Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wind Swept......

Today is my birthday!!
Im 21....... (+20) but sh sh sh
As you already know, Lily came into my life a week ago, but she was my birthday pressie... she got registered today and ive just came back from taking her a spin!!!
I went a whole 80 kms an hour!!!!
I know!! How fast was that!!!! lol
Went into top gear too Mum!!! But i did stall is twice.... had an uphil start... But that was my first go, and i am sure i will get better and better!!!

A parcel arrived very early this morning by the parcel man. A gift all the way from Qld from Ness and Lindy!! Thanks girls, so sweet!!!
Then i had breakie with Jack and Brenda at the Verdict, becuase this is tradition!!! I got some lovely gifts.... 4 chick flick movies from Jack and a lovely clasp two tone pandora charm from Brenda....
Im so spoilt!!!
Emelia gave me a lovely pandora charm with little CZs... Very sweet, and Mum gave me the cutest little Queen Been two tone charm... SHe has a little gold crown!!! My son forgot about me... but thats not surprising, he's a wrapped up in love a the moment!! LOL

Then the rest of the day was spent setting up more decorations for the weekend...
Here is before:
Here is after:
We have to add all the touches yet, like plants and Arabian KNight charactors and things..... But that will get done on Saturday....
And finally, here is a cute pic with Emelia and the horses... OFf to the feed shed!!

My fav Chinese Restaurant is closed...:(
I have to cook tea:( So sad.... ANd i could have gone to Mum for a BBQ... not to worry. I got heaps to do tonight anyway!!!


Lisa A said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Jodi my dear friend
Happy Birthday to you
We hope you had a wonderful day.
Lots of Love Lisa, Brett and the kids (KOSMO and BEAVER)

P.S watch the mail for the next few days you should have told me it was your birthday coming up

Tracey said...

Happy birthday Jodi Looks like you had a wonderful day. Love the PANDORA

Tracey said...

Happy birthday Jodi Looks like you had a wonderful day. Love the PANDORA

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

HAppy Birthday. Love all the work for the arabian night - looks awesome!


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