Monday, October 31, 2011

More Kaisercraft Shares..

Just thought I would share my KaiserCraft design work for this month...
The ranges this month are TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! OMG!
Your gotta rush out and grab them!

This is a Kaisercraft Candle holder and I used the 13th Hour Collection
to enhance it!


This was the Saturday Sketch last weekened....
"Coming of Age"
Using the Bon jour Collection
which is my alltime favorite range of papers and embellies in like forever!!!!

I also made this miniture gift basket from the Bonjour Collection!
Isnt it cute!
I found the "Pattern" on a blog somewhere in cyberland
and just adapted it mini for a gift box.



Here are some cards...
This is my 13th Hour Collection Card..

And my Bonjour Collection Card...


Here is my 13th Hour Collection Layout....
You have to see this one in real life
these papers are brilliant!
Really perfect for Emelia!

This was a feature for the Timeless Collection
It's a Vintage Sampler
Made from Vintage Laces, pearls, buttons and doilies...

See, I have been scrapping all for the fantastic Kaiser Team.
There will be more shares next week!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Enchanted Events & Balloons - Now Open

With lots of long hours and hard work!
The night before the opening was upon us!!!
Brenda, Mum, Josh & I really burned the night oil to make everything perfect
for the opening day!!!

Here is the window when all the paper was removed....

Then It was time to get everything in order the next day!
I made up the arch and balloon column the night before,
so we put those out....
And there is me in my matching black & Pink outfit!!

My Enchanted Fairies were out in force
in their totally adorable new uniforms!

And we were ok to go!!

Here is a look inside....
This is my Zebra print!
When designing the interior of my shop, this was the first thing I wanted
and everything else revolved around this!
A local signwriter designed it and made it.
Isn't it fabulous!

This is from the right side looking across...

Seeing as it is Halloween Weekend, we needed Halloween Balloons!

From front to back..

All my balloons and things in the background...

This is a good one of the canopy

I had a cake to cut too....

Here i am cutting it!

 My fabulous school friends came as well...
How awesome was that!!!

 As well as my Niece and Sister In Law from Cessnock!
But I didn't get a photo! :(

When the kids started descending, the Enchanted Fairies set up camp
out the front and painted faces and made balloon animals..

 And here are some of the faces!

It was a really fantastic opening day with some great sales..
Lets just make sure that it goes really well now on a day to day basis!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kaisercraft October Releases

This months sees the release of my favorite Kaisercraft Collection to date!
The Bonjour Collection!!
Here is my layout featuring this collection
"A Cowgirl and A Princess"

And another awesome versatile collection for this month is
13th Hour...
Here is my layout for this collection
"Those Eyes"

See more awesome work using these collections over at the

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Im still here

Im so sorry I have been so absent from my blog....
But there are big things a happening in my life at the moment....
Some of them really awesome and some of them really horrible...
Its a real avalanche of emotions lately 
and its really really hard to stay ontop of it all..

I am moving my new business

Into this shop....

Currently Back to Balloons and Wedding Elegance are two separate businessness
owned by my husbands Company Dolbel Consulting P/L
But as of 1st October i am now a Sole Trader
and I am doing all this on my own.

I really didn't know how i would go at first,
it was a real struggle coming up with the money
and having the confidence to branch out in such a big way on my own.

I cant even begin to tell you the emotional rollercoaster this has bought on at the home front.
Suffice to say that side of things has been really hard.
But im not going to talk anymore about that, its too private.
But things are off the ground now,
i got some money
and things are heavily underway....

New flooring has gone it,
Furniture bought

My counter is nearly done
just waiting on the counter top.

Ive done most of the internal decorating now
and its time for the stock to come out!
I've hired two young ladies who are the best little workers
and the hardest workers!

Opening day celebrations will be 29th October....
So watch this space...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Urban Grunge.... Create the look with the New Kaiser 13th Hour Stamps

Want to know how to create the Urban Grunge Photo Matt
on this layout??

Then go over and check out this months
"In The Know Newsletter"
From Kaisercraft

It takes a tick to download, so be patient....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Emelia turns 18!!

How can you not be there to celebrate your daughters 18th birthday?
So despite the fact that it was leading up to a long weekend..
We shut up shop and headed North!
925 kms away or 11 hours and 15 minutes in Google Maps!!
She decided not to come home for the two week break
due to Emerald being so far from home.
So she spent the holidays at Gin Gin with her friend Zara.

Gin Gin is a 30 minute drive from Bargara which is just outside of Bundeburg
and on the rocky coast.

We stayed in a Penthouse suite (Apparently)
Due to an online fault!!
This was the view... The weather wasn't really the best.

The room we stayed in is on the 4th floor on the right in this picture....
That little room above the 4th floor room is a party room (Thats what the kids called it)
Just a room with a huge balcony just made for parties!!

This is the little glassed room
and it looked out to 3 sides of balcanies..

This is looking out...

And here is Emelia enjoying the clouds!! lol 
I cant say Sun can i?

And the whole purpose of us being there was for this!

 Emelia's 18th Birthday
We gave her some pressies in the morning
but what she really wanted was a cloths shopping spree..
So here we are ready to shop!

Then we went out for tea at this gorgeous place called Kacy's.
Stu and I went down and decorated the table prior so it would be a surprise...
Emelia loves My Little Pony
I mean is obsessed with it.
So what better theme to have for her party...
I blew up a giant My little Pony Balloon
 and then made two cute little topairies to match
My little pony Party hats and Napkins too

(One couple there when we were decorating asked "And how old is your little girl? "18" we responded. "Oh??"  I said "She is still a little girl at heart" Isn't that nice" they said.. not convinced

And the pinacle was the
Tea Cup Pig Cake!!

Isn't it awesome!

 Emelia asked for a Tea Cup pig for her birthday on facebook months ago!
So I thought i would have her one made.
We werent sure what we were doing though, if we were going there or not.
I had asked my awesome cake decorator Friend Jo to make me one, 
and then didnt know if I wanted one or not.
We decided the week before that we would go and lucky for me i had just met this wonderful cake decorator here in Gunnedah, So I asked her if a week was enough time. Yeh no worries!!
So I picked this up at 5.30 AM the morning we were leaving to do to Bangara!! Poor Desiree was up all night making this cake for me, God love her!!

And didn't she do a fabulous job!
The inside of the cake was TO DIE FOR!! Yummo!

And here is the birthday girl
with her brand new birthday outfit on..
I wont say Birthday Suit!! Haha 
She looks so grown up hey!

And her first legal drink!
I wont say her first drink, cause that would be a lie!
Anyone who is friends with Emelia on Facebook knows what she gets upto at College!

We had a really nice night sampling cocktails
and Emelia got a thrill ordering her way through the cocktail menu!

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