Thursday, January 25, 2007

Its Country Music Time - Yiyha!!!

Its Country Music Time again, when the streets of Tamworth are a rythem of jazz, country, violins, pan pipes and didgerydoos!!!!

Emelia, Mum and I went to Tamworth for the day yesterday to experience the atmosphere. Mum has never been before. We had a great day singing along and dancing to the music, much to Emelias constant embarrasment!! Notice the face in her photo!!!

The loveliest surprise of all for mum was running into old friends Kevin & Pat King. Mum and her sister Jacquie toured with the Reg Lydsey show way back when. Jacquie was the "talent", mum went to keep her company, but did sing with her in the early days. Kevin King was another big name in the tour. Its been over 50 years since mum has seen them. We went to see Aunty Jacquies costumes in the Country Music Museum and mum told them her yarn - as she does..... to everyone who will listen...... and they told her the Kevin was doing an appearance there today and was in the lunchroom. Well, Mum nearly wet herself with excitement. Kevin was inducted into the Roll of Renound on Tuesday - a big honour for those who are in it. Mum, Kevin and his wife Pat caught up and reminesced about old times. Mum couldnt contain how absolutely beside herself with excitement she was. It was like "See, all these things ive told you about - heres the proof - I know this man and he knows me!!!" I felt excited for Mum too. It was wonderful to see her so happy.

I ahve also attached some photos of Aunty Jacquies costumes, notice how tiny she was. She was the youngest recording artist at the time. She used to yodel.

And was hugely popular.
Its funny because when I met Stu, his dad was a huge fan of Jacqueline Hall. He still has some of her records and listens to them.
When he found out i was the neice of Jacqueline Hall he was so excited. He pulled out her records. When we announced we were to be married, it was Stus dads dream to meet her. When he did meet her, he was too awstruck to say anything. poor man. But what a strange circle of events..
So that was our fun day yesterday........

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Life has come full circle - Part 2

Anyway, I left this place on the suggestion of my doctor as i was suffering a nervous breakdown. The breaking point was that i had to go to outpatients the week i left after coping yet further abuse as i was suffering from extreme high bloodpressure and on the verge of having a stroke.

During my three years at this place my weight sky rocketed also to the point that no life insurance company would insure me.

So l left. No notice, just walked out the door and didnt go back. After i left the abuse continued with letters and the chairman of the board actually knocked on my door one day and actually handed me a letter stating that they would not be held responsible for my health issues and accusing me of theft!!

After going through the whole workers comp thing..... the main focus being to get me re-employed as once i am employed again they can wipe there hands of me. I didnt want to work again and was suffering dreadfully mentally.

I saw that there was a Balloon Business for sale and bought it as it would make me get out of the house, i didnt have to take orders from anyone and it would keep my office skills up and be a deversion from my problems. The doctor advised that I dont as it would effect my workers comp. I didnt care - I dropped any claims and worked for myself.

I really needed some form of councelling to get through what had happended and ended up going to the most wonderful angel of mercy who helped me so much. I was diagnosed with cronic depressive disorder and cronic anxiety disorder and an undiagnosed case of post natal depression 13 years after the birth of my baby. Ontop of these there was also post traumatic stress due to the work environment and the death of my father (Of which they would only give me 2 days of work to travel 600kms to organise & attend the funeral and come home).

It took 3 months of weekly sessions, then another 3 months of fortnightly getting back to monthly visits for 12 months to get my mind working again. I would have anxiety attacks all the time. Even to answer the phone - let alone leave the house. My poor husband and kids really did it tough for a while with me, but eventaully all the mental facalties started functioning relatively normally. i made heaps of changes in my life, but still couldnt face the prospect of going back to work.

After spending 12 months on my brain, i thought i could at least give my body a go too. So i signed up with Jenny Craig and began regaining my body back. Its been about 15 slow months, but have lost over 30 kilos now still with a few to go, but in getting my body back i regained heaps of confidence in myself.

A part-time job became availalbe and i applied for it. Having not applied for a job in over 6 years!! I got to the testing part which was about 6 tests. two maths an english and numerous personality tests. This was going to be my down fall. Was i really ready for this.

I was called in for an interview and told i got the highest marks in all the tests by heaps and my personality test was great for the job. The interview also involved doing a sales presentation!!! talking infront of people!! Oh No!!! But after doing it, the interviewers applauded me!! how exciting. Then the great news is that i got the job.

I feel i have now come full circle from being completely un emloyable to getting a job on my merits. Im so proud of myself. And because ive lost alot of weight, i felt comfortable in my body when the interviewers were looking at me while doing the presentation.

I so nearly didnt even go to the testing as i had a bit of an anxiety attack and felt i wasnt ready. But i made myslef go.. and i am so pleased i did!!

So theres my secret!! This has been my personal journey. It doesnt sound like a big deal compared to what some people suffer, but it was a major thing for and i am so proud that that part of my life is now behind me. My balloon business will continue...and my weddings, but i also have this other job now to help with the income which is great!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

My Life has come full circle - Part 1

I dont know how much detail to go into about my life, but its interesting to some people, so here i go.......

In 2000 I got my dream job, which in the end turned out to be the job from hell. Needless to say when I walked out the door on my last day, with no fairwell or thankyou and with my confidence shattered I wasnt feeling very confident about myself. During my employment I underwent systematic verbal abuse, bullying, being ganged up on and the worst part was no end to the attacks on my personality. Even to the point of being belittled infront of the manager and three board members by being told i dont talk properly. My speech is "Common". I dont pronounce my gings and anything else they could think of. At the time I held it together quite well, but once the attack was over and i was by myself i suffered my very first of many mental breakdowns. Just 3 months into my dream job with another 2 years and 9 months to go!!

Not only was the staff and management in the place bad, but the expectations were increadable. I was hired to do a certain job, of which the previous person wasnt capable of doing and actually sublet other offices to complete for her (the board was not aware of this) but as my skills increased due to the added expectations of me, my work load increased by 200%. Not only was i doing my job, but my assistants and the managers jobs!!! I am so NOT exagerating!!

Ok, its getting too late.... better go to bed and finish the yarn tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Update of Happenings

Here i am in fine form shooting the final of my 100 arrows to shoot the new bow in. Its like driving a new car 1000 kms before you start chucking donuts and burnouts.

Anyway, now i have to sight it all in, which takes me ages. But once its done properly it done and that the main thing. My goal is to shoot A grade in ABA this year. I only ahve three more weeks to practise before our grading, so i have to stop scrapping and start shooting!!
Got the archery range complete now and my nails survived, although the body didnt. I ached all over!! Rolling those huge heavy archey target butts up and down gullys is definately a full body workout!!!!

Speaking of scrapping, i have always wanted to do an altered note book as i conduct alot of business in woolworths or up the street, and need to keep all my notes in one place. A diary holds no importance for me as if its small enough to fit in my bag, than its too small to record all info on the day. IYKWIM. So i did my note book. I am really happy with how it turned out.
I have also been making a 2007 "A year of Reminices" calender for my MIL for chrissy. We will exchange gifts later in the month. It has photos from when her and FIL were young and also has photos of their young family. I really hope she likes it.
Well, thats my week. Balloons have been slow, as it is in the school holidays, but Valentines Day is jsut around the corner so i ahve heaps of time to prepare for that. I am ordering in from the Gold Coast as exclusive chocolate range for valentines...... this will be hugely tempting for me as i love chocy. Lets hope they all sell, and i wont be forced to eat it myslef!!!!
Righteo, thats me. Seeya

Sunday, January 7, 2007

So much for a French Manicure

The day was starting off to be a lovely relaxing Sunday. Watching the mid day movie, washing done and drying on the line....time to start thinking about getting some scrapbooking done..... then the husband came home!!!

He and my son had been out to our local archery range. We do field archery and shoot at targets which are big wool packs filled with stuff (plastic, cloth etc), and then a cardboard target is hooked onto it.

My husband is now range captain, which means he gets the pleasure of playing with archers minds now by setting up a difficult range making distances hard to judge. We dont know how far the target is away - part of archery is being able to judge the distance.

By the way, the range is actually quite a way out of town in the bush!! Bugs and snakes and horrible ticks!!!!

Anyway, as i was lazing away, my husband decides to go back out to finish setting up a new range, and my son refuses to help this time. He is exhausted!! Guess who speaks up? "Umm, would you like me to go and help you" I says!!! "Why yes, that would be lovely" says the husband.

By the way again, the range is UP hill. Ok, so we get to the range. I have to help rake all the leaves and branches to make paths from one but to another. nothing has been walking here since the dinosaurs I think for the amount of rubbish. I had to roll these big heavy buts into place. Knock down old dead trees with my bare hands and feet!!! Walk up and down rocky hills.

I am exhausted too, my son had the right idea i think. I just had my nails nicely french polished last week, so you can imagine them now. And the blisters all over my hands. I can barely type. I can feel by sides aching from all the raking and i can just smell the pain i will be in, in the morning!!!! Think twice before offering help next time!!!

Below is a slide show of a typical walk to the lookout everyday and the beautiful view and wildlife we encounter. The no tail bird is still alive after we first spotted him about two weeks ago running for cover!!!! Those koalas have been in the same trees for a couple of days now and we always get a great welcome home from the roos, who love nibbling in the paddock behind our house!!! Yep, we live in the country!!

Typical daily walk to the lookout

Thursday, January 4, 2007

One of those days!!

Today has been one of those days you would rather forget.
With the droubt and all, I have been thinking about seeking employment outside my current two businesses. Dont know when i would fit it in however.
I applied for a job at the Post Office - part time - no biggy. Made the short list and had to go in today for a phychometric test........ I thought at 4.00pm. No, it was 2.00pm, of which i realised at 2.30pm!!! Bumma!!
But luckily they have scheduled another test for me Monday. What an introduction though, too stupid to even get the time right - what hope do i have??
I should just stick to blowing up balloons i think!!

Other than that, Its been a nice day. Had coffee with a lovely friend this morning, and got my washing and ironing done. My daughter and mum did all the waching while i was coffeeing. So that was a bit of cheating!!

So, as boring as it is, thats my day. After tea me and Stu will walk to the lookout takes about 1.15hrs. Then I am going to sit down infront of my computer, put the tv on it and scrap all night!! Go to my happy place - sounds wonderful doesnt it... I think so!!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I heard feed back on my blogger today from the most wonderful "Arch rival" in my archery world!!! lol Linda you know who you are!!!

You pointed out quite blunty that there wasnt any bow photos on my blog - a huge discrepancy for an archer!!! So here is the photo. Its a Mathews Prestige Bow and Red - because red goes faster!!! lol

It has my old afjustable site as it took a year to get this site right, Im not going to get a new one and have to start from scratch!! Has my old long stabilizer, and wrist strap etc from my old Mustang.

I am keeping the Mustang for now, I'll see how i go with the extra weight first. But the most exciting thing is the gorgeous leather "pimp" cap that came with the bow!! A leather cap!! Who would have heard of such thing - only in America!! But it is so comfortable, I may just be redneck enough to wear it!!! Now thats a worry.

Another issue Linda "bought to my attention" was the typo on my goals for the year. Linda claims that I will be equal first!!!! Believe me, if we could arrange an equal first, thats what we would do too!! We love competing against each other, and we are both out to win, no holding back. Linda is so going to whip me this year in 3D, as she has improved so much. She won the top 10 shootout at the 3D Nationals last year against all men!! Linda is such a tiny little piece of dynomite, and its so great she did so well!!!!

I'll see if I can find a photo from the shootout!! This is Linda in the black and white photo.

Weigh In Day

Well, today is weigh in day with Julie at Jenny Craig. Julie is a lovely lady and we have become quite good friends.

I had great week as far as wight loss goes. Lost 1.4 kilos. A good week after not losing anything for so long and putting on weight over christmas!!!!

I informed her of my goal for 2007 as in getting to my goal weight by June. This is achiveable, I just really need to stay focused!!! It will happen.

However, until the temptation of the christmas left overs finally leave my house I am going to have a probelm with snacking!! *Note to self - not as many pretzels or savory shapes for Christmas 2007!!!

I have done a couple of layouts and just uploaded 4 to For Keeps Kates Blog Competition. Looking for fresh faces of people that have never been published before - thats ME!!!
Cross my fingers!!

Monday, January 1, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Day One of the Rest of My Life

Werent the fire works last night spectacular!! With roof tops exploding in spectacular colour, Im pretty sure I had the best vantage spot!! On a comfy lounge in my home.

This year is going to be a land mark year for me. It will be the year I finally ditch the weight thats been plauging me since Primary School. It will finally be over!!!! I am so stoked to have made it this far, I just know that i will go the rest of the way. I am still 100% determined.

I started on Jenny Craig in September 2005 weighing in at a staggering 114kgs. Having already that year tried Weight Watchers and a very expensive and hugely dissappointing Dr Cohen's Lifestyle Clinic. To anyone thinking about dishing out the 100s of dollars for that program and enduring the endless bloodtests - DONT!!!! Its a complete waste of money - unless you are into eating cabbage for breakfast everyday for the rest of your life. There is no-one that I know off thats been on this diet that hasnt lost heaps and then put it all back on plus some at the end of it. She guarantees the program, but i still havnt benefitted from that guarantee!!!

Anyway, on a more pleasant note, I finished 2006 weighing in with a 30.4 kilo loss. Im still not sure what my final goal will be as having never been this size before, I am heavy boned and use weights ( both of which have you weighing heavier than if not). Im thinking I want to be a size 12, maybe a 10. Im a size 16 now, so its not that far to go.

On my favorite Scrapbooking site Cyberscraps, we are running a Cyberscraps Biggest Loser 2007. Hopefully this will be great to help stay positive as being excited by the weight loss of other ladies, will help me to stay on track. Not everyone needs to lose alot though, some are just a few kilos, but we can all use a little inspiration. Please come and visit and join in if you wish to.

My Goals for 2007

  • Reach my goal weight
  • Compete at the National Archery Titles in Wagga Wagga, in A grade and win it!!!
  • Compete in the Australian IFAA Archery Titles in A grade and finish in the top 5. I won the World IFAA titles last year in my division competing in B grade.
  • Have a scrapbooking layout published in one of the top 3 magazines

I know all of these goals are achieveable if I really put my mind to it. These are all very personal goals for me. The whole, I want to get rich this year thing just isnt me. What will be will be in that area. As long as I keep providing an excellent service, there is no reason why my business wont continue to be successful.

Best Wishes for 2007. I hope you achieve whatever goals you seet your mind to this year.


Happy New Year. May you achieve all your goals and your wishes come true for 2007!!!
Im going to be skinny this year!!! Yay!!!
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