Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 316... Too beautiful a day to be ironing!!!

Well, I am supposed to be behind the ironing board again now.... But look at this day today!!
After all the wind and miserable cold weather... why stay inside when i can be outside taking photos of myself...
More dares to come... been trying to work out the butchers one at the moment... very embarasing... Im seeing light though and think i can do it..... But be patient!!!
Anyway, seeing as i am supposed to be ironing, i decided to stay outside and do my photos...
Here is just a bit of the length i go to eveyday to bring you a photo of me!!!! And this one isnt a dare!!!
So photo 1: Nice day!!!

Photo 2: Might have a rest in the hamock seeing as i am supposed to be ironing!! Damn washing machine is damanding my attention - i am trying to ignore it!!!
Photo 3: Must be further from the washing machine.. am now on the grass out the back... Such a lovely day to be getting some sun... Very bright but!!!
Photo 4: Tooo bright, time to turn over and lay on the grass... Grass stains on the elbow of new shirt!!! Damn, this happens everytime with new clothes....

So now thats over and the washine machine is calling me.... Time to find some more old photos of the kids...
ONce again, looking a Brendas Blog... Her gorgeous dd in her new winter uniform - so i thought id share mine at a similar age. Emelia is in Kindy and Josh in Second class... They are so cute!! Josh loved his toys.... he is holding up (God i cant see it) But obviously it was the toy for the week that had to be in all photos!!!
ANd here they are again... CHeck out the hair!!! Kitty has to be in all photos too... Oh, they were so adorable!! WHat happened to my babies!!! :( so sad!!!
Boo hoo, thats my day. The washing machine is getting agro now! Time to go shut it up!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 315... Thank God its over!!!

I really hate cleaning days... you know - really hate them!!!
I had to clean today :(!!!
SO im really glad its over.. hence the sunset

I had to climb my tree out the back to get this photo. Stu yelled out "Quick dial OOO"!! Yeh, prick!!! Ive climbed this tree before for my photo!!
This is day 315...
If youve looked at the most recent post on Brendas blog, you will notice they have been tripping around.... They went to Aspley Falls...
Her photos reminded me of photos i had of my kids at a similar age - so i thought id share!! They were so cute back then!!
Here are my gorgeous darlings....

Me and Missy
And "Josh the pretender!!!" He wasnt really frighteneed.. just posing for the camera!!! I loved that age - so easy compared to now!!! So that was my day.. how was yours?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 314..... BIG BROTHER IS BACK!!!!

FINALLY!!!! Been waiting all year for this!!

This is the ONLY Show that i watch religiously!!

I do the whole experience... I pay to join the VIP lounge and also get on and have my say on the Forum!!

Its one of those shows - you love it or you hate it!!!

Im the only one who loves it in my house and the very reason my hubby has the tv put on my computer - so no-one else has to watch it!!! LOL

So Day 314 - Big Brother is back!!!

Here is a layout i have made for Kaysie.... I'll bring it over soon Kays.. home you like it!!!

"Cute Country Girls"

Seeya tomorrow...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 313...... Mundane House Work :(

All I wanted to do today was scrap.... Didnt happen :(

I had piles of washing and ironing to get through... As well as wedding stuff to wash and hang..
SO scrapping didnt happen.
Im still washing now. Ive got linen napkins and chair covers in the wash now....

So, seeing as i didnt leave the house today, this is my photo. Other than my ensuite (Wear i do my reading) this is my most favorite place... My desk!!!
I have all my scrapping stuff here, my computer that has a huge screan with a TV, heap and heaps of harddrive for photos including an external hard drive... A big comfy chair - everything i need to set up camp after tea and relax...
So this is todays photo.. Day 313..

Here is a layout i finally completed. I bought this kit from Cut & Paste last November and its been waiting to get done....
I put down all the names and endearments that the kids call one another... not all nice by the way!! This isnt one to send in for publishing!!! But its real... its life!!!
"Sibling Lingo"

So that was my Sunday. Hope yours was more exciting than mine!!!

Mum and Ken got home from Newcastle last night... They came over today bearing gifts - literally!! Mum is Bear crazy!!! SHe showed me the most gorgeous collectable bear that Ken bought her for Mothers Day, birthday and Christmas 2008!!! Mum also bought emelia and i a bear each that was lovely and some beautiful scrapping supplies and a 10th Bookmark telling the personality of those people born on the 10th and its spot on!!!

Ok, so thats me... Seeya tomorrow. Oh Julie!!! I so agree with you about Jamie... Isnt he hot!!!!! I cant put this book down!! Who thought a highlander would be so..... um...... yeh!!! I'll leave it at that!! Seeya

Saturday, April 26, 2008

312.... Another Dare Down...

Todays Dare comes from Lisa A... find a man in uniform and have your picture taken with them, like Policeman, Fireman, Ambulance Man from your local town of Gunnedah.
So here we are with the Rescue Hazmat Fire Man... He was only too pleased to have a photo with me. Loved the idea what i told him why and he told me that they get these kinda requests all the time..... Mainly from year 12 students...

Here is this weekends wedding.
This is the first time that my new lycra chair covers have been used. Dont they look totally fabbo!!!

My lovely fish bowls came up a treat!!

This baby pink organza sash is lovely. The bright white and very soft pink was just beautiful.
And the liitle Bomboneirries... are they cute!!
So thats me so far.

Gotta finish a page i started last night, so a delivery and then sit and watch Golden Compass and eat some lolly gobble bliss bombs!! Too yummy!!
Seeya tomorrow... I'll be dieting Monday!! Shhhhh... I cant fint into my clothes and im going away end of May.... Dont tell anyone, how embarrasing!!! LOL

Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 311..... Its raining... all day!!! Yay!!!

Lest we forget......

Did anyone go to the dawn service this morning.... I was in bed!!! Not very patriotic am i. But looking at Tracey's blog.... Shes over there doing the real thing!!! What a great trip!!! Hope you have a safe trip back Tracey!!

Anyway, as i mentioned its rained all day today. I have one wedding this weekend, but its dry hire, so i dont have to set it all up. But i was out counting the chair covers and sashes out in my filthy workshop and decided what a better time that to clean it... so i spent two hours out there getting very dirty gettting very clean.. its all lovely now and items are on display, as it should be in a "Showroom" not a workshop!!! LOL

So, seeing as i havnt left the house all day, my photo today is another of one i enjoyed last week.. A kiss from Hubby who is home now!!! Hence, i didnt get to read Outlander last night!! I cant put it down... thanks Julie!!! LOL... Oh, who by the way also enjoys reading in the bathroom - see , its not that uncommon!!! LOL

SO day 311.... Kiss me Stu

ANd my scrapping for the day.

Been scrapping the daughter alot lately, so i thought id better do the son... He never lets me take his photo... notice the scowl... what a better name than "Always so serious"

This is a fun one with little pressies i got from the grils...


ANother one from my Sissy pack this month....


And Finally:

This is a sneak peak of the May class at Cyberscraps.... Get your pack soon.

We are using the new Core-dinates range of papers... And its all cardstock.. no patterned paper!!! Class will be Friday 23rd May @ 7.30pm be there or be sqaure!!! Now its all on-line and very easy. I will also email every participant a copy of the instructions at the end of the night!! Who can ask for more!!! Seeya tomorrow...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 310... I need some sleep!!

As i mentioned last night, Stu and Josh are away (coming home now actually), but i dont like going to bed alone, so tend to sit up all night scrapping and then go to bed and read. So it was about 3.00am this morning when i finally turned off the light... Im so tired.
And its been a big day. Got a last minute job for a balloon arch that i hadnt planned on doing which was a bit of a shock - but it done now!!

Anyway, here is another dare photo!!!
This dare is from my mum:
Take a photo of where you like to read.... In know its not the most hygenic place - but its quiet and no-one usually knows im there.... So i like to read in the toilet. I will go in there and just sit and read for an hour to turn of or get away!!
But of course, they all know now dont they and the first place they come looking for me is the bathroom
Its actaully our onsuite and quite pleasant...
SO day 310.....

This is balloon arch i did for Oz lotto!! 40 million dollar draw!! Wouldnt that be noice!!!!
ANd this is what i was doing all night...
Using up all my SIssy packs before i start on the next one.
This was a challenge for ScrapwithV... Use at least 10 pp on a layout.... I did that!!!
"Fun Party"

This was scrapping those photos that arnt too exciting.. But i am an event scrapper and stu won awards.. so i had to do it..

"Archery Night"

This is my 123 Challenge layout... Design your own imbellies, use paint with a household item and april or shower in the title....

"Showered with Blessings"

This is another one using up the sissy pack.

"whats in a kiss?"

So that was my night.

DOnt forget the Cyberscraps Granny Brag Bag class tomorrow night on-line @ 7.30pm

Seeya tomorrow

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

DAy 309..... Hmph???

It was kinda one of those days today..
Always is though when your in bed all snuggly and warm and its raining and you can hear it on the rooff..... who wants to get out of bed.
The boys are away again, sot here were no phones, no motorbikes reving up off to work, so it was perfect for a lay in and read.
Im reading this huge book at the moment... "Outlander" Apparently its really really good and i am thinking that - not able to put it down!!!

Meg sent me a dare tonight... so i thought i would use it as i didnt need to got to the butchers or go parking at all.....

The dare was to show my first layouts....

SO here is my photo for today, day 309....

This was an album i did to celebrate 10 years marraige in 1999. So its a little old - but not really my first as i did do an album with gift paper cutouts for my son in 1990.
But this is early enough....

Here is one of the 7 layouts i have done in the last two days. Im using up all the old sissy packs...

Just chucking stuff togther... not really going for anything publishable - just getting my photos scrapped!!
This one was my pistol day one... "ready Aim Fire"

Isnt it slipper weather now.....
So thats my boring day... ironing and scrapbooking. WIll show my other 3 layouts id did, but 4 layouts i cant show you as they are the class kits for scrapwithv!!

Seeya tomorrow!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 308....

Ive been scrapping up a storm last night and today.
If you want to see what ive been upto, check out the SWV shop and look for April Class Kits. Ive done four layouts in total, which is two kits - both availble for purchase with the most gorgeous pink papers.....

Here is another layout i did this morning. Took like a total time of half an hour!!! Very simple

Did a photoshoot of emelia today dressed as a goth!!! I think the blonde hair sort of gives away that fact that she was playing!! LOL

And here is my daily photo

Day 308.... no dares today - been too busy getting my layouts done and loaded....
Seeya tomorrow

Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 307...... Cleaning day...... again!!!

Well, its Monday and that means cleaning day again.... why is it they come around so fast and Fridays are so very very slow...... :(

Anyway, here are two new charms from my Mummy.....
One is my star sign
and the other are mother and daughter heart halves.... arnt they adorable...

And my dare for today from Amanda is to have my photo taken in my undies....
So here you are Day 307..... Undies!!!!

So, thats it for me.

I have some sneak peaks available for you soon of a class pack that you can purchase from ScrapwithV. Very cute, using some gorgeous papers....

Seeya tomorrow!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day...Ok, can i scrap now!!!!

Ok, fresh air and sunshine is all well and good, but im sure its over rated!!! LOL. Nah, not really, Ive really enjoyed this weekend outside in the bush on the range...
Had a great round again today bringing in a score of 738, yesterday was 740..... not bad for consistancy!!! Its out of 800 for those that dont know.

This is my photo for the day, day 306.... Bit tired and having a bit of a kip on the back seat of the car... (notice the cap... "Its all Stuarts Fault") Thats my catchcry for archery!!! LOL

I got first in my division, which i was very pleased about!!!
And here is stu the cross eyed.... um person, who got second!!!
Here is a beautiful photo of Steve with his little girl.... Isnt it an adorable photo.... This hard archery man can be so gentle with his little girl.... Until she hits maybe 3 and then she will be just as feral and wonderful as his older two daughters!!! LOL!!!
Remember last weekend i was telling you about the pistol shooting... Well, i finally got the photos back.... Here i am in action...
I was also very exciting to get two shots in the middle ring..... (I dont know what they call it in shooting?)

And here we all are seeing what kind of assasins we will make... I think the world is pretty safe???
So thats my weekend... Gunna gladly pull out the scrapping stuff now and work on a lovely pink layout!!! Seeya

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 305... Big Day today...

Huge day today....
Thank goodness Mum finished of the wedding today and i spent the day shooting arrows. The first time since last year and i had a great time!!!!
Sundays have been taken up with trying to keep ontop of DT stuff, but SWV isnt as demanding as its spread across so many DTs, so theres not as much pressure to be on the forum and getting layouts completed.
Hence, today was the first time back on the range since December.....
I shot a PB on the second round which was awesome!!!

Anyway, my dare for today comes from Mum... Climb a tree!! Tadah!!! I did...
Im not that high, but i climbed it just the same....
Photo for the day, day 305...

View looking down...
View Across the fence...
More wedding photos... But i also had two 21st tonight as well, that i did when i got home...
Here are some recent layouts...
"Snow Queen" Experimenting with home made transparencies.....

"Party at Forty", another double just using up stuff....
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