Saturday, March 8, 2008

Day 263.... HUGE Day today

I'll start with last night.....

Stu and I went to the Softball presentations last night....

Of course, our Team "Gunna's" won the A Grade!! Whoopee!!

The theme for the night was "Head Jobs"..... You had to wear a hat, wig or mask of some kind.... I didnt!!!!

But we were presented with SHeridan towns and handtowels monogramed with the Gunnedah Softball logo....

I took some photos, as its been a while since i have been dressed up..... Here i am....

Of course, Stuart doing his usual stupid poses!!!

And this one was a nice one....

Scrap with V is asking the question: "You know your a scrapbooker when......."

Well, I know I am a scrapbooker when i take photos of emelia having her navel pierced rather than holding her hand!!!!

Following are the photos.... I cant beleive she did it!!!!

Getting ready, notice the teary red eyes... She is really really scared!!!!

Here she is with the needle in and the tears are flowing!!!

Just finishing up......... She was in PAIN!! I cant beleive she went through with it!!!

I did a function for a 21st today... lovely decos....


ANd her is my daily photo... enjoying a caramel latta frape... yummm!!!!

Seeya tomorrow!!

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