Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 61 - Ag Quip TIme and i have a migraine already!!

Its pouring rain today and its totally lovely - if you could be inside all day scrapbooking. But unfortunately I'm not. Im ag-quipping. As part of my business, I sell helium gas. Ag-quip is the biggest gas time of the year!! i have delivered a car full of gas outt o ag-quip already today and its a quagmire. I ahve to go back out this afternoon and i will take some photos.

Anyone coming up for ag-quip tomorrow. Dont worry about the good shoes - wear your mud boots!!!

Anyway, whenever I have big jobs like this on, I do worry and I get headaches. Usually migraines and i hate them. I ahve to soldier on though. So at 1042am, I am at home having lunch so there is enough food in my tummy to take a handfull of painkillers. Then I am off to Tamworth and then back out to ag-quip this arvo.

Stay tunned for mud photos!!! Seeya


Brenda said...

Don't stress!!! I have gumboots if you need them. lol

kerry said...

Jodi theres nothing worse than getting soaked when you are trying to do your job ,goodluck.


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