Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 62........ We dove all night, to get to you.....

Well, maybe not all night...
But certainly all day!!!!
Yesterday we were up at 4.00am to drive to Bundeburg and then back to Kinagroy to picj up Lilly... my new motorbike...
(Yes, Emelia and i have named her!!)
920 or so kms to Bundeburg from Gunnedah....
We arrived about 2pm
We had lunch at Sizzler, picked up Lilly and then headed back to Kingaroy 257kms back. It was a HUGE day!!!
Here she is being loaded on...

And then under bondage!!!!
Belinda Schmidt that ladies name was who had the bike.... (Her maiden name) I thought that was funny, so close a name to be good friend Brenda Schmitt!! Too funny!!!
Belinda is a gorgeous lady. Shes right into quilting and had made the most lovely items.. all decorating her house... Shes very creative, just like me, so Lilly is going to fit in fine... It will be like she hasnt left home...

Shes in need of a bit of liposuction, and some acid peels, but i am sure with a bit of elbow grease (From my hubby!! lol) she will be shining like a teenager again!!!

We stayed at the Burke & Wills MotorIn at Kingaroy.... After Stu made the booking the night before, we got a phone call from them yesterday asking if we were still staying there..... (They forgot to tick the box apparently!!) We were stuck in the very end unit where they were building another few units. There was NO PARKING inside the motel - we were made park out on the street!!! (Stu was so angry!!)
Then to top it off, we went to the restaurant and there was very little selection in the meals and they were so dear!!! We realised why when they turned up!! They were HUGE!!! I ate like a corner of mine and that was it.... What a HUGE waste of money!!!
THEN, we tried to go to sleep early, about 9.30pm as we had to get up early and 2 doors down, these very loud people were partying on in their room with the door open!! We would go to sleep and got woken up so many times. In the end i got up in my jarmies and walked to the door to go and tell them off!!!
Stu told me not to, he'd do it.
But in the end just yelled out to the to SHUT UP!!
So inconsiderate!!!
SO Im not too impressed with the Burke & Wills. And they charged me $3,50 for a packet of instant coffee and 2 sugars, that you get for free at most motels!!! My recomendation, is to find somewhere else to stay!! LOL

This was me last night... so tired having a little lie down... Oh, I lost one of my panodra clip beads too. Im so cranky!! It was a spacer one with a pink stone!! Not cheap. It must have unclipped somewhere!! Grrr

I jumped on the scales before we left yesterday and the weight is coming off.. Im so pleased!!!!

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