Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I bit the Bullet

Ive tried and i cant do it!!
After being on Jenny Craig for three years!! Losing 30 kilos and then going off it and putting 20 back on in only MONTHS!!! Its obvious I cant do this weight management thing... And Jenny Craig does nothing to teach you how to maintain it... they just want your money every week!! I went of Jeeny Craig as i started putting weight on, while on it!!!! I personally didnt think my kilojule intake was right!!
So, today I joined Weight Watchers on line... Im not into the weekly meeting thing, but i might be able to do this!!!
So wish me luck!!!!

Hubby was out driving around taking photos today..... Some gorgeous farming scenery.. Lovely!!
Till next update... I will let you know how i go after a week!!

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

I love that pic stew took of the field. Looks like a hot summers day that pic, but i bet it was a cold one up there.


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