Monday, March 31, 2008


Look, its just all getting too much....
This is about all i can muster for a daily photo today......
Teenage daughters....hmph!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I couldnt sleep last night. I was actually up until 5.00am and then went to bed.... Ive never done that before.... even medication didnt help....

So this is what i did.... My angel album.

Cath from CyberScraps sent me gorgeous new stuff from Kaiser... which included these albums and papers... totally awesome!!

So here are the first four pages...

This is my daily photo.... Breakie at 2.00pm, hence still in the jarmies!!! Lucky it was Sunday!! Phone was off the hook anyway, no balloons happening today!!!

Thats it for me... Im gonna try to get to bed soon and hopefully sleep into the bargain!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 284... Running a bit late tonight

Evening All.... Running a bit late tonight
Been a huge day, in more ways that one.....

I totally hate my hair down!! Always have. But i do love long hair as there are no such things as bad hair days...... So there you have it, a first hand view of up and down!! I much prefer up!!
Here are photos of 2 of the 5 functions i did today!! From kids partys to weddings....
Some arhes for a 21st...
And some balloons for a 60th!!!

Now, im not going to talk about the dramas today one this worldwide forum....... but im doing heaps of research and learning heaps.......
Suffice to say..... everything thats been going on lately has lead to this..... Even a blind man could see it!!!
WIsh us luck!!!
Seeya tomorrow!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 283...... Dont forget CyberScraps on-line class tonight

Here is the layout we are doing.... :New Beginnings"....
The pack is availble from CyberScraps for $18 and the class is free... Bargain!!!

Here it is open.....
This is my daily photo.... day 283.......
Had coffee with Brenda today, Jack couldnt make it as she was very very busy making the nicest looking birthday cakes!! Amaising!!!!

We also had Hol over for a visit today. Her brother decided to get drunk on a bottle of panadol unscrewing the "Childproof" lid and downing the hole bottle!!!! So off they went to the hospital and Hol stayed for a visit. Shes so smart this kid!! I was amaised at her sense of direction. From her low spot in the car - no car seat!! She knew exactly where we were at any given time!! Thats wonderful for a "nearly" 4 year old!!!
Here is my darling daughter and her posing for photos!!! Too cute!!

And cheryl... so many nicknames.... cheryl (as in feral cheryl), ratta, milly, possom, milsey... and the list goes on... fred was another one...

I couldnt believe the birds in these trees this morning.. boy were they noisy!!!! This is the tree i always take my dai8ly photo under. We live in a suburban street and look at the size of it!! Stu planted it on the sewer drain and wonders why its alway blocking up... His response was "Look at the size of the tree though..." Yes dear!!! :)
Thats it for today.. talk tomorra

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Its done!!!

Here is my album i made using this months sissy pack.

This is for my daughter and when we are blewing, she can read this and then tear it up!!! Thats why i chose the hard acrylic album.. now theres thinking for you hey???

"Why I love you"
Because your fun to be around.

Im so please i set out to do this today and i did it!! What an achievement!!! Yay!!!

Day 282..... New Pandora!!!!

Look at all my gorgeous new pandora i bought on ebay.... ok, most of them arnt pandora - a couple are... but mostly another brand... The Beads are a real bead....
(Dont take any notice of the bible one... that was a freeby and you'll notice it didnt end up on my bracelet!!)
I dont want to mislead poeple into thinking am a bit religious. I mean personally, if thats one persons believe system than thats great for them, its good to have it.. but due to past events in my life, i no longer have any kind of religious belief system. My faith is in my husband and kids, my baby brother and Kel his wife, my mum and ken... family and friends.. those are the things that mean to most to me and what i have put my faith in..... (Long winded explanation for a bead is it not??)

Here is what they all look like on.... Just over one week to fill it.... But i also get a freeby bracelet with my many bead purchases, so i am thinking i will break them down into two now, as i ahve nore glass beads heading my way!!!

Here is todays photo.... The day has not long started and for the first time in a long time, i have nothing booked in... so im scrapping as soon as i finish here.
Hubby and son are off to a bike rally thingying in Casino this weekend - so its just the girls.. Might do the pictures and some shopping, but mostly scrapping.
Oh and i started reading this dreadful book this morning that i know will get finished while the boys are away..... Its called Broken its about the one of the worst cases of child abuse.....

Here is another layout for Cyberscraps. Can you notice that i am using up a heap of old supplies with these layouts. This is challenge 9 in the celebrate 2008 challenge.... The topic is How are you earning a crust this year. well technically, i aint gettin no bread.... but it is giving me some crumbs to support my habit.....

Here is another bag lasy photo for Brenda.... they are coming together now. Should have enough for a layout soon....

Wish me happy scrappin.....
Have an awesome weekend with Keith Brenda.... we all envy you!! Give him a huge passionate kiss from me and give nicole a slap is she has a problem with it!!!!..... Im so GREEN with envy!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day 281..... National Safari Results are in.....

Anyone who knows me at all, would know that every easter this lawt few years, we have gone to compete in the National Field Archey titles. This year they are in Hervey Bay.
Last year we walked away hugely successful and bought home gold medals galour in our house and i had the privilidge of being on the winning National 3D Team....

But, this year we didnt go. With years of drought money had been a bit tight, and Stu didnt feel comfortble going on his own - not that it would have worried us. But 2 weeks of year 12 for Josh was out of the question, and i had weddings.... so it was impossible....

But today its all over and the results are in..... Its so exciting, our club once again did really well and i am so proud of everyone. One lady who has had a bummer last couple of years went really well and i am so happy for her.

My partner in crime Linda, took out the 3D as we expected her too, and also took out the ABA which is wonderful!! You go girl!!! I miss the fact that i didnt go. Outside the archery its just so social and great fun.. especially the camping!!!

Here is a link if your interested in the results..

But onto todays activities.... I attended a class on Cognitive Therapy today. Its a 6 week course and this was the second week - i missed the first. I really got so much out of it and if they say that we will be able to help our reactions to things than i am totally happy to attend them. It would be so great to see our teens do something like this at school - great for communication and dealing with issues!!!

Here is todays photo... day 281. Pink has just about gone now.... Hmmm, might go for blue next time, or purple!!!

Brenda has given me the challenge of doing a layout with my handbags.. Im working on accumulating photos. But i dont want to stage them - I will take my time and get photos on the days that i use my different handbags... That will mean more to me than staging the photos. I was wearing my green and torquoise pearl necklace today, so i went for the matching torquoise bag.. Its my birthday baggie too.... Very Noice....

I also got another thing for my pandora today... its a fake from ebay, so not worthy of a photo.. But its very cute. Gold and the bead is green pink and gold....

This layout is one i did for cyberscraps celebrate 2008 challenge. WHo are your friends this year. Well, i really wanted to remember the times that Michelle and i have spent together recently. Its so wonderful to rekindle school friendships and honestly, shel is just as mad as she was when we were young.... nothing has changed and i am so proud that we are still mates....
Thats my day today.. seeya tomorra!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 280......Heres what ive been upto..

Well, not today, but last night.... I got a bit of scrapping done...
This first one is a pack from Cut & paste.... I loved pips idea with the cute!!!
"Who are you"

This one is a layout for CyberScraps using some of the latest papers from Kaisercraft.. I can tell you - loving their stuff!!!
And hands up those who totally love Grungeboard!!!

And this is todays photo - day 280. I cant believe ive been doing this for 280 days... Not long now to go...
Today was spent doing Mondays jobs - cleaning.. or trying too seeing as ive been on the phone all morning....
But i did manage to book some functions, order balloons, pay some bills and clean the house as well as cook a lovely old fashioned silverside for tea... Im a legend... Just ask me!!! LOL
Seeya tomorrow!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 279...

Well, i did get my "sleep" in.... But i didnt get to read though... gonna go to bed and do that now.. when i finish here....
I did manage to get the ironing done and 3 layouts, so i cant be too upset about my day off!!
I did take to phone off the hook though.... I am so over that phone!!!
Just because i have a business based at home doesnt mean i work 24/7!!! What is it with people!!!

Anyway, here is my daily photo... day 279.
See, I did manage to shower and do my hair today...

Here is one of my layouts... This is from Pips March pack.... I dont mind it... its easy these packs.. brain dead stuff. It great as all the planning is done, all i have to do is cut & paste!!! lol
Ok, thats it for today.. off to bed to read for a while now.... night!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 278.. "Happy Easter.... happy Easter... happy easter..."

My daughter has a rabbit that you press on his tummy and he says happy easter, happy easter, happy easter!!! Too cute!!!
Anyway, gosh what a say today was!!!!
No sleep in!!
The easter bunny was late - and as she was sneaking into the kids rooms at 9.00am this morning!!!! i (I mean the easter bunny) woke them up. The easter bunny put her finger up to her mouth and said shhhhh the easter bunny is late!!! So they went back to sleep!! Ah, 14 and 17, they'll beleive anything!!! LOL
Anyway, todays photo brings an unshowered, no hair done, smelly eater bunny eating her easter egg!!!!
Here you are Kaysie, the photo with no puffy fringe!!! LOL

Got up and went to the club early before opening to pull down last nights wedding!! What a mess!!!
Then stu wanted to pull down the fairy ligthts from the party!! What a job!!!! It took nearly the rest of the day... then i had to wash and iron chair sashes and wedding stuff!! Huge day!!
But finally i got to sit down and finish my mini book from Sissy this month!!!

Its my Time 2 Party album....

So that was my Easter..... Im having a sleep in and NOT working AT ALL tomorrow!!! Ok... Day off for this little black duck!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 277.... A bit of productivity this weekend!!!

First off.... here is a layout i did last night!! My birthday lunch at the verdict!!!
"The Verdict is"

Here is my 277 photo..... With my birthday necklace on....

Some balloons for a baby girl

And again!!! I was involved in a very small way for this new mums wedding!! Its very exciting when i delivery valentines balloons, birthday balloons, decorate the engagement party and then the wedding and then deliver new born baby balloons. It feels like have share the most important events in peoples lives... its very special!!!

Here is this weekends wedding. I actually had 4 on this weekend, but two cancelled. The other wedding they have juswt dry hired decor...

Thats my weekend so far, working on the Sissy Mini book tonight for my birthday as well. Half way through it.
Also, went to see Juno tonight with Emelia. Great movie!!!! About teen pregnancy!!! That lead actress is exceptional!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

DAy 275... Weddings

Bit busy today. Mum & I have been setting up a wedding. No photos yet, I will get them when the room is completed tomorrow.

This is my photo for today. Im working on getting photos of all my handbags as Brenda has assigned me a challenge... I ahve to scrap all my handbags!!!! Hmm, might take a while to accumulate all the photos!!!!
But stay tuned!!!

Here is a sneak peak and invitation to join CyberScraps March Class!!!

Dont forget CyberSCraps cybercrop starting tonight!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 274...

Starting to feel better today..... normality is returning..... thank goodness.
Thanks so much to all you beautiful people for your advice and reassurance!!!

Here is todays photo... the pink is starting to wash out now... :( But i dont think i will do it again!!

Set this arch up at Tamworth today at Harvey Norman. Looks good doesnt it!! Go in and check out the beds they are promoting.... they are so soft!!! Like velvet.... hhmmmm lovely!!!
So, thats me now...
Will load up a sneak peak of March's class in a tick..... Its cute!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 274.... Things are looking brighter

Well, things are looking a bit brighter today. Thanks so much to all for your support and encouragement....
I shouldnt share my personal life with the world (hence the removal) but sometimes, unexpected help can from for unexpected places... as it has done.. so thank you!!!!

Still trying to catch up with life... I have two weddings on this weekend, which i still have to prepare for.. but mostly im organised.

Gotta go to Tamworth tomorrow to make an arch at Harvey Norman.

This is my photo for today... day 274. Wearing my new earings and my pendora complete with another 2 charms!! See i told you i wont stop until its full!!!!

This photo is just for Kaysie. She wants to see me with my hair out and no puffy fringe.... So Kaysie here it is.... see, it looks better up!!! To tell you the truth, I cant stand it down and in my face!!!

And here are my new two charms... The glass one is actually a light green.... The chineese one is happines...... I was looking for hope, but they didnt have one....

Ok, thats my day.... working on my March class tonight.... hopefully be ready soon!!!

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