Sunday, August 30, 2009

September Blog Candy Giveaway

September 30th sees me celebrating my
20th Wedding Anniversay
to my darling Stu!!!So to celebrate,
all through September, anyone who leaves a comment
will go into the draw to win this....
For every comment, you will get an entry
Included in the pack is:
My Minds Eye Everyday Tango Tags
Little Yellow Bysicle Fold Out Album
Bratz Body Jewells
My Minds Eye Rub on letters - Bluebird, Blossom Sundance Numbers, Sundance Letters and Sundance Words
Bella Rubons
MOD Apoxy Letters
SRM Say it with Stickers x 3 sheets
My Minds Eye Frames
Cloud 9 Die Cut Shapes
Delish Chipboard
Doodle Kit
Heidi Swapp Corner
Kaiser Shapes - Butterflys
Large bag of Brads
Sticker Tabs
One Heart Stickers - Girls
Delish Rub Ons
Making Memories Garden Party Stickers
Bazzill Bets Cards
Bella Chipboard
Maya Road Chipboard
Lil Davis Letters
Wishmade Letters
My Minds Eye Decor P
Collections "Village" Chipboard Kit
Collectors Letters
Cherry Art Rubon Letters
Flower Pegs
2 x Woolley Cat Matchbook Albums
Pkt Ficus Eyelets
Clear Seal

How to Win:
Leave a comment on this post in my blog, or any other post during September
If you link your blog to this post, than you will get two entries, but dont foget to tell me in the comments that you ahve done that.

Entry will be randomly drawn on my anniversary 30th September and the winner will be notified by message on your blog and also a post on my blog.

Join in for a bit of fun!!!

My Weekends Activities

Ive been a bit crook this weekend....
I have had two trips to outpatients.....
On antibiotics and pain medication,
and really dont want to leave the house!!!
Feel like crap...
So Ive been scrapping!!!
I have caught up on all the kits ive made up over the last couple of months for retreats.
Most are double layouts of events...
And then I am using up a Zinnia Workshop I got..
So here they are
"Beautiful Bloom"
Using all Little Yellow Bycicle Stuff
"Campdraft Practise Day"
Using more LYB stuff...
Using LYB Stuff
"Run 'en Jump"
Using old stuff
"Gymkana Day"
Using Old Stuff
"Manilla School Horse Sports"
Using Old Love Elsie Stuff
"March 2009"
Using old K & Co Stuff
So thats been my weekend...
Time to clean up now before finishing cooking tea, Ironing and watching the wild card Idol show..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh My God!!!!!

What more can I say!!
Cant wait for this movie if only for the eye candy!!!!
God, who wants a Vampire when you can have THIS!!!!

Yesterdays Rebelliousness

Well, while the cat is away, the mouse will play!!
Josh & Stu took the bikes across to POrt Macquarie yesterday,
so guess what the first thing i did was...
I bought some flowers!!!
I know, how rebellious am i???
You see, i cant have some fresh flowers inside (Especially the really beautiful fragrant ones) as Stu gets headaches from the smell....yarda yarda yarda...
SO I rushed out and bought two bunches for daffodil day and they are sitting brightly on my dining room table...
Arnt they lovely!!!
Then I cleaned my corner of the office...
Yes, beleive it or not, this is where i scrap and do all my paperword for the business!!!
And by the way, this is the "After" photo!!
Imagine what it was like "Before"!!!
Then i went and saw Hanna Montana with Emelia!!
Well, not actually with Emelia as she went with friends for a birthday party, I had to sit away from them!! But a lovely older couple sat next to me and it was so hilarious listening to this old guy get so much enjoyment out of a Disney Movie!!
Ever been in a theatre watching a movie, and theres lots of singing, and you literally get surround sound?? Meaning all the young girls in the theatre were singing along to all the songs in this movie!! Out loud!!! It was awesome!!!
And then when the movie was finished there was loud applause!!
This didnt happen in Harry Potter or Twilight, those big movies this year...
But it did in Hannah Montana!!
Great movie!!!

Then I scrapped!!!
I love this layout.
Its from Beggahuna Sketches (I love her work)
"Young Love"
Dontcha just love these Websters Pages!! Awesome Product!!
Then i caught up on a long overdue double layout
February in review....
Using a sketch from Pip Prossers layouts.
Anyway, plans for tonight have been dashed as the boys are coming home!!!
The party i planned will have to be cancelled!!! :(
But I suppose i can always to the wifely thing and iron the six baskets i have to do! Grr

I thought I was cool

You may have noticed a lack of motorbike photos recently.....
Well, its kinda like this..
I thought i was cool, but it turns out Im just a whimp!!!!
Cyn is hitting the market!!!!!
Its a bit daunting when your riding along and you have visions of death constantly flash before your eyes.... Very off putting for ones confidence..
I know that with practise, this will stop, but in all realisticness, i just dont have the time to practise as much as i need to..
And the trip to Tazzy has been cancelled as it clashed with other important events, so i now have no incentive to try to override my fears....
So I'm hanging up the gloves and putting the boots away until such as i have to time spare to dedicate to getting more confident....
Its a bit sad, and was a hard decision....
But, im a whimp!! What i can say!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Zane Photos

The boys took their bikes for a run today
and headed for the coast....
Port Macquarie Coast
to see Gary, Kel & Zane..

Stu has just sent me some gorgeous photos of
my cute little nephew....
I cant believe how big he is getting!!
Here is Kel and Zane!!
This is a new little swinger that plays music and everything!!!
Kids have it all these days!!!
I wish I could be there giving him a cuddle!!!

A 2 Z Scraplets Projects

Go over to A2Z Scraplets and check out the
lovely layouts and projects
by the Design Team

Here are a couple of mine
"A Boy and His Kitty"
Featuring Doodlet 01
"Just Arrived"
Featuring the Just Arrived Shaped Word..
So adorable dont you think with the little stork!!
Here are some views inside......


Keep your eye on my blog soon...
I have just done a HUGE sort through my Embellishments
and I have a mega Blog Candy Giveaway happening....
Photo and a list of Candy to go up soon....

Scrap With V Kit Releases for September....

Scrap With V Kit
Release Time again
Here is my kit for the month.....
"Just a few notes"

"Barrel Racing"
The kit contains some wonderful Making Memories Papers,
and Creative Imaginations Papers
and can be adjusted to suit any theme...
So make sure you get in early
as they go really fast!!!
Visit here

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Prima

New Products for this month
Its so hard to get your hands on Prima!!!
Only a few places can stock it in Australia and then everyone wants it!!
So wouldnt it be awesome to win this gorgeous pack!!!!
Pick me pick me!!!
See post here


I was horrified to come outside just after lunch
to this sight!!!
My son too many meters above the ground!!
Complete with very sharp saw
and very little safety equipment!!!!
The tree that was poisened is now dying and its time for it to come down!
So who has the job?
Complete with Stu and his ute at the end of the rope!!
Mum, can you please stop taking photos of me
Your distracting me!!!
But as he wont pose for photos, i have to take
every advantage of him not hiding behind his helmet
or his finger!!!!
After a false alarm or two, the top of the tree came off
now just have to wait for
Ring a Dingo Steve
to help with the rest of it!!!
And we should then have a functioning sewerage system again!!

Here is a cute card i made for my neice today!!
See.... Balloon stickers!!
Too Cute!!
These were buried very very deep in my stash!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

See Me in Scrapbook Memories this month

I remember last year thinking,
I am NEVER going to be published!!
It was goal for this year!!

And look at this spread!!!
Two whole pages of my little "Today Is" Album
See page 55
Scrapbook Memories Vol 11 No 7

It features photos with Emelia and Solo....
Its about falling inlove with her horsey!!
So adorable!!!
I like how they have featured the page where Solo is rearing up like the shit he used to be!!

I finished the final layout I started at the Retreat...
jsut a quick one..
"Laugh out Loud"
A2Z Scraplets are featuring my little Owl Album
on their blog
see here

Echidna Update............

You may recall previously that i showed you this little guy
who now appears to have taken up residence at our place.

We saw him again last night, but he was too quick to get photos!!
He managed to dig under all the rocks around the pond and misplace them looking for ants and things....

We also have sandstone at our doorway entrace at the side of our house, and he has dug all around the rocks there also.
And there is also evidence of activity around the trees!!!
Hes been a busy little bloke since his arrival.
We are pretty sure he is living in this little jungle behind the pond.
You can see a little track through the srub to the left.
And there is a bit of a tunnel on the other side as well...
So it looks like we might have a new pet!!
I dont think anyone will be reaching out to pat him any time soon though!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bit of a catch up............

A few things happened last week when i was off line due to ag-quip,
so i thought id better do a bit of a catchup post....

You know our Cimmi
Well, we had a HUGE scare with her last week.
Shes about 31-32 now, and shes been slowing down a bit
She didnt look really well last week,
we came home and found her really strange... not concerned about her food, and just standing while we showed her effection (Usually she runs off to the food shed)
and then she went down and couldnt get up again...
We were so scared
Emelia was bawling!! So sad!!
So we cleaned her up a bit expecting the worst
We didnt want her going off to horsey heaven with a mane and tail full of burns...
so we pulled all her burs out and gave her a good brush..
if we lost her overnight, at least she would look good!!
We rang her owner and told her about it, and she was proned to think she wouldnt last the
SO we came home and went to bed.
The next mornign we flew down to the paddock to see what had happened
and she was as good as gold!!!
Oh my goodness she gave us a scare!!
But shes still going well and running around just thinking about her stomach all the time!!!
Here is a photo on the night we though we might lose her.

Me tree
You may recall my tree from my 365 days of Me photos......
such as
and this one

and this one

but look at my tree now....

When stu planted it in 2000, it was close to the sewerage system and we knew that in time it might start to cause some blockages....
well, there have been many blockages and its now time for it to go.
Stu poisened it and has cut all the branches off...
He will get Steve around with his bob cat and pull it out...
So sad, and so bright in the kitchen now its gone!
But the other trees will soon fill the gap!!

The clown............!!!!
The local Rugby CLub booked me in to do the clown thing for them last weekend...
They were also after face painters..
So Emelia and Teagan headed down to Rugby Park with charis and paints
and painted faces for nearly 3 hours!!!!!

Here are some of the results....
You may recognise this child from such blogs as
"Its all relative"
Its Brenda's Meagan!!!
Mum wouldnt let her have the teeth for the rabbit face!!! lol

So thats a bit of catch up....
Seeya soon!
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