Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jodi's 365 Gratuity Challenge - Day 3 "Kitchen Bitch"

Day 3....
Stuart  features in my Gratuity Challenge today
and I would say he will feature in many because of the marvelous things he does for me...
But for today I am grateful to Stuart because even though he works
  very  relatively ok, somewhat hard doing his job from home,
he has taken on the mundane housewife stuff because I am now in the shop everyday.
He does the washing/folding and he cooks tea everyday!!
And he seams to enjoy the cooking too, where as I hate it! 
And Im not the good at it, but Stuart seams to know what goes with what which is very tasty!!!
So today my darling husband, I am grateful that you took on the role as "Kitchen Bitch".
(As he calls himself!) Though i wonder, when i was cooking was this what i was called???

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Dolly B said...

You just made me realize I should be grateful that my hubby will cook (made yummy steak sandwiches tonight) as I went back to work today :( He will also iron, I HATE ironing and he will wash, hang it out and bring it in. Geez I should be more grateful!


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