Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scrap with V Scraplift Challenge

Here is my layout for the Scraplift Challenge at Scrap with V.
The layout was by Jolene
This is mine, so nothing like hers though.......

Ive just finished reading the best book!!!

Who's that Girl
by Alexandra Potter!!

Ive never read this writer before. I saw the book at Big W and thought it was an interesting idea.. Running into your younger self and all the advice you will give them!!!

I wont say anymore, but honestly, i couldnt put it down, and i hvae just cried my way through the last chapter..... Such a really great book and it really gives us a bit to think about...

Maybe our younger selves can teach us a thing or two!!!

Go and get it, its a great read!!!

Photography Course Capers

We had a bit of fun last night at the photography course.....
That one old biddy was still trying to get all the attention, but the teacher is getting better at handling her.. This woman is a TOTAL PAIN!!!
Note to self: When booking an advanced Tafe course, make sure that Tafe only book in people that are capable of LEARNING an advanced course, otherwise its just too damn frustrating and you are sitting there twiddling your thumbs all night!!!
Hense, the mischief!!! Now i now why kids are naughty is class..... because they are BORED!!!!!
So we did some self portraits last night and playing with ????? Whats that thing where you put something over the flash to soften it.... Anyway, that!!!
SO i took some photos of Mum....
She is so funny!!
"Smile properly mum!!!"
And this is what i get....

Talk about laugh!!!!
But this is a better one....
Off course, after the year i did talking a photo of myself everyday, you kinda get OK at self portraits.....
But we had to use the timer and set the photo up etc etc.....
So this is how mine came out.....
So we were able to have a bit of fun and laughter last night.... But we did get some looks from "Miss"!!!! LOL

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Drag Racing....

It was back to the drags for day two...Prelimaries over and its time to get serious....
There was a pretty serious camp today, with about 14-16 bikes.... a huge amount compaired to past drags....

All types, cruisers, tourers and road bikes.....

A GSXR600 took it out.

It was Dial In drags, so it doesnt necesarily mean the fastest bike wins, and very rarely does the fastest bike win!!! I mean a posite bike has taken it out in the past.... With a R1 coming second!!! Hard to believe!!!

The dial in works in that you do so many practise runs and then select a time you think you will do it in.... The closest to the time without going over takes it out....

Of course, there are a heap of things you cant do to stuff it up like break in the red light and stuff.. But generally speaking...

A couple of the guys daughters got into the swing of things and they put together a racing team complete with "Pit Girls"
They even had t -shirts made up with T & M Racing on the front and on the back they had their names (The racers) but the pit girls had "Hotties" on theirs...

Also they had a picture of balls with a check sign and a picute of brains with "Ummm"..

But the pit girls did their job by providing shade and water in the line up, and then collecting all the race times at the conclusion of each race.... Stu thought it was wonderful and made the day much more pleasant....

Josh's girlfriend Teagan, wasnt as impressed which is understandable... The girls did google Josh a bit apparently!!! (As you would, he's a bit of a spunk!!! But wouldnt have a clue that he is!!! You know the kind)

Stus on the near side and Josh is at the far...

And their racing......

So while they were out doing that, i was at home washing and ironing...

Emelia, Mat & I did got to the pictures to see

"He's not that into you"

Excellent movie and so true!!! Something young girls should really consider....

Oh, and Im also reading a new book which is so good...

"whos that girl"

About a 31 year old career woman who runs into her carefree 21 year old self!!!

What would you tell you if you ran into your younger self....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Day of Action

It wa another action packed day in the Dolbel house today....
Its the Week of Speed in Gunnedah. This weekend being the end of that week.
So the boys went to the much anticipated drags.
Today is practise day, and a bit again tomorrow before the real thing.
There are 8 bikes today, and no doubt more will turn up tomorrow for the real thing!!!
Stu & Josh bother recorded their fastest times yet over the 1/8th mile.
Stu was 6.9 and Josh was 7.4
I will go out tomorrow and get some action shots... but here they are all lined up!!! I think Lily would fit in fine, but shes not allowed to go!!! :( Men!!!

Emelia played hre first game of netball in a Saturday Comp. She never ever did the netball thing at school.... And it turns out thats she not too bad at it!!! She was thrilled with her performace, as were the team!! She warned them she'd never played - but they are in it for the fun this year!!
After an excellent game.... they lost 26/28!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Big day out!!!

Today was HUGE!!!
I woke up at about 3.30AM and up at 4.15AM!!!
Way too early....
Went to get Solo in the PITCH BLACK!!!! He decided he wanted to play chasies this morning and wouldnt let us catch him!! Grrr
But we got him with Cimmis help... Food bribary is great with Cimmi!!! LOL
We landed at Manilla before sunrise, about 6.30 or so.
I thought it was a bit hot this morning and it may have been overcast, and as soon as it was light enough to see the sky, you could see how dark it was....
and it rained!!!
But a rainbow came out, so i was going to be short lived!!
and it was, it heated up in no time!!!
There was hundreds of kids at the school day... From schools all over.....
Emelia group, the over 16s, was huge!!!
So she didnt win any ribbons, I mean you cant compete against so many kids that have been riding forever, and Emelia knows that!!!
But she had fun!!!
Here is Solo looking all handsome and watching the rain... I love the light in this photo... Its just as the sun was rising...
Here is the school flag...

Here they are ready to go

Emelia went in the pairs with Sarah..

Then did the bareback FOR THE FIRST TIME after practising all week!!!

Then it was onto the sporting....
As you know, Solo has "Issues" with sporting, but we are slowly retraining him to just not stress and take it easy!! Emelia is so patient with him and each time we do it he gets better and better.
Will all the fierse competition today, Emelia really showed great self control and free will and not be influenced by the other riders and their "Hell at a gate" riding in these events.
Her teacher was so impressed that Emelia took it all very easy to not stress the horse, that she was presented an encouragement award!!!
Emelia was tickled pink!!!
And it was very encourging to Emelia to receive it in recognition for taking the Horses condition into account during such a competitive event...
Solo is a State Sporting horse champion, so this bloke really knows his stuff, but it does kinda stress him out abit now and he would rather not do it. But its seam that thats all the kids can do.. So little by little Solo is getting better and better at the start.
He just walked right upto the barrels and Emelia slow cantered these for the first time in competition..... She & Solo did really well...
Solo still isnt a big fan of bending. Its the one event he continues to rare at the start. But today we fixed that with a head check. He cant gt his head high enough to rare.
So he tried and had a bit of a jump, but then did the event really well, just slow trotting it..

Emelia just walked the Bounce Pony Event, but trotted home..

Emelia is E grade jumping at this stage. The jumps were like A & B grade high.. So she had a bit of a play at the practise jumps to get some confidence and didnt do the jump competiton....
Then that was it..
With her encouragement award, we came home....
Now i have to show you the photo of my handywork....
My reversing!!!
Arnt i clever!!
And we hade like 6 of these little froggies all over our doors last night!! So cute!!
And that was our big day....

This weekend is the WEEK OF SPEED!!!
So we have the DRAGS this weekend!! The boys are so excited!! My brother Gary is beinging his EVO over this weekend to drag and the boys will be on their bikes!!
Im NOT ALLOWED to drag the pink bike as its TOO EMBARRASING apparently!! Hmph!!!
Seeya tomorrow!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shoppin with the girls... what better fun can a girl have???

Ok, here is the photo of promised yesterday........
Week 12... of the 52 week challenge and 5 kilos down!!! God how slow is that!!! Better be faster from now on I can tell you!!! LOL
Notice the lovely green scarf i am waring....
Yes i know its too hot for scarves, but i bought this today at Colarado and its so soft......
I bought it to match the lovely new green trench coat i bought too.....

Which will go nicely with any one of the two pairs of shoes i bought...
and i will be able to scrap all of this with the copeous amounts of scrap product i bought from the only place within 400kms - Spotlight!!!!!
SO that was my day.
Off to help prepare for tomorrows early rise to go the Manilla Horse Sports Carnival!!!
Oh and guess what????
I backed the horse float into the driveway!!! I did!!!!!
And we live on a bend too - so it gets even more points!!!
How clever am i???
Bit pat on the back!! LOL

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weigh In Day

Had a bit of a day off today....
Thios morning I met the girls for coffee at the Verdict, then i wated to take Lily to Tamworth. But Stu said he didnt want me riding that far by myself, so I took Solo out instead....
Hes a funny boy!!!! Damn Frustrating today thats for sure!!!
But he came back hot and sweaty and so did i!! Talk about a workout on the legs!!!
This arvo i did some paper work and some scrapping!!!
Here is a card i made from the scrap of a layout i cant show you yet...
Im quite happy with how my cards are coming along....

So i did a layout plus another card (That I cant show you yet!!!)
But the big news...
Wednesday is weigh in day and im pleased to say the action has been good!!! About a kilo down on last week!!! Im so pleased!!
I will be back to normal again in no time!!!
I took my photo today on Solo on my phone, but do you think i can get them of it!! So i will have to give you one tomorrow...
Seeya Take Care

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Riding Solo and I dont mean Lily!!!

Today we were experimenting with Solo and his rearing up.
We need to do something about it before Friday as Emelia has the Manilla School Sports Day and i dont want people/teachers panicking if Solo rears and then stops emelia form riding him...
So after some research and a suggestions from a long time horse owner, we tried a head check.
So we saddled him up and lunged him with it on to get used to it before Emelia got on him.... He seams ok. He put up a fight though still, he hates lunging!!

Here he is with the head down and bucking!!! Rebelling all be can!!!

But hes still Mummas boy.... he comes in for a cuddle after being roused on!!!

Cimmi was staying out of the action just incase!!!
So Emelia rode him but he was just being naughty, he didnt rear at all.
So we pulled out the Barrels... He always rears doing the Barrels... But he didnt!!
He couldnt get his head up!!
So it might work.

To test the theory I got on him and worked him a bit harder.
I did a barrels run with him, and its amaising how it all comes back to you... He did brilliantly!! This horse is amaising!!!
I really have to get a saddle and ride him more often!!!!
I also did a couple of jumps.....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cybercrop time again!! Yay!!

March Sketch Challenge - A Page from my Sketchbook

Getting back into scrapping rythem now with
Marchs entry from
A Page from my Sketchbook....
"License to Thrill"

We had a visitor today!!
He was wedged between the fron guaze door and the wood door.. Obviously sqeezed in some way!!
He was thankful to be out thats for sure....
Thats all from me today

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Scrap With V Cybercrop Time

Well its Cyber crop time again at scrap with V.I
ts on the 3rd of April the theme is
Nature Around Us
So Think colours, animals, scenery, and may be an interesting technique or two
There is a terrific prize pool with $25.00 per challenge to the main challenges a game of two and best of all a week to upload your work.
So see you all there
Register here

Gymkana Time

The great competition for the blue ribbon was on today...
Not that Emelia goes to these things for that reason - which is good considering she only has a couple of blue ones... LOL

I dont know what time Emelia was up, but she woke me up at 4.50am this morning. We rode down to the show ground in the dark again... Im going along slowly with my lights on so they can see where they are going.. It was so dark!!!!
But we got him all plated and make-uped and looking handsome!!!
Katherine & Emelia did the pairs together - as usual!!!
Trooper and Solo love each other. Which is reallyt weird as Solo doesnt like men and Trooper is a gelding too. But they get on so well... Trooper is Solos security blanket!!!
They were going so well until Solo decided to pig root!!! Hes so naughty!!!

But they got a yellow ribbon (4th place). They were so happy!!! I didnt see what they were doing in this photo until i downloaded it. But they have both got thier thumbs up!!!

Heres Trooper and Solo sharing the love!!!!

This was the trotting race. Solo was going great - until he pig rooted!!! I got it on camera!!!
With the sporting. Solo is getting better and better. Emelia doesnt push him at all... We are kinda trying to retrain him. He is a State Champion Sporting Horse!!! I saw what this actually means today as their was a couple of boys from Tamworth competing for it... Boy oh boy - to see their horses do the barrels was amaising!!! To think Solo used to do this!!!
Its any wonder the horses reach a point where they say enough is enough....
But i think he knows that we are just having fun, hes not going for any trophies or even ribbons, but having a good time!!!
He did the barrels so well today. Emelia actually cantered it!! The first time ever!!! He also cantered the bends, and did an awesome turn in the keyhole!!
This is one excellent horse!! Hes so impressive.
I know that once Emelia gets some more experience, she and Solo will really achieve some great things....
Probably more along the lines of campdraft and polo rather than pony club though.... This is her final pony club year, so we will have to get her aleigned with the other clubs soon....

Weight Loss:!!! Good things this week... Cant wait till Wednesday to see if all stays as good as its been. Ive lost another half a kilo!! Yay!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Kit Selling Fast

March Scrap with V Scrapbooking Kits are selling fast..
Only a couple more left now.
Click here to purchase
Only $19.95 for two layouts including full colour instructions for both layouts..

Another big day....

Mum, Sarah and I did another wedding today......
Its the most gorgeous one i have done in a while... The bride has such excellent taste and everything matched in beautifully!!
very elegant and classy!!!
For all the photo go here

She had purple..

Lily had an outing today.....
We took her out to Keepit Dam!!! Yay!!!

Stu came with me.. The trip out was ok. Got to 100kms. Its very breezy on the bike, its really hard to stay on with all the wind... So I had to scrunch right down...

Heres a self portait...

Then Stu took a good shot of me and Lily

Gotta pull down the wedding tomorrow and Emelia goes to a gymkana on Solo.
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