Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gymkana Time

The great competition for the blue ribbon was on today...
Not that Emelia goes to these things for that reason - which is good considering she only has a couple of blue ones... LOL

I dont know what time Emelia was up, but she woke me up at 4.50am this morning. We rode down to the show ground in the dark again... Im going along slowly with my lights on so they can see where they are going.. It was so dark!!!!
But we got him all plated and make-uped and looking handsome!!!
Katherine & Emelia did the pairs together - as usual!!!
Trooper and Solo love each other. Which is reallyt weird as Solo doesnt like men and Trooper is a gelding too. But they get on so well... Trooper is Solos security blanket!!!
They were going so well until Solo decided to pig root!!! Hes so naughty!!!

But they got a yellow ribbon (4th place). They were so happy!!! I didnt see what they were doing in this photo until i downloaded it. But they have both got thier thumbs up!!!

Heres Trooper and Solo sharing the love!!!!

This was the trotting race. Solo was going great - until he pig rooted!!! I got it on camera!!!
With the sporting. Solo is getting better and better. Emelia doesnt push him at all... We are kinda trying to retrain him. He is a State Champion Sporting Horse!!! I saw what this actually means today as their was a couple of boys from Tamworth competing for it... Boy oh boy - to see their horses do the barrels was amaising!!! To think Solo used to do this!!!
Its any wonder the horses reach a point where they say enough is enough....
But i think he knows that we are just having fun, hes not going for any trophies or even ribbons, but having a good time!!!
He did the barrels so well today. Emelia actually cantered it!! The first time ever!!! He also cantered the bends, and did an awesome turn in the keyhole!!
This is one excellent horse!! Hes so impressive.
I know that once Emelia gets some more experience, she and Solo will really achieve some great things....
Probably more along the lines of campdraft and polo rather than pony club though.... This is her final pony club year, so we will have to get her aleigned with the other clubs soon....

Weight Loss:!!! Good things this week... Cant wait till Wednesday to see if all stays as good as its been. Ive lost another half a kilo!! Yay!!


heirloomscrapping said...
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heirloomscrapping said...

Emelia & Jodie what a great day you had and what a handsome boy you have

Miss the pony club days Malina is too old now

kerry said...

Emelia looks great on the horse.Goodluck with the diet this week.Take care KErry xx

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