Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day...Ok, can i scrap now!!!!

Ok, fresh air and sunshine is all well and good, but im sure its over rated!!! LOL. Nah, not really, Ive really enjoyed this weekend outside in the bush on the range...
Had a great round again today bringing in a score of 738, yesterday was 740..... not bad for consistancy!!! Its out of 800 for those that dont know.

This is my photo for the day, day 306.... Bit tired and having a bit of a kip on the back seat of the car... (notice the cap... "Its all Stuarts Fault") Thats my catchcry for archery!!! LOL

I got first in my division, which i was very pleased about!!!
And here is stu the cross eyed.... um person, who got second!!!
Here is a beautiful photo of Steve with his little girl.... Isnt it an adorable photo.... This hard archery man can be so gentle with his little girl.... Until she hits maybe 3 and then she will be just as feral and wonderful as his older two daughters!!! LOL!!!
Remember last weekend i was telling you about the pistol shooting... Well, i finally got the photos back.... Here i am in action...
I was also very exciting to get two shots in the middle ring..... (I dont know what they call it in shooting?)

And here we all are seeing what kind of assasins we will make... I think the world is pretty safe???
So thats my weekend... Gunna gladly pull out the scrapping stuff now and work on a lovely pink layout!!! Seeya

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Helen said...

Hi Jodi. Looks like you been real busy with all those new pics. Just adore the snow queen LO and the cherish LO. Great job. xxx


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