Wednesday, July 2, 2008

They are like... so.. forgiven!!!

I had this huge parcel waiting for me this morning at the post office!!!

I had a story published this month in SM, but they put the wrong layout with it. So I emailed SM and let them know.
Today Cassie sent this as an appology!! They are so forgiven!!!! :)

The layout they publised with my story was one by Sandra Gerdes. Shes not very happy either...

Emelia is feeling ok after her fall. Thanks for all the enquiries. She was back on and jumping again today.


Scrap with V

Having a clearance sale...


Are also having a 30% off storewide sale.... check it out!!!

1 comment:

Joanne's Blog said...

I'm glad Emelia's better.
That was a very nice sorry parcel. Have a good day today.

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