Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Colour Room Palette #117

How fun it is to have the time to do some on-line Scrapping Challenges..
When I saw this palette from
The Colour Room, 
I was inspired to give it ago...

Especially after viewing the video about Journal Art by Lyndell.
Check it out here

So here is my layout
"Sitting Tall"

I punched out some deep border punch strips and adhered them to the layout and then covered the page and punched edges with Gesso
I also used the gesso with a stencil to give a different effect..
I covered the page in Glimmer, Paint and some Twinkling H2o's... (Haven't used those in forever!)
Then scrapped the page as normal.

You can see here the dimension with the Gesso using the punched edge and stencil.

This was the palette at 
The Colour Room

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fifty Shades..... My opinion (Adult Content & Spoilers)

There has been so much hype over these weeks these last months, and I've finally finished reading all three.
I couldn't wait to finish reading them as the whole experience was really disturbing for me.
It made my nauseousness!

I've finished reading the last book this afternoon and thought that I would be able to forget about it, but the last few pages had the original meeting between Ana and Christian from Grey's perspective and it made me hate him all over again!!!!

I rated these books a 5 stars and people automatically think its because the reader liked the erotica when it so isn't the reason I read and continue to read these books. So I thought I would do a blog post as a way of getting some kind of closure from the effects this book had on me!

This will contain spoilers, so if you have not read the books yet, don't continue to read this:
This also contains course language and sexual content:

The books are really thought provoking!  Which I hate in a book! Its the total opposite of the reason I read!
I read to switch off, not on!

I'm confused about the Characters and I cant stop thinking about it!
I don't know if Ana is exceptionally strong, or exceptionally stupid!

What virginal, life inexperienced young woman would even contemplate going into this kind of relationship.

The controlling arrogant personality
Signing a confidentiality agreement on the first date!!!
Having your virginity taken so violently!

Then being offered the "opportunity" to become this arseholes submissive!
She has to obey
Agree to any sexual activity deemed fit and pleasurable by the arsehole
Being told when to sleep how much to eat and what to eat!
Being told what to wear
Being told to work out to keep fit for the benefit of this arseholes demands on her body
Being told to keep clean!
Being told that if she "Stepped out of line" she would be punished by any means seen fit by the arsehole!
Being told you have to be on call for whenever this arsehole wants to smack you around!
Being told that the arsehole can do whatever he wants to you, but you cant touch him at all!
Signing off on sexual favours you will perform or have done to you by the arsehole such as: Masturbation, Fellatio, Cunnilingus, intercourse both ends, and fisting both ends!!  OMG! And this is FINE???
Being told that you will have apparatuses used upon you such as vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and the like!
Being told to expect being bound by your hands, your ankles, your knees, your elbows, extremendies to extremendies, spreader bars, gagging, being bound with rope, tape cuffs! Being suspended!!! OMG!
And finally agreeing to being punished with spanking, paddling, whipping, caning, Biting, Clamping, Ice, Wax and other methods to give pain!!!!

And she isn't a prostitute???
She's not selling herself to this man?  Its an acceptable from of a modern relationship according to the shrink!!

And this is from some guy that you are starting to care for??? What person in their right mind would have feelings for this kind of person?
If there was no contract involved it would be called rape and torture!!!

What kind of woman would agree to this? Hence my confusion about Ana.
How do you even get past this initial fifty shades of fucked up to even start to fall in love with someone like this?

Even trying to grasp this as I am writing I still find myself shaking my head in disbelief!
But she gets past that.
Sets some hard limits herself which makes the arsehole take a look at his life, and he starts to change.
But even so...

He is still in a relationship with the child molester that started this whole process (How sick is that!)
He is still supporting some of his ex submissive and thats OK?
And when Ana objects to these she needs to be disciplined, which she abides by???

Ana tries to protect herself from this arseholes baggage and yet she is the one that has done the wrong thing in his eyes? And ex sub pulls a gun on her after she breaks into Ana's house and the arsehole goes to the Sub and then baths her and looks after her with no thought for the effect on Ana.  Ana has a few drinks with a friend to calm down and she is in the shit! Not the arsehole who put her in this situation to begin with???

And the list goes on and on and on...
Over three books!
Everything is fixed with Kinky Fuckery!
She orgasms on demand....... every time..... several times a day!!
Does she have a different anatomy to normal woman?  This man is supposed to be huge, yet she in fine to just go and go and go......

And then after all these dramas and there looks like their might be a happy ending and we get some closure on this disturbing book, we get a glimpse at Christians thoughts during his initial meeting with Ana and we really learn which kind of sick fuck this man really is!!!!
And there ends the book, leaving an opening for another trilogy, same plot from Christians perspective!

This is one trilogy I wont be reading!!!
I am so disturbed beyond comprehension.  It has surprised even me that I am thinking about this so deeply and then actually writing about it!!!  Its not at all what I do with books!
I read them, there is a happy ending, I forget them and move onto the next Young Adult book.

So, these are my thoughts, I hope this brings me closure.....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A relaxing Scrappy Weekend...

Today I decided to have a bit of a break from reading
Fifty Shades....
and spent the day scrapping.....

It was so nice just to veg out and scrap away using lots of yummy new 
Websters Pages
I haven't had much of a chance lately to use other products other than Kaisercraft!!
Here is one layout I did.
This layout is for this weeks class at

The Scrapbook Nook..
Once Upon a Time

Featuring the gorgeous Molly..
(Molly has been working in my shop now for nearly 12 months!!!)

If this layout is something that interests you and you live around Gunnedah.
Ring for a spot in Thursday Nights Class from 6.30pm
Great Fun!
Limited Places/

I have found this awesome new Challenge site called:

Here is a link.... CSI

I did the first challenge two weeks ago, but it took me two weeks to complete the damn thing!!!

Here is that layout
Playing Dress Ups.

This is this weeks Challenge No 24

 And here is my layout
Princess For A Day

This is a photo of my adopted daughters Courtney and Miranda
It was such a great night to share with Courtney as
she competed in the
Debutante of the Year Competition.
(Incidently, the same Deb that the above photo is from as well. Molly was also in this competition. Courtney and Molly should have been First and Second, I don't care what order..... but alas, it was another very gorgeous girl that took out the title)

How did you spend your weeked??

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Final Kaisercraft Design Team Post

Well it was made official today
so I can also share that this will be my final post
about Kaisercraft as one of their designers...
Im a little devo'd about it, but seeing who they have on the team this year
makes me very excited!!!!
See here 

So with that said,
here are my creations for the final month with Kaiser...

The Lakehouse Collection

"Live, Love Laugh"

"Treasure Forever Card"

"Bride" Ornate Frame

"Diamond Shines"

Check In Collection:

"Chook House Adventures"

"Bon Voyage" Card

"Camera Travel Journal"

Thank you so much to Kaisercraft for having me on your Design Team for the year.
It was highly enjoyable and they are such a wonderfully generous
Team to be on.
I wish the new team all the best for the coming year...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Meeting Diamond....

Well, I am finally here after a huge drive....
Arrived yesterday evening
and after a cuddle with Emelia and meeting a very nervous Shauny (Who is totally adorable!)
we went to meet Diamond...

Emelia loves this horse...
Here are a couple of photos I took today.
They just did a little riding in the yards today
getting ready for the serious stuff tomorrow...

It was totally fun to help wash Diamond
and plait up her main...
I thought Emelia had cut if off,
but she decided to leave it on afterall...

She is having her feet shaved here..
She had her wiskers shaved and any other piece of hair sticking out!!!

Should have some great photos tomorrow to share...
So strange not having rearing up photos!
Or bucking for that matter
Poor Solo, he would love to go for a ride....

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Its been a little while since I have updated my blog
It gets a bit busy with the shop
and everything that's going on there.
And with out Emelia at home bring excitement
and drama, it all gets a little boring!

So I just thought I would share some photos and the story of
Emelia's horse she is working on.

This is Diamond..

She is a stock horse quarter horse cross
ans is about 3 years old i think?
She was broken in last year at the campus
and as part of the Cert IV the kids get to educate their horses
and then do the show circuit.
So Diamond was broken in 
as in some one managed to put a saddle on her back
but all the hard stuff, the mouthing and education has been done by Emelia.
Here she is after a bath..

So a little bit of an idea what she was dealing with with Diamond!
This horse is really hard work!
She is not at all quiet!
To put a rug on her they had to hobble her.
To do her main and shaving her face they had to hobble, nose twitch and any number of methods to make her stand still.
Emelia had to shoe Diamond and she remained shoe less at the back feet for a while after Emelia coped a good kick making her too scared to go near her back legs!!!

When first starting to ride Diamond, she would buck!!!
Emelia would have to buck her out before she would do anything else and not once has Emelia come off.
I put this down to the wonderful training from Solo
who was always so completely unpredictable!

But with alot of work, and a hell of alot of love
Diamond has made it to show stage...

Some days she listens, and other days she doesn't....

She is learning to trust Emelia, and Emelia has even cracked a whip from her back!
Massive thing!

And now this last few weeks is show time!!
All the months and months of work are being put into practice!

Emelia is competing in the Equestrian Events.
Diamonds first event out was the Hack in her division and she came out with a second place
in a ring of 9 competitors!
And she has won a string of ribbons since...

I am hugely excited that tomorrow I leave to Emerald to go see Emelia and Diamond in the Emerald Show!
I cant wait to meet Diamond!

 And there is one other person I have to meet to......


 Apparently Shauny is Emelia's forever.......
Stu met him last year, and though he was a great bloke!
(Big words from Stu's mouth)
But I know he makes Emelia happy which is what its all about!
Hopefully at the end of next week I will have some show photos for you!!!

Seeya xx

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