Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 65.... And my March 123 Challenge Layout

HOw was your Friday???
Mine was bedlum.... OMG - im so busy!!! I knew i would be, I havnt been looking forward to these couple of weeks now since last year....
Nest weekend is like the "Space time continum" (Remember back to the future, and Doc freaks out because if Marty runs into himself in the future, it could distroy the space time contium and life as we know it!!!!)
Well, thats what i call busy weekends with functions... I need to be in 1oo places at once and it could distroy life as we know it!!! Especially if i stuff up!!!
Anyway, works for me.... LOL
I have the local deb ball on Friday 13th, the business awards on the 14th as well as another 3 weddings on the 14th and another wedding the following weekend..
Its taken so much preparation to get all these events happening!!!
Anyway, nearly there....
I sat and scrapped last night and did the
March 123 Challenge CT entry....
"An Autumn Sunrise"
Here is my today.....
Got my next fortnights worth of food today.... Arrived to Subway... Its the only time i go to Subway and thats to pick up my Jenny Craig food!!! LOL

I passed my Learner Rider KNowledge Test!!
I now have my L's!!! YAY
But i cant go for a ride yet as i have to get Lily resgistered. She had to surrender her Qld rego.....
But she is waiting out there patiently!!
The boys still arnt talking to her..... hopefully they will start to get along soon!!!
Thats it for me

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