Friday, August 31, 2007

Celebrating Me in 2007 Challenge 12

Happy now to have these three challenges done for the month. This one is for: "A layout about your ideal way to spend an evening in 2007" like dah!!!

Finish another double layout tonight... just waiting for dimentional magic to dry - I will load it up tomorrow!!

Guess who has the run of the house?? He is such a lap rabbit. He cruises around us all of a night. He sits on my lap while i scrap. If he wants to get a pat, he'll just follow you around the house. He goes into Emelias room and jumps on her bed for a pat.... Hes so cute!!!

Day 72 - Party Time

The flowers outside are so nice, I decided to do the photos with them again. And its also the last day of habits, quirks and idiosyncrasies....(I know i spelt that wrong!!)
Ive been trying to think of a good one for today........ a deep dark secret........something really juicy and embarrasing......... but honestly, cant think of anything.......except maybe.......i bite my nails......horribly!!! Really short down to the quick. Even when i was changing pooey nappies - it didnt stop me!!!

So there we are, the month is over and you girls now know me better than anyone!!!

Today i provided the balloon for the Mullaley Matrons ball. Mullaley has a population of about 50, but this year is the 50th Anniversary of their annual ball. They will have over 200 people at it!!! Will be a great night. I dont go to them myself, but i do enjoy helping with the decorations.

The Stage

The room.

The tables

Look what i got in the mail today from Lea how exciting!! Ive been looking at these stamps for a while now, but never got one. Now I have!! Yippee!!!
Thanks so much Lea!!!

And thats it for winter for me. Spring tomorrow!!! Time for the sneezing to start!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Celebrating Me 2007 Challenge 10

This is my layout for challenge ten in the Celebrating Me in 2007. The site running this is chookscraps.
My favorite place to be (If it cant be in bed with a good book!! But how boring is that) is out in the bush on a Sunday Morning doing archery. Its so peaceful.
The journalling says:
"The bush on a Sunday is a wonderful place to be... The peace and quiet of it. The birds singing.... the gental rustling of the trees in the breeze... pure serenity.. You get to see lovely wild flowers in the spring and koalas all year round"
Keep on eye on the mail box Kerry and Amanda.... Brenda already has heres - handed to her over coffee this morning. Your RAK has hit the mail today. Will take a while to WA and SA patient!!!
Will do the second Pay it Forward next week!!

Day 71!! My Calender Swap is home!!!

I decided today is the day to STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS!!!

This is something i get to wrapped up in the crap to remember to do!! I need to enjoy life more often rather than getting buried in the day to day monotomy!!!
Thats my thing for today!!

But the real exciting thing is I got my 2008 Calender swap back!! Woohoo!!! Take a gander. Bear in mind got these photos organised sometime last year!! Lost a little bit of weight!! I good reminder not to put it back on hey??

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ive been Tagged!!!

Brenda has tagged me.... it's all about the number 4....

Checkout operator at Payless Superbarn

Hospital Assistant at Narrabri District Hopital

- Kitchen Hand

- Cleaner

- Sterilzing Operating Equipment

Clerial Assistant at Narrabri Shire Council

Barmaid at Narrabri RSL and Stockyard Tavern Moree

Administrator/Finance at Old Age Hostel


Anything with Michael J Fox

Bed of Roses

In Love & War

Many many more... these are just four i can think of





Big Brother!!!!

60 Minutes

Dr Phil


Mt Selwin


Hervey Bay






Anything someone else cooks for me

Roast Dinner

Caramel Pie

Lemon Marainge Pie

Diet Coke



That yummy wine I love!!! (I forget the name and my husband isnt here to ask)

On holidays somewhere lovely with the family

On a $10,000 Shopping Spree with the girls. (Too lonely doing it by yourself)

At a scrap retreat somewhere tropical with unlimited funds!!!

Scrapping with my friends and enjoying coffee and great company!!





A harvest - it will be good to have some money again!!!

In line with the top one - going on a lovely holiday with the family

Turning 40 and the party we will have!!!

Seeing my son achieve all he can in the HSC

And thats all from me!! Seeya

A Visitor!!!

Look who came to visit when i was pegging out the washing tonight!!!! A koala!!
We are the Koala capitol you know.
This photo was taken through the wires on the clothes line. He was sitting about 2 metres about the clothes!! STu told me to watch wear i hung the clothes or they would get covered in excrement!!! YUKKO!!!

Here is a cute face photo!! He posed for me!!!
Here he is again.....
Now hes back to the food!!! Isnt he cute!!!

Day 70!! Another Round Number!!!

Here we are again on another gorgeous spring day. I thought i would commemorate by taking photos outside again, in the lovely sun!!!

This is totally my favorite necklace and one of my favorite tops. Another habit of mine.... again with the jewellery is that the necklace and tops have to match. I can settle with earings that dont match perfectly, but the necklace and top have to. This is a Goondiwindi Cotton Top. I love GC brand - very me!!!

Had coffee and cake with Mum and Brenda today. Not intentional - just happened. We were all up the street at the same time.

Thats my news for today. Oh, I have my RAKS ready to send - so watch the mails girls. Little of this and a little of that in them. And another thing very interesting, but dont try to eat it as people often have..... yukky!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Spring is on its way......

Can you feel it? Spring was knocking on the door today. Its was such a lovely day. During winter im not usually inspired to put anything in my hair, but it was such a lovely spring day today, I even put a ribbon in my hair..... (Silly I know. All through Spring and summer i will wear things in my hair - but not in winter...)

See, pink ribbon to match my pink top to match my new pink necklace......

I was actually watching this gorgeous little blew wren in the garden picking at bugs in the lawn while this photo was being taken. Another female wren came and landed in the tree right in front of me.... But when i moved to get a photo, it flew off!!!

But one thing i did catch in the garden were the bees. They were flitting from flower to flower. I was so pleased to actually capture shots of them...

This is a close up of the flowers the bees were in..... None is this one though. But isnt it a great photo... Taken with my point and shoot digital in micro mode with a flash!!

You cant really see the bee as the photo is too small. But in the normal size one, you can see a great shot of the bee on the right of the flower

Look really closely and you will actually see the bee in the centre, Notice his stripey body!!! Im so please with this photo

No bees in this one, but i love these daisys that cover the garden in spring....

I do totally love spring. I love the smell of all the flowering trees and i especially love the chineese jasmine that flowers out the back of the house and the jonquils that flower out the front...... Beautiful time of year....
So this is day 69!!!
WOW, didnt my comment about vacuuming start something!! Thanks everyone for your comments. I had lots of people supporting my opinions on vacuuming, with just one sole person asking if i had checked filters and stuff!!! LOL Amanda...... So thanks ladies for your support in the crusade against vacuuming the house and the total waste of time that it is!!! Rather than burn the bras, how about we burn the vacuums.... LOL (Must admit though that i have done this too - not on purpose, but rather blew it up!!!! Made one hell of a noise and sent stuff flying, just missing Emelia who was about 3 at the time!!!)

OK, thats me for today.
See ya tomorrow!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Pay It Forward

I have the three ladies for the Pay It Forward......
& Brenda.......

I will have your RAKS in the mails soon ladies.... Finding something really great to send.

Day 68 sees me cleaning my house. I hate this job. Its always such a waste of time as, as soon as the kids get home it will be trashed again!!!! So thankless.

But the thing about cleaning that i hate to absolute most is vacuuming!!! I hate it!! And this is my quirk for today!! The cords are always too short, the vacuume is always full and the suction never stays sucking!! You drag the bloody thing from one end of the house to the other, trying to get rid of all the crap, only to find that "someone has marched grass or mud all through the house - just when i have put the heavy awkward bloody thing away!!! See - I hate it!!!

Here is me hating the vacuum. We even bought a Dyson to try to make vacuuming more pleasant!! Didnt work. And its crap that they dont loose there suction!!! Here that Dyson!!! Crap!!!

Ok,I'm done now...... seeya tomorrow!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pay It Forward

Isnt this a wonderful idea..... Pay It Forward.....

As I was visiting blogs of people I visit regularly, they were participating in a Pay It Forward idea. I have to be one of the first three to leave a comment and i get a RAK in the mail...... How exciting.....

I visited Lea's blog and then went from Lea's to Kerry who was also conducting a Pay It Forward..... so now i am to Pay It FOrward to the the first three that leave comments on my blog. I will do Lea's Pay It Forward today and then Kerry's through the week to break them up a bit.

SO if you would like to receive a little scrapbooking pressie in the mail. Please leave your comment and i will contact you for your addy to send your RAK.

Some come on, what are you waiting for..... leave me a comment.... any comment!!!!

Just thought Id share this photo with you. This is on the ABA site. Keep in mind that leading up to this shoot i was weighing the least that i ahve weighted in the 18 months since i have been dieting!!!! I was sneaking this little bite size Mars Bar. And of course, whos snuck up with the camera!! The official National Archery Championships cameraman!!! Got me eating a mars bar!!! Then if that wasnt bad enough.... hes published it on the National ABA web site!!!! Typical man!!!

Weekend Fun!!!

Well, it hasnt been too bad a weekend in the Dolbel house. Ive spent a little bit of time doing some scrapbooking!!! Funny enough.....

I was visiting Pip's blog and i found a gorgous layout she had done for a project in her shop. Seeing as i had that patterned round bit of paper, I thought this would be the perfect thing for it. And i also really liked the idea of filling it full of the 365 day challlenge photos!!

So here is mine..... I used completely different colours and things, but the placement of everything is the same... I totally love Pips scrapbooking and it has inspired me quite a bit lately. (Ever since meeting Brenda and seeing her gorgous stuff!!)

I also made a start on the monthly Sissy pack. I just did this single layout which was a sketch from sketch me if you can. She has some great sketches in there. Id been sitting on these photos for about a week, and couldnt think of anything to do with them.. They arnt terribly inspiring in themselves - but still wanted to scrap them. I scrap everything - its my diary!!!

Now here we are day 67. My little tale today is about my gorgeous garden. People look at ourr beautiful garden and congratulate me on ny gardening expertise!! Of course, I have a terrrible green thumb!!!....... But alas, its a lie!!!! My thumb is black and turns lovely green live plants into dead ones!!! My husband is the gardener. he loves his garden and loves the whole feral cottage garden look. Personally, I like a nice manicured english garden with featured plants and statues.. Nah, not happening here!!!! Oh well, its green and lovely and i dont have to do a thing..... So what more can i ask....

Archery day today too. It was lovely out in the bush. So quiet and peaceful. The only thing that distroyed the serenity was the 8 year old nagging and wanting attention the whole time...... (Not our kid, someone elses.....We are put in groups of 4, 2 adults and 2 kids.....) But it was a nive morning out just the same...
See ya tomorrow!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 66 - Time for Drinkies

It was time to clean out the shed or "Studio" prior to wedding season starting next weekend!!!
Talk about biting of more than i can chew. This is another idiosyncracy of mine..... I do think things through - but sometimes i just dont see the big picture and get a bit lost. What was supposed to take an afternoon took 2 days. And goodness knows how many garbage bags later!!! Im such a horder. I had to be tough on myslef and if i havnt used it in 2 years its going!!!!
So now Ima exsausted and my feet ache and by but muscles ache. I know tomorrow my shoulders will ache and so will my back!! SO I think it might be time for a little drinkies....
Then I shall be rewarding myself with some scrapbooking..... something different for a change.... LOL
Seeya tomorrow!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 65!! - Im a Rockin Blogger Girl!!!

Thanks to Kerry Im now a rockin Blogger girl!! Thanks Kerry!! You rock too!!

This is fun, its now my turn to nomiate a couple of rockin bloggers....... Id nominate Brenda, but Im not sure if she is one or not........ as she has the Rockin blogger thingy on her site......

So I will nominate Amanda who inspires me with the most wonderful cooking skills and great 365 day challenge photos...... and also Janet becuase being the excellent cook she is - she has promised to feed me!!! LOL

So rock on girls.... I will pay your blog a visit and let you know that you now rock'in bloggers too
Day 65 sees me with my gorgeous new blouse, necklace and earings on that i bought at Ag-Quip..... Yummy!!!! I think they look nice. I particularly love the necklace. I adore the multipal strand things.
Today I used some of yesterdays habit - I made up a word - but cant remembert what it was.... I think i should right down all the words and make a jodi diary!!! I think that will be funny
But another habit of mine that is similar to yesterdays is that i am a bit of a songstress.... (hangon - is that a made up word????) But not the usual kind of lyracist... (I think thats the right word for this) ... For example, mum had the god awful music on in the car the other day - so i made up totally new lyrics to the music - which arnt actually printable of a public blog - sufice to say it had lots to do with bathroom antics of a toilet kind!!! hugely funny!!! My daughter was in fits and "Couldnt believe that i was her mother!!!)

I aslo did a bit of scrapping last night - surprise surprise!! I did this layout - "These Boots" my aunty was a recording artist way back when. She was a yodeller. "The youngest recording artist" My Poopy Sid used to rattle of the same story over and over....... I can still remember every word. He so adored Aunty Jacquies singing...... We all do!! The lovely old country songs. Anyway, her things are in the Country Music Museam in Tamworth. So this is the page to commemorate that memory.

When Mum and I went to the meseum to have a look at Jacquies things, we found this bloke. Kevin King who was being put into the role of renoun... He toured with Ausnty Jack and Mum went too. So they had a lovely time catching up on "The Good Old Days" as the page is titled!!!

So, thats day 65 for me. This took much longer than I anticpated and i ahve work to do!!!! See ya tomorrow!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 64 - Domesticity Again!!!!

Been busy scrapping again last night. Really happy with the result!! Might submit it i think!! This was me and Stu at Jimmy Barnes... great night out!!!
This is todays photo - day 64!!! This is me in my domestic duties. Had to iron today. Very boring! Watched Wild Hogs DVD while i was doing though and that was good. Great Movie. My husband is actually a mid life crisis biker!!! He reacons he is just going back to what made him happy when we met. Which is true!! Good on him I think.........
I dont know what habit or quirk to talk about today. I think i have covered them all...... Oh, there is one.....
When there isnt a word for something, or i dont know the word to disccribe something - I will make one up!!! This can be terribly annoying and sometimes very funny but most times it just makes me sound stupid!!!

Check out this photo - notice the daughter with the enormous attitude in the back seat!! This explains everything in one go at the moment!!!
On a much more pleasant note..... here is our gorgeous bunny again.... so cute. She wants a cuddle....

This photo is how i spent the afternoon. Waiting in line at Ag-quip to get into pick up gas bottles........ Very boring.... I picked the kids up first, they werent happy at all with the waiting!! Probably hence the photo of emelia and her hand gestures!!!! LOL
Thats day 64.... see ya tomorrow. Im scrapping now - on a roll of double layouts lately!! Great way to get through my piles and piles of photos!!!

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