Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 265......Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

40 year old me!!!!!!

My 40th Birthday started out perfectly, with gifts being presented in bed first thing... and then being told to stay in bed and finish reading my book and Stu would do the school run.... I mean that in itself is wonderful!!!

Then of to the verdict with Jack and Brenda..... with more lovely pressies, a wonderful lunch and birthday slice!!!!

Then I came home and went for my walk, and then had a visit from my dear friend Mariann who presented me with a gorgeous bunch of flowers..... she couldnt go to the opposition for balloons..... I love flowers!!!
Then it was a change of clothes and off to Mum and Kens for tea... Notice my new earings from Jack.....

Mum has been working on an album for me since last year.... "Her special project" she would call it.. and it was beautiful - full of sentiment.... And that box that Ken made!!! WHat a wonderful way to present it!!!

Hes a good man Ken!!

Mum made this clown for me... in my clown suit colours too - how cute!!!

My Mum!!!! Who i love very much!

Poor Mum, she made me a cake and it got distroyed, so she was devistated i had to be presented with a bought one!! But it did the trick! It held those wonderful candles!!

HOnestly, who could have asked for a better birthday!!
Lots of firends, messages and emails all day!!! I felt so special!!!!
I went to bed on a high last night......
Thanks to all for a very speical birthday!!!
Now, Saturday!! WE WILL P A R T Y !!!!!


AmandaMcGregor74 said...

Happy Birthday Jodi. Have a great party on Saturday!!

Jackie said...

So pleased you had a great BIRTHDAY Jodi...oh and by the way those earings look great!!! lol

kerry said...

Jodi i'm so sorry i thought your birthday was this Saturday as i new your party was Saturday.So glad you had a great day love and kisses for your birthday sweetie have a great day Saturday wish we could have come.Your prezzie is sitting here just waiting on some finishing touches i hope to get it in the mail Thursday.take care Love Kerry

Michelle Staffieri said...

Happy Birthday Jodi. Looks like you had a great day and hope you have a fantastic night on Saturday. Party Party Party!

Marianne said...

Happy belated b'day. I saw your very cute mini album on Sissey - very cute.


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