Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 278.. "Happy Easter.... happy Easter... happy easter..."

My daughter has a rabbit that you press on his tummy and he says happy easter, happy easter, happy easter!!! Too cute!!!
Anyway, gosh what a say today was!!!!
No sleep in!!
The easter bunny was late - and as she was sneaking into the kids rooms at 9.00am this morning!!!! i (I mean the easter bunny) woke them up. The easter bunny put her finger up to her mouth and said shhhhh the easter bunny is late!!! So they went back to sleep!! Ah, 14 and 17, they'll beleive anything!!! LOL
Anyway, todays photo brings an unshowered, no hair done, smelly eater bunny eating her easter egg!!!!
Here you are Kaysie, the photo with no puffy fringe!!! LOL

Got up and went to the club early before opening to pull down last nights wedding!! What a mess!!!
Then stu wanted to pull down the fairy ligthts from the party!! What a job!!!! It took nearly the rest of the day... then i had to wash and iron chair sashes and wedding stuff!! Huge day!!
But finally i got to sit down and finish my mini book from Sissy this month!!!

Its my Time 2 Party album....

So that was my Easter..... Im having a sleep in and NOT working AT ALL tomorrow!!! Ok... Day off for this little black duck!!!


Jackie said...

Gorgeous album Jodi...youv'e done it again!!

Anonymous said...

That album is beautiful Jod. I hope you did get your sleep in today. This is the reason I haven't phoned as yet. Snore your pretty little head off.

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