Thursday, August 27, 2009


I was horrified to come outside just after lunch
to this sight!!!
My son too many meters above the ground!!
Complete with very sharp saw
and very little safety equipment!!!!
The tree that was poisened is now dying and its time for it to come down!
So who has the job?
Complete with Stu and his ute at the end of the rope!!
Mum, can you please stop taking photos of me
Your distracting me!!!
But as he wont pose for photos, i have to take
every advantage of him not hiding behind his helmet
or his finger!!!!
After a false alarm or two, the top of the tree came off
now just have to wait for
Ring a Dingo Steve
to help with the rest of it!!!
And we should then have a functioning sewerage system again!!

Here is a cute card i made for my neice today!!
See.... Balloon stickers!!
Too Cute!!
These were buried very very deep in my stash!!!

1 comment:

Jackie / Kate said...

I don't think I could of watched the whole "tree" thing - I'd be freakin' out too much !!! Good job Josh - well done mate..

Love the card Jodi, sooo sweet..


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