Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Busy Day

Here is a study of Flowers we had to do for a challenge with Scrap with V .
Mine is the life stages of a gravilia....

DDs School had their sports carnival today.... Doncha just love sports day fashion!!!

And the hair do!!!
Been a busy day today. Started with Breakie with Jack & Brenda at the Verdict, at which time i actually booked in four functions!! Honestly, the beet business is done while having coffee at the verdict! Its the equivilant to going to the pub to drum up business over a beer for a bloke!!
Lots of running around this arvo...... my feet didnt hit the groud... I also went for my walk and then organised balloons for a funeral.... Huge Day!!!
SO, now im gonna have my hot choccie o points and choc chip bikkies 2 points... and go to bed!!!

Update on the weight loss thing though:
Been great!! Even breakie was worked into the points and i still didnt use all those points i have saved already this week... And the scales say a 1.7kg loss so far!! Not bad for a few days work!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AHHHHH!!!!!!! Finally!!!!

Anyone who knows me at all, will know the utter frustration i have had with having layouts accepted for publishing!!!
I get rejection after rejection!!!!
I will do a layout up especially for a theme and have it rejected!! All the time!!

But guess what!!!!

I had two layouts accepted today!!! Two in one day!!! One from SM and the other from SC!!!!
Im so excited.. Both double layouts and both done using my own style, not experimenting with the many other styles i have experimented with to get accepted!!!

How exciting!! Yippee!!!

SC is issue 62 in the Black & White Gallery
SM in the encore gallery!!!
How exciting!!!

Oh and also.... I just rememered!! Guess what photo is featured on one of the layouts!! The sausage queen photo!! hahahah Hilarious!!! National Magazine will see me in my pjs with no hair and makeup done holding up a sausage!! Too funny!! GOod on you Kerry for that Dare!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I finished my Fairy Castle

I set the challenge this week at Scrap With V, that we were to finished an unfinished product..... I issued this challenge as i really needed to get this castle that i started at the retreat done....

So two days later... here it is... Its done!! Yay!!

It features photos of emelia and me dressed as fairies!!! Do i dare show you the inside pages??

Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Layout from my Sissy Pack for June

Hmmm, this Sissy pack was really hard to scrap. Although i love the colours, and the making memories papers - i always really stuggle to scrap the pastel colours.
This layout was actually scraplifted from a layout i get of the web somewhere... sorry to the scrapper that did this, I cant name you - but the design is yours, thanks.. I love it. Addit: The designer of this layout is Kathie Link.... (Thanks Joanne for letting me know)
"The Pink Jersey"

This one for just for those photos i gotta scrap..... Not really fussed on it..
"Great weather for scraping"

This one is one of the nicest with the papers.

The making memories paper in this pack were lovely... just didnt like the other ones....

"SWV Retreat.."

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cold and windy day at the drags

What a meserable day it was at the drags today....
It ended up being cancelled.... again.... due to bad weather.
they cant drag on a wet road.....

Here is stu smokin it up...... His fastest run was 7.4 seconds over 1/8th mile or 200 metres

Here is Chopper (Anthony)... I call him chopper - hes got the baldy head and tats... brilliat bloke though..... His fastest was 7.04 seconds...
Here is me and emelia all rugged up... it was freezing!!
And me and Stu....
Thats about it now....
Seeya lata!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Granny Update.......

It makes me feel like an old person talking about my health...

*croaky squeaky voice*
"Well deary, Ive thrown my hip out again and fractured my pelvis when i fell trying to go to the toilet... They have me here in the hospital and look, the food is dreadful.. But the darling doctor is a wonderful man, highly educated you know.... Did you hear about........"

Anyway, the voice is slowly coming back. Im sure i have an infection of some sort...... Everything is green.... ewwwwww

Here is the layout with Josh finger in his ear......
"End of an Era"
I printed the photo on transparency...

This is a lovely big bunch of balloons i did yesterday..... Great value for money at $60 dont you think??
The boys are dragging all weekend..... So i should have some photos tomorrow...
Until then... seeya

Friday, July 25, 2008

No talkies today.....


I dont have a voice today.... its gotton worsa and worsa as the day has gone on... Now i have a sqeak....

Emelia thinks its hilarious!!

I find it frustrating!!
Especially when i answer the phone... "Squeeking.... Hello, Back to Balloons Jodi Speaking"... who is it they say.... Its jodi.... I ahve no voice......

Then they proceed to want to have a conversation!!! Like that aint gonna happen today!!! LOL

Anyway, last night i was playing with a new kit from Ruby Street Designs... Its alot of vintage kinda products.. Ive been wanting to play with one of these kits for a while now..

This one is "Bejewel'd" Is about aspirations to be like my Nan as far as elegant presentation and feminity.... The photo is a glamour photo of me... 1995

Yesterday was the last assesment my son had to do for school!!! Hes done now all except the HSC!!
He was so pleased!!
I told him, ok let me take a photo to commmorate...
These are what he gave me... Damn child!! I have nothing decent of this kid!! Come his 21st birthday i am going to have nothing!!! GRRRR

WE have the picking of the ear!!!

The pulling of the face...
And the cuddling of sister.... which is about as good as i was gonna get... DS is happy this week......... But he has discovered the very addictive game "Warcraft"!!! Oh no!! This kid does way to many hours on the ebox now... we dont need THAT too!! The kid will never do anything!!!

*Sqeeking* So thats me... seeya tomorrow

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still Sick

Last night i woke with the sweats, i was soking!! Twice that happened and then this morning i woke with the barking cough..... i think its gone to my chest now!!!

It hurts so much to cough, its like it just rips my throat on the inside, all the way up!!!

Anyway, enough of that... I sound like my grandmother.... "deary im so sick today"... notice the croaky old persons voice... "go get me my bed pan"....

Anyway, thought id do a quick bit of scrapping last night, so did another page for my celebrate 2008 book.
This ones theme was: What made you laugh till you cried.... Well just look at the pictures,,, that says it all!! Karioki at my 40th! Hilarious!!

We went to Narrabri and visited the rels... most of whom were at the cemetary!!!!
This is my Nans Mum and Dad.. I never knew her name, so this was good to find out!!
These guys were some Heagney relation, I think Ivys parents???? So my great great great grandparents...
This was my Pops Mum and Dad... Look his dad died at 30. Apparently he commited suiside... so sad as he had 4 lovely little boys and his wife was a highly regarded musician.
So there was a bit of family history... Ive done a heritage album, so i can add those now...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

:{ Im sick!!!

CAn you see my poor nose???
Its so sore..... i mean... really really sore!!!!
No, really sore!!!
Ive taken the skin off in parts from blowing and wiping!!!

I even have to blow my nose through the night... this never happens to me as i sleep like a log....
Poor Stu is kept awake all night....
ANd me blowing. honking and coughing all night is such a turn on the sleep next too... yeh right!!

Ive been taking it fairly easy though..... no big jobs on so far this week.
Im off to Narrabri tomorrow though to see my sick Uncle..... So if its a windy day, it wont do much good for the cold.....

Anyway, I havnt posted any layouts for a little while as i have been working on an OTP Mini Album for an online class at Scrap with V.
Keep your eye out for it...
Its called "Theres no place like home" Using the Kaisercraft House album adn the totally gawgus Fancy Pants sweet spring papers.

And here is a layout also featuring those papers and some left overs from the kit.....
Cathcha later...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I bit the Bullet

Ive tried and i cant do it!!
After being on Jenny Craig for three years!! Losing 30 kilos and then going off it and putting 20 back on in only MONTHS!!! Its obvious I cant do this weight management thing... And Jenny Craig does nothing to teach you how to maintain it... they just want your money every week!! I went of Jeeny Craig as i started putting weight on, while on it!!!! I personally didnt think my kilojule intake was right!!
So, today I joined Weight Watchers on line... Im not into the weekly meeting thing, but i might be able to do this!!!
So wish me luck!!!!

Hubby was out driving around taking photos today..... Some gorgeous farming scenery.. Lovely!!
Till next update... I will let you know how i go after a week!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A big couple of Days

Last night we went to Narrabri to see Umbilical Brothers...... Hilarious!!!!
We have "Speadmouse" on DVD, but seeing live LIVE was awesome!!! WHat funny funny guys!!

I did this really cute delivery yesterday for a new baby boy!!! Look at that Lamb, isnt it cute!!
Dont you think for $55 this is HUGE value for money... and will last for a couple of weeks... unlike flowers!!!

Emelia had the best day today!!!
It was her first competition!!!

It was a Jumping Competition Day. She was in F Grade with another adorbale little girl from Narrabri... (She is 5!!) But F grade is for all newbies!!!
Cimmi was wonderful. Even though the jumps werent terribly high, she didnt bowk at any of them.. Good Girl Cimmi!!! And best of all, Emelia didnt fall off!!!
She came out with 2 firsts and a second... One was an equal first place.

In action
With all her ribbons
Typical Emelia
Matt rode into town to see Emelia ride... but missed her events unfortunately!!!

Then, ontop of a huge day at the showground... I also had a Christmas in July function to do today.... 20 balloon bouquets with centrepeice designs... Very cute!!!

So that was my big day!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Couple of Horsey Days

They have had a show jumping school the last two days. Emelia took Cimmi down and had a lovely time.
Only very small jumps... shes in F troop (The lowest of the rider classes....) But shes only been going for about a month now... so you really cant expect anything else...

Here she is......

Check out the kangaroos in the paddock!!! Heaps of them!!!
Now the weight loss thingy!!!
Ive given up the scales.. this week anyway!! But my clothes are getting losser now.. And i am walking up porky most nights! They are all steps in the right direction!!
Hows everyone else going??

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another couple of layouts.....

Here are another two layouts i have done this arvo for the scrap with v cybercrop.

"Horse Crazy"

"Horse Power"
Now something really exciting!!!
For anyone that follows my blog, you will hear me talk about Jack.
Well, shes in England at the moment and she has just done a blog post and the photos are awesome... SO totally Englandish.......
SHe has a piccie of her childhood home on their too... GO check it out here..

A Chance to Win stuff.. Well two chances actually!!

First of all.... Fiskars ANZ is seeing how many people they can get to leave a message on their blog with where they come from... They are going to select different poeple who meet different criteria (of which is not known) to win some prizes.
I have left a message....
If you decide to go and leave a message, note that you get the info from me.... Anyway, it tells you all about it on the post...
CLick Here to leave your message...

Also, there are some great prizes up for offer this weekend with Scrap With V's Cybercrop... Come and join in.... Press Here

This is my layout for the DT Challenge... The theme this weekend is "Diamonds are a girls best friend"...

This layout has the gorgeous diecuts from K & Co....
Thats it for me... seeya tomorrow..

Friday, July 11, 2008

How cold is it today!!!??? Freezing!!!

How cold is it today!!! The sun was shining, and while the wind was away it was ok.... but gosh, once that wind came up - it was freezing!!!!
An expectant 0 degrees tomorrow and i have to go out into it early!!! Oh no!!!

Here is a layout i did using the scraparooney kit!! I love these Pink Paisley papers... I have bought another set of them!!!

Here is a lovely photo of Emelia and Me!! Morning hair!!!
I did the NAIDOC Deb Ball today...... The room came up ok...
Traditional NAIDOC Colours....
And did the stage up with trees with fairy lights...
Off to the Scrap with V cybercrop now.... COme and join us!!!

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