnt eat heaps, i still only had, well i had one shake breakie and then had missed lunch and had a plate of veges for tea....
But obviously it was the wrong thing!!!!
But we wont talk about that..... today is another day!!!
I did this layout for the Frugal Competition on the Prima Blog.
Cant upload the damn thing to their site but!! Grrrrrrr
Have emailed them though....
Anyone else done it that can tell me how?????
"Boy Meets World"
I used the Prima Studds packaging....
These are A2Z Scraplets swirls... arent they awesome.
I inked the bigger ones and then used Twinkling H2Os on the top smaller one and used dementional magiv to make it shine!!!
Now i know flowers on boys layouts arnt a done thing...
But i think it works
Its a formal photo and the flowers just bring out that formal feel...
I dont think it looks sissy.....
What do you think!!!!
Here is my photo this morning....
I so love the Photoshop Elements Program... Gonna have to buy it!!!!
Look at these cute little froggies that were sitting at our window last night!!!

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