Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7 - French Toast with Fruit & Syrup!

I didn't get any sleep last night!
I am really struggling with this decision I have made to open the shop!
When I was at home, different things happen that effected my business, and yes I got angry about it,
but then I got over it cause at the end of the day, it wasn't that big a deal!
As long as i paid my gas bill i was happy!
But when things come along that effect my business now, the consequences are so much more worrying!

So hence, lots of sleepless nights!!

So I stayed in bed as long as possible this morning, then crawled out,
showered, war painted and dressed.
straightened my hair
and it was nearly 9am!

So on the way to work
I rang up The Verdict and ordered
French Toast with Fruit & Syrup and a Skim Caramel Latta.
They delivered it to me
and I really enjoyed it!

French Toast always makes me feel better!

So today I am grateful to the French for inventing the best breakfast in the world!
French Toast!

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