Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scrap with V - Class Kits July

My New Class Kits are now up at
Scrap with V
For this kit which includes all the items required to make these two layouts, plus full instructions.
"Remember When"
Only $19.95
See here
"All Dressed Up"
Also this kit
is available...
Available for $15.95
Click here for purchase

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Weekend of Scrapping..... amoungst other things.

Scrap with V Cybercrop on this weekend...
You were missing something by not calling in.
Some great challenges...

This was Challenge 1 set by Jules.
The sock challenge..
There is a yarn attached to this layout...
"Missing Sock"

This was the mystery challenge by Kylie..
Im so bad at Mystery Challenge.
But it didnt turn out too bad
"She makes me smile"
This was the DT Challenge..
And as usual, it was a doosey!!!
"Daddys Precious boy"
Ride to Manilla
Me and Stu went to Manilla for a ride today.
I felt really comfortable on the bike today for the first time.
I felt confident on the way there and even more so on the way home
I even got upto about 160 for a while on the straights.
It was very safe.... There was nothing around!!!
But i dont think i would want to go any faster at all.
So feeling confident
Came home and rode into the shed...
Not thinking
Slipped on the mud that was on the cemenet, grabbed the front brake and over i went!!
More scratches on the bike
The muffler side this time, but nothing on the muffler thank goodness, I managed to put myself under the bike to stop the scratching towards the back but unfortuanetly the farring got scratched up a bit.
Stus coloured it in with black texta,
He rode in behind me, parked his bike, got off and took his helmet off and laughed at me!
I yelled at him, come on, this is heavy as i was trying to keep it off the ground so it wouldnt scratch!!!
God those things are so damn heavy!!!
Oh well.. It happens.
As Stu says, its a learners bike, its gonna happen.
He will take the ferrings off and fighter the bike when i am done with it!!!

Theres a bit of a wait happening here tonight too.
My brother in law has been rushed to John Hunter.
Our prayers, thoughts and love go to him and hope there is the best possible outcome!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson is Dead

What shocking news we woke up to this morning!!
Michael Jackson has passed away with a Cardiac Arrest.
At around 5.00am E.S.T or about 12.26pm local time
the ambulance was called to his house..
Paramedics tried to revive him, but he was dead!!!
I wasnt a huge fan of Michaels, I admit to jiving to his music, but I never bought an album.
I just couldnt get past those issues he has with kids.
Know one will really ever know the truth,
maybe with his "Peter Pan" image, he might have thought he wasnt doing anything wrong...
But i couldnt get past it.
But I do respect his talent and his huge success and his millions and millions of fans
How they must be in shock today!!
But my deapest heartfelt thoughts go to his kids.
how will they survive in the strange world they have been raised into without their Dad.
This is going to be a terrible shock for those children in so many ways!
My heart does go out to them.
Michael Jackson
King of Pop

Lets also spare some love for
Farrer Fawsett who also lost her fight today.
Dreadful tragedies!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Question of the Day

At Scrap with V, its my turn to do the question of the day.....
Random questions, some about scrapping, some about life....
On Monday I added a second question, the bonus points question (Althought there isnt actually any points!!)

I have been listening to the new Nickelback Album....
Its a bit different to their first album, i find it much easier to listen to and the songs have more meaning....
One of their songs
"If today was your last day"
Listen and watch the video here

It asks us that question
"If today was your last day"
Would you call those friends you never see
Reminisce old memories
Would you forgive old enemies
Would you find that one your dreaming off
Swear up and down to god above
Would you finally fall inlove
Say goodbye to yesterday
Live each moment like your last
Leave old pictures in the past
Donate every dime you had.......

So I asked that question?
What would you do if today was your last day?

Its a hard one isnt it....
But i kept coming back to just spending it doing what i do now each day when im not working.
I usually spent my most prescious time at home with my family
Just chewing the fat like we do most days.
It would be good if Gary, Kel and Zane were here too....
No panick, no trying to sqeeze stuff in, just relaxing and enjoying each others company...

It then led me back to my favorite hobby
Its a morbid thought..
But if something were to happen
I have it all written down, my whole life has been recorded for my family
How I feel about each person is recorded on a page that i have made with love
My whole history from my birth
my thoughts
my wishes
my loves
have all been recorded.

What a wonderful hobby scrapbooking is for this purpose
and what a wonderful gift to leave for future generations.
My kids wont ever have to wonder how i really felt about them
as its all been recorded
the good
the bad
and the ugly!!
Everything in truth!!!

I dont think there would be a bigger act of love for my family than to leave them these legacies if something ever did happen to me...

So, thats why I scrap!!

Funny how one song can trigger such deap and meaningful thoughts isnt it?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scrap With V - A Winter Wonderland Cybercrop

Come join in on the fun!!!

Open 7pm - Ness/Kim

7.10pm Challenge 1 - Jules - "Can you sock it?"
7.20pm Challenge 2 - Liz
7.30pm Challenge 3 - Sketch - Janine
7.40pm Challenge 4 - Card - Lindy

7.45pm DT only Challenge - Ness (members to pm criteria)

7.15pm Kids Layout Challenge - Millie-- " Winter Woollies"
7.15pm Kids Card Challenge - WendyG

8pm Quick Bingo Game - Kim


10 am Photographic Challenge - Ness

7pm Mystery Challenge - KylieJ - Blind Scrap - 'Heart Warmer'

8pm Quick Bingo Game - WendyG

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lilys Gone :(

With everything thats been happening lately, I forgot about this bit of sad news...
Lily went back to Queensland last weekend..
A really lovely lady from the Gold Coast bought her and she loves her as much as i do!!
St thought that we would never be able to resell a pink virago!! But i had other thoughts..
Any lady interested in bikes at all will love Lily!!!
She was on the market for 5 days on ebay before being sold!!
I had heap and heaps of enquiries too!!!
I dont get any compliments on my new bike!! Not like what i got with Lily, and its really sad to have sold her!!!
I know when i get back from Tasmania, I will look at buying another one just like her!!

Woolworths Promo

Remember those little airplanes i made last week?
Well, here are 50 flying around our local Woollies promoting their new Flybys Campaigne!!
Talk about Drama!!
I ended up blowing up about 400 balloons just to get the 50 planes you see flying!!
there are 2 balloons in each plane....
They just kept breaking!!! Over and over and over...
Jack lives 2 doors down and i am sure she heard me swearing last night!!! I was so frustrated!!
And whats more, I ended up tearing 1/2 my nail off!!
From twisting the balloons over and over on a nail that had already prooved to be a little weak when it was filed back far enough to draw blood last time i had my nails done!!
Its so sore!!!!

But hey, its looks good and the customer was happy!!!
And here is a nice arch....
Dont look at the stuff up at the bottom right!! Too funny, didnt even notice the twist wasnt twisting properly unil I saw it on this photo!!
Will go back and fix it tomorrow!!!
Its been such a wishy washy day today!!
Ive been real teary..
I keep smelling that sweet little baby smell of Zane!!!
And i miss my little brother...
So wish we were closer!!

123 Cybercrop - Extra Challenges

We only have 2 Big Challenge Entries up- and there is only just over a week to enter!!!

You have a chance to win a fabulous Print Blocks Album, a fantastic Kit and blinkie advertising....

You can also win LOTS of fabulous prizes just by entering the other prize comps too.... we have blog-hopping, leaving some love, answering a question to win Kits.....

all info here....


Don't forget that you need to also complete the June 123 Challenge - which also has 3 fantastic $20 Vouchers up for grabs from 3 different websites!!! So many chances to win....

Looking forward to seeing more of your layouts up!!!


Meeting my new Nephew Zane

This last weekend, the whole family went on a trip together in the same car at the same time!
We havent done this in 18 months!!!
Well, isnt it interesting having two teenagers in the back of the car.. Including one who has now been driving himself for nearly 3 years!!!
God talk about laugh!!
They got upto all sorts of mischief including placing bets on who can eat that coolmint that Emelia had incerted into her nose and then blew out across the car!!!
It was worth $5!!
I threw it out yesterday when i cleaned the car so obviously no-one took the bet!!! lol
Joshua decided that he wanted to "Pretend" he was riding his bike over the range, so he and Stu did a complete comentary of how they were taking each corner complete with leaning and the motorbike noices!!!!

Anyway, we finally got to Port to see Zane!!
And what a gorgeous little boy he is!! Not nearly as big as he looks in the photos, but he certainly wasnt tiny!!! And musclely!! WOW!!
He's a strong little bloke, already lifting his head and moving it from side to side...
I tried to do a photoshoot with him, but he is still so tiny and didnt like not being wrapped up.. So funny usually babies love kicking the nappy off!! Not Zane! he loves his nappy!!!

Here is proud Nanny
And Proud Aunty JOdi!!!
He loves me!!!
And proud Daddy!!!
So funny again... Kel went to do some job and Gary, Mum and I were babysitting.. We dont have boobs full of milk either and Zane decided it was feed time!!!
So we gave him to Dad!!! Dad talked to Zane about going in the car and he would walk him up and down the hallway making car noices... That kept him quiet for a while...
He would take him in to show him his Evo....
Honestly, this child will be driving before he goes to school!!!

I love these photos......
Im going to tart them up eventually!!!
Mum, Gary & Zane
Me again...
Zanes little feet!!!
He loves his blanky!!!
Gary thought it might be time for a Dummy or Gigi (thats what i always called it)
when we couldnt offer a boob..
Once he figured out how to use it, he was fine....
Mummy giving Zane a bath.. He loved that!!
A Happy family
Emelia has a nurse and really enjoyed it...
After a few drink the frivrolity began!!!
So funny!!!
Got a whole heap of these photos... Gary wearing the hoody from Emelias jacket, while Emelia was in it!!
"Look two heads!!!"
Then of course there is the Guitar Hero Rock Band!!!
Gary always on the drums!!
he loves the drums and can play metallica on expert plus!!!
Apparently thats impressive!!! lol
I miss my baby brother and his baby son....
I really wish we were closer to them..
I have set up a blog for Gary so he can put photos up of Zane for us (Its a private blog though)
So we should be able to feel like we are keeping up with his growth and changes, but it wont be the same as being there....

Friday, June 19, 2009

First Layout of Zane

I dont get much of an opportunity to do Baby Boy Layouts...
Or baby layouts altogether..
Will take a bit of getting used too...
But here is my first...
"Your very first Day"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A2Z Scraplets Layouts

I dont have to tell you guys how much I LOVE
These little things are marvelous!
A design to suit any occation!!!
And you can NEVER have enough of them!!
Even though Julie send me heaps, as a member of her design team,
I still found myself really loading up more at the
Scrap with V Retreat!!
Ness has boxes and boxes of these wonderful products...
Go in and have a look!!!

Anyway, here are a few of the latest releases at A2Z Scraplets

Using "Bird on a twig" & "Border Strip Tree"
I cut it up though.....

Scraplet Words
"Little Miss Sunshine"
Scraplets shaped wod
'Free Spirit"

Frame 10
"Greed for Speed"
Set of 4 keys
"The Key"

Paisley 47
Prince Charming Page Set
"Prince Charming"
Border Strip Twirls
"Cute Little Cake Eater"
Florish 11
(There are actually two different scraplets on this page.. The other is under the flowers)
"Secret Wish"
Shapes Hearts
"Love Card"
Go and check out Scrap with V for loads of awesome scraplets!!
They are so cheap too!!
Great value for money!!

A Layout to Share

How exciting is it to be able to do baby layouts now....
But before the blue layouts start, i thought id better give Kel a pink one!!!

I love this "Craft" series!! But they are so dear!!! Why?? Its just cardboard like everything else???
"Waiting to Exhale"
I gotta commend Kel, she was in labour while i did this photo shoot!!!

Emelis did an inventory of her ribbon collection last night..
She hasnt been riding for 12 months yet and look a what she has achieved!!!
Great work my dear!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A bit of a catchup....

Firstly, look at our beautiful boy now he has had a bath...
Isnt he adorable!!
Look at that head!! Gosh no wonder he took his sweet time arriving the NATURAL way!!!
No drugs either girls!! Can you imagine!!
Kel is now my HERO!!!
Here is my New Hero
My SIL Kel.
Doesnt she have that
"Natural Mummy" look about her.............

And once again Daddy
Who braged to me today that Zane chucked his first burn out!!!
Im pretty sure it may have been daddy pushing his little hosiptal basinette,
But he was very proud never the less!!!
Look at the look Zane has for his Daddy!!
These two are going to be such great mates!!!
Zane is one lucky little boy!!!

Now onto my Scrapbooking News....
Here is the latest sketch from Crafty Sketches....
Here is my take on it...
I was just saying before, that i so need some more photos!!
Tada... One new baby!!!
I will have enough photos now for a while!!!!
"Food Time"

Here is the one layout i have done in the last week!!
Other things going on lately!!!!
"Round Up"

I had Woolies ring me about a job this week..
They needed Aeroplane balloons for a promotion!!!
So look what i came up with
(With the help of some very talented lady who downloaded her instructions on the internet!!)
Isnt it cute!!
they are very happy and have ordered a stack of them!!!!
Locals can call into the shop on Monday and check out the promotion!!!
And finally
Ness gave me this award last week...
"Your blog makes me smile!!"
Isnt it sweet!
Thanks so much Ness....
So many blogs make me smile and i will award the same poeple i always do!
All the blogs on my blog list!!!
So please accept your reward!!
Ok, finally, i think thats about it for today!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome to the World - Zane Gary Heagney

After a very long Labour!!
Kel's pains started on Friday!!!
Zane Gary Heagney came into the world
about 8.00am this morning
Weighing in at about 9 pound!!!!

I dont know the exact details yet.

Here is a very proud Daddy!!
Apparently Gary has not long given him back to his Mummy!!!
A doting Daddy!!
Here is a closer shot!!
He definately has those Heagney Genes....
Although nothing like his Daddy was.
Here is a photo of his Daddy when he was a couple of weeks old..
Skinny little mite he was!!!
Hands are a long running joke in our house...
When i was a baby, everyone gooed and gaed over me, until Nanny caught sight of my hands.
Nanny (Dads Mum) had lovely femine hands, with long manicured nails...
Mine were pudgy and wrinkly and BIG!!!
So Nanny was saying "Oh isnt she beautiful, but look she has Margarets horrible hands!!"
Well, looks like Zane has the big "Creative" hands too!!!
Theres nothing he will attempt that he wont achieve if his hands are anything like Mine or his Nannys....
And here is a very proud Nanny!
Mum rang me in tears about 8.00am this morning!!!!
So thrilled about her little grandson!!!
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