Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 290.....The support from friends is amaising

I really havnt shared in detail whats been going on at home... Suffice to say its been very draining on the emotions.
I came home yesterday to find a parcel in the mail box from my bridesmaid "Foges" (Thats what she was at school and I struggle all the time to call her Jo)... too funny!!
Anyway, she sent me to most lovely hartwarming note, journal (which i WILL use) and a lovely friendship charm!!! It bought tears to my eyes...
But not only that, the txts, emails and phone calls from friends has been wonderful. Thank you to everyone who has been giving me this emotional support. I am a talker and i have to share my feelings in order to not obses about it inside....
Thank you to everyone...

Last night, Brenda, Jack and I were to go to a fund raiser at the local cinema to watch fools gold and drink champaigne all night. Poor Jacks little girl has been so dreadfully crook, that just Brenda and I went.... begrudgingly of course - as it was Jacks idea and we missed her!!!!!
But we had the best night!!!!
Its so great to have uninterupted coversation without the kids interupting.
This is me all doled up in my birthday suit... comeone, its the only decent thing i own thats not a polo shirt or rugby jersey!!! Hair down too see Kays!!!

This is todays picture... Day 290... CAn you beleive ive been doing this for 290 days!!! Increabible!! But i do love a challenge!!!
ANd her is my final bag lady photo!!! I have enough to do my Brenda Challenge now!!!
And finally.. I really dont know whats happening in the world, truly i dont!!! Theres just bad thing after bad thing happening to everyday people..... A dear friend's brother needs everyones prayers and although im really not a religious person at all, i know i did feel the thoughts from everyone helping me through my difficult days.. So please if you ahve a spare prayer, sent it to Julie and her family.... They need everyones thoughts and prayers at this traumatic time...

Ok, thats if for me today!!!

Have a great weekend!!

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