Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lots to be grateful for.....

Mondays are always so much fun now!
I love my Mondays!
Mondays are scrap class days! Yay!
Yesterday I helped one of my ladies create this awesome vintage vanity mirror!!

Its a bit blurry...
Here is a full photo

She did an amaising job!!!
Come to my class and together we can make something really awesome too!

Another one of my ladies made this card!
She was stoked with it!

Today was a day full of visitors into the shop.
I am always grateful for visitors...
First off Brenda popped in and had a chat for a while..
It was so nice to catch up with her now the kids are back in school...
And then one of my favorite people came in for a while....

Its always great to spent time with Josh just the two of us.
We can just talk about anything without judgement or fighting....
We critiqued everything!!
Made some plans...
We decided that it might be time for me to buy another motorbike,\
and Josh get another helmet (Cause Stu bought the exact same helmet as Josh and that just crosses the line you know!!)
And just us two will go for rides on the weekend.
We aren't speed demons like Stu. Josh likes to go fast, but just in short bursts, where as Stu likes to do the whole ride as fast as possible and when your riding with just the two of you,
its not that much fun for the slow one...
Especially when you get lost
or when you come off your bike like Josh has done.
But we can just stick together, so it will be fun!
Stu & I found an appropriate bike, not quite a cruiser, and not quiet a road bike
Lets see how we go about getting one!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gratuity Catchup......

Catch up time again...
These Gratitude challenges are really getting hard!
You don't realize how ungratefully we go about our days!!! haha

Anyway, Day 27
I was grateful to have a DVD night with Hubby on the couch...
Rarely do we watch the same kind of movie..
We watched Arena...
Very interesting movie!
It was about this online game to the death that the viewers thought was smoke and mirrors but it was actually real! Real people fighting to the death!

Day 28 I was grateful to my little ofsider Meggie!
She is a champion!
I'm training her to manage my shop!
We have a way ahead of us, she is only young and only in year 9 this year.
But her enthusiasm is wonderful!
We decorated the Valentines Day Window!
Massive job!

Here is the window.

Day View...

Night View...

The Wedding Window...

The shop front at night!
I need a light on my sign hey! Will work on that!

From inside out...

And today Day 29
I was grateful for some me scrapping time..
No comitments, just for fun!

The Colour Room Palette #95

Gosh how long has it been since I scrapped for fun!
I cant even remember! It seams that everything I do lately is for Custom Orders, 
Magazine work or DT work.

So seeing as its a runny day Sunday
What else is there to do but scrap and watch movies!

Here is my layout.
Together at Last

Here is the palette and sketch..

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Gratuity Catchup

January 20

Today was my first day back at work without Emelia.
So like a naughty little girl
I turned to the chocolate...
So on Monday I was grateful for Marble Chocolate...
Is there anything better to make you feel happy!!!

Saturday I was so grateful for my Enchanted Fairies!!!
It seams that the Fairy Bookings I get are all Face Painting
and all last minute!!!!
The last one I ended up doing with Molly! 
(Not in costume though!! Thank goodness for all the spectators!)
But today Meg & Molly were on hand to costume up
and paint faces for the opening of a new butcher shop in town!

January 21st I was grateful for my summer scarves!
Is there nothing better to cover your venerability than a scarf!!
I know its funny, some people don't have a problem putting their bare chests to the world!
I personally have massive issues with that kind of exposure!
I would do not like showing any sign of cleavage at all!
So If I dont have a collar to cover things up, I like a scarf.
I bought two from Ag Quip this year, a green one and a orange one and i wear them to death!

On January 2erd I was grateful for this shop....
Just Country here in Gunnedah!
If your a bigger girl with a few bumps to cover
and don't have a fortune
this is the place to go!
They recently got a huge shipment of gorgeous clothes in
and I doubled my wardrobe for a few dollars!

Then January 23rd kinda follows the same line as the previous two posts....
Today I was grateful to find a lovely light summer cardy
with a collar
So I could wear a necklace and not a scarf!!!
Love this little number
Really inexpensive too!

Yesterday I was grateful for Mum & Meg who worked tirelessly with me to get the decorations
done for the Australia Day Awards!!!
Thanks so much girls! :)

Here is what we did...

And of course today I am grateful
that I live in such an awesome country
Where we have the freedom to express our views
Live by our beliefs
Live in a peaceful country free from War
and so many other awesome things that make Australia a 
Wonderful place to live!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some days are harder than others...

To find something to be grateful about...
But tomorrow will be worse!!!  Much worse!!!

Today is Emelia's last day with us
She is leaving early tomorrow morning to head to Gin Gin
at 10 hour drive!!!

Ive been dreading tomorrow since Emelia came home.
I cried all last year
and I so really hope that I dont cry as much this year for missing her!
I am really going to try not to! But that being said, I really tried hard last year too, but it never got easier! Not one single bit!

So today, I was being brave
and Emelia went home from working early to finish packing her car.
I didnt cry!
I went across to Woollies and a friend ask me if she had left yet?
Well, that was it!
The tears started! And I just couldn't hang around the shop when Emelia was at home 
without me packing her car!
So I put the closed sign on the door
and came home....

So today, I am grateful for comfort food
infront of the airconditioner
with Emelia...
We love these chicken things... yum yum!

When I came home, Emelia was up the paddock saying goodbye to Solo.
We have found (no shock here!)
That he is an angel horse with no saddle and no bridle!
If she comes home for a while after this course than we will have him looked at by a Chiropractor I think.
Although you would think 2 years without a saddle might help his back hey?
Who knows!

But he was side passing and everything in his holter and bareback again today!
Perfect dressage pony! If only he could do it without all the gear!!! haha

He looks so lovely for his neglect hey!

Lets see what tomorrow brings!
Wish me luck!
Although I should be grateful, I was talking to another Mum today who sent her No 1 son off to the Army. She works with him everyday at their job and has done for a few years!
She cant have any proper communication with him for 6 months!
Now that would be hard!!!
So I suppose I should be grateful for communication at least hey!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I have been grateful for......

The school holidays are coming to an end....
and I have spent the last two weeks crying!
I actually bawled my eyes out on Saturday coming home from work 
about Emelia leaving me again!!!
So yesterday I was grateful, that I didn't cry over Emelia leaving!
We had the discussion about her leaving with a customer
and I didn't tear up or cry!
I was grateful for that!
Cause it is the hardest thing I have to do is let her go to live her life!
I miss her every minute she is gone....
(The scary part is, that this time she may not be back....... Its one thing the kids finding all the wrong guys, but a total different thing when they find the right one..... There is a lovely guy waiting for her when she gets back)

Now today I was grateful for a special present my husband made me some time ago!
I have watching it several times,
and by accident put it in my computer today cause i wanted to transfer some photos.
I saw this file on there and though "Whats this?"
So I opened it and the music started...
da da da, dadededa... da da da dadededa

It bough the biggest smile to my face
and I recalled it all day!
So today I am grateful for Stu's special little presents he makes me!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Scrapping is always something to be grateful for.....

Today my Scrapbooking Classes started again at
The Scrapbook Nook....
The ladies made this:

It was a project I did for Kasiercraft right at the beginning...
So we did the texture paste technique with stamping through it.
I think they are happy with it!!!
Quite advanced stuff for beginners, but you have to start somewhere....

And while they were painting and stamping
I made this...
But I cant show you cause its for Scrapbook Creations upcoming feature!

So this is what i am grateful today,
that I spent the day doing something totally fun
with Fun people!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January's Kaisercraft Creations....

Here are some creations made from my
Kaisercreaft January Collections..

'Lil Primrose Collection..

"Prince Charming"

"First Cuddles"

Oriental Birdcage

and from the Hummingbird Collection
"Medium Drawers"

Today I am Grateful......

Simply stated
That both of my kids are safe under our roof today!

There are parents today that don't have that.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

This Saturday I am Grateful for....................

I don't know what I am grateful for....
Maybe to my husband for his unparalleled efforts to finding solutions for his torque problems
which in turn helped my torque problems.....
And grateful that his torque problems solutions also helped my torque problems...
But whatever it is that I am grateful for,
I am grateful that all but one are in the hole at 20 metres!

At the end of last year, I was so pissed off with this stupid bow it had been chucked in the cupboard never to see the light of day again!
But with a little bit of specialised adjusting, it might be fixable!
But look what happened at 25 metres.....

So its back in the cupboard now until I find my proper grip again!
There are way too many things that can stuff up in archery!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Grateful for such creative hands.....

It might seam a bit egotistical this gratitude post.
But it is something I am totally grateful for...

I found a heap of photos of different balloon creations on the internet
and I use them to promote different creations that can be made from balloons.
A customer ordered this one today.
I did have an attempt to make this a few months ago just as practice, 
but practicing isn't the same as making something awesome for someones gift.

So today I had to do one of these properly.
And like all balloon creations, its about technique!
I just had to study the photo and work out the technique.

Mum came in and held my creations for me while I figured out what i was doing
and on the third attempt, I worked out the technique to achieve the exact look.

I said to Mum, its all about technique, 
there must be a technique!
And as soon as I figured it out, it all came together!

So for today, I am grateful for my creativity.
Its not something that everyone has,
but I am so pleased that I do have it.
It allows me to do what I love to do.

Here is my balloon tulip!
Its it awesome!
Its about 8o - 90 cm high!

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