Thursday, July 3, 2008


Not much going on.
Its the end of financial year, so i have been stocktaking.... and getting all the books up to date for the boss. Hes hard on me.... LOL (Its hubby)

So, do you want to know whats going on with Jamie?
Hes not in the cave anymore.... he handed himself in to the English for the reward which went to support his clan after the war.
He went to jail....... then moved to a farm where he serves his sentence looking after horses. He knocked up the young virgin daughter and had a son.
Hung around until they all thought the son was looking too much like the stable boy and then using connections went back to his home......

many years on..... Claire is back in the highlands and Jamie is sorting out his wives......

Really, i think this Jamie although very passionate and loyal really is a bit of a fool for putting himseelf in so many life threatening situations. He really puts too much pressure on himself... but it is ficitonal Jodi.....

DOnt have any photos for you either.....
Seeya later

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