Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Resolutions.....

Day 195 of the 365 day challenge.. New Years Eve or not, its still Monday which is cleaning day!!! But I had some help today from my DD who was earning money to go out tonight!! So it didnt take that long....

My hubby (darling man he is) decided to take my daily photo for me by surprise while i was cleaning and wearing my happy face!! Yeh, right - happy face - NOT!! I hate cleaning!!!

Here i am doing he bathroom!!

Here is a cute balloon delivery i did through the week. Like the big dummy!!!

And another delivery i did through the week. the big dahlai bunch!! So cute and bright for a 90 year old!!

Now for the serious side.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary for my blog. I actaully started it to track my goals....
I had a list of them for 2007. Here they are again...

My Goals for 2007

  • Reach my goal weight
  • Compete at the National Archery Titles in Wagga Wagga, in A grade and win it!!!
  • Compete in the Australian IFAA Archery Titles in A grade and finish in the top 5. I won the World IFAA titles last year in my division competing in B grade.
  • Have a scrapbooking layout published in one of the top 3 magazines

Well, I wasnt very successful - although i would class 2007 as a successful year in other ways.

  • I didnt reach my goal weight, Infact, I am probably going into 2008 heavier than 2007!! not by much but these last few months have been a bit of a nightmare!!!
  • I didnt compete at the National Titles in A grade. But i did finish in the top three for ABA anyway as there are NO A grade lady shooters and there havnt been for many years. I did finish thrid in ABA and first in 3d and won a position on the National 3D team and won. So all in all that goal - even though i didnt achieve A Grade, i still went well so that ones ok.
  • I didnt compete in IFAA at all this year.
  • I still havnt had a layout published, although i did make it to a design team...

So I suppose things arent too bad. But I do have other goals for this year...

  • I still would like to have layouts published in magazines and i am going to have a go at the Masters.
  • I will set the more realistic goal of losing 10 kilos this year.
  • I would like to compete competitively in IFAA archery. Ive lost interest in ABA.
  • I would like to be avble to emotionally support my son through his HCS and get a better understanding of how the system works.
  • Actually survive my daughters progression into adulthood!!! Shes so going to kill me!!!
  • Continue to uild my businesses.

I think thats about it.

Im not going out tonight, Both the kids are out doing there thing. Stu and i are staying in. Im joining the rest of the ladies needing therapy tonight at the new year cybercrop at scrap therapy!!!

Happy New Year to all and the very best of happiness to you and your family for 2008!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some more layouts

Here is what ive been working on this last couple of days.

Im gonna start on the Cyberscraps Get Real January Challenge tonight.... Check it out - should be fun!!!

This layout is Joshs 17th Birthday..... About as close as i could get to a smile!! He hates the camera...

This one is darling daughter after her dance concert!! She looked so gorgeous in her black tights and those pink fairy wings!!! The kid is 14 years old and still likes dressing up!!!

Day 194 - I finally got my hands on the MAG!!!

Finally we here in the country got our hands on the Masters Special Edition!!
I must say that some of the entries are such a surprise and some of the HM are an even bigger surprise that they didnt make it to Masters!!!
It always blows me away how judges can chose one thing over another. But there is obviously a critiria...
I totally love Cass's Hazel!! What a fab idea!!! And what a talking point to have in the scrap room!!
Though looking at some of the entries makes me think that i might actually give myself a shot at it next year!!!
What do you say girlies.... Kerry, Kylie, Brenda, Lea, Meg .... all my scrapping buds, why dont we give it ago???

This is day 194 out of the 365 day challenge. Im so proud of myself. All this entire time, i have not missed a photo!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day 193 - Saturday afternnoon in the sun....

Sorry i didnt add anything to these photos yesterday!! I couldnt ahve been bothered.

Here i am playing with my camera again..... I think the girls are much better models than me!!!

Typical girly girl pose isnt it...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 192....... I had a Monday today....

Here is my daily photo - pimple and all!!! Hairs a mess. Just got back from our walk after a lovely tea of plum lamb shanks.... MMMMM and guess what?? I cooked them... me.... all by myslef!!!!

If it takes 1/2 hr to cook im hopeless!! If i can just play wiht it while i strip beds and do the washing ironing and watch a couple of dvds, i can cook perfectly!!!

Anyway, today i pulled the tree and decos down, and done the washing and ironing.... Made a quick trip up the street. Stripped beds to put on new sheets i bought yesterday... Eqyptian Cotton ones at 50% off!!!

So it was a boring old day. Didnt get any scrapping done at all!!! Ok, maybe a tinsy little bit!!
Seeya tomorrow.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Day 191 - And the sales start.....

Here is another layout I did yesterday... Been a lovely few days....

Anyway, the sales have started taday. target has 50% sheets and towels and discounted bras and undies.... so we updated a few things....

This is my daily photo. Day 191 of the 365 day challenge... I have my new top on that santa bought me from Mags Boutique... Look!! Its not pink!!!!

We also went to the Verdict for lunch today. Little baby emelia wanted to colour in. Lucky i still have the textas i bought for Brendas little one.......

Ive also been experimenting with my new camera. It has like mega micro!!! 1cm away from subject!!! I can even get clear photos of rain drops!!! WOW!!!!

And of course a balloon delivery today. This is the mega shape dalia bunch....

Thats is for me today...
Seeya tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day 190.....

Got a headache now from scrapping all day for two days.... So i gonna upload the latest stuff and have a little lie down i think...

Here is day 190 of the 365 day challenge.....

This is that layout ive been doing today, Make a Wish featuring photos from Jacks birthday at the Verdict...

Very bright dont you think!!!

So thats it for today.....
I love my new camera!!!

Yesterdays Layouts

This is a FIRST!!!

Photos taken yesterday and scrapped yesterday!!!

This one - "Is to Love" Following along the lines of the quote on the layout.
DD and her boyfriend exchanged friendship rings yesterday. A very big moment in any young girls life.

I went up to Porky yesterday with my new camera and took landscape photos of christmas day. A farmer has marked a landing spot for santa in his paddock!! I thought this was deffinately something i want to presesrve...

Daily photo will come later in the day.... Come on, I still havnt had breakfast!! I cant be that organised today - It Boxing Day!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Todays Layout

Here is my christmas day activity..... I love my new camera!!!


I know, i know..... its christmas day... what in the hell am i doing blogging....

Well, this year its just the four of us.... No catering for other family members, and everyone here knows that you have to feed yourself or starve!!!! So hence, i am blogging because thats what i do... Stus been sleeping, Josh has been xboxing and emelia has been with the boyfriend....

But the day started off perfectly...... My wonderful husband bought me in my christmas present before the all in present frenzy started - as my pressie was a NEW CAMERA!!!!!

its a Fujifilm finepix S8000fd - 8 mega pixels, 18 x zoom... Has all the SLR features!!!! Im so HAPPY!!!

This was its very first photo

So this will be day 189 of the 365 day challenge....

This is a better photo of the camera....

Emelia went to spend lunch with her boyfriends family... they exchanged friendship rings today - how cute!!! Remember that feeling. your first love... Ohhhh

Joshua got his own motorbike jacket. He took it for a ride and liked it!! Whats not to like - he looks hot!! And it fits him!! He doesnt have to wear his dads anymore!!!

Here is the sign that Josh got me... How appropriate for today!!!

The pressie frenzy!!!

The house was clean last week - sorry you missed it!!! LOl!! Yep, thats about me!!

Im in the process of finishing a page at the moment.... Will upload when done...
Seeya Later!!
Have a great christmas day....

Monday, December 24, 2007

Day 188 - Christmas Day Prep

Well, here it is christmas eve....

Got the shopping done...... Food is being prepared.......... all is well....

Here i am starting my cooking!!! Wish me luck!!!

And this might be the last balloon i blow up for this year..... Maybe.....
This is traditional santa. He is an airwalker. Meaning he will "walk" around the house on a breaze. He freeks emelia out.

I had one in the house last year and it "walked" into emelias room through the night. She thought it was watching her..... Freeky!!!!

Have a lovely Christmas day tomorrow with you families and friends.
Safe travelling if your doing that...
Seeya tomorra

Day 187 - A pleasant Days Drive

Today our family of four took 3 separate forms of transportation to Walcha.

It was a beautiful day for a ride on the bikes and a drive. So Mum and I drove and the boys took their bikes. Poor dd had to work.

This is a photo of the boys taken in my rear vision side mirror...

Walcha is the most picturesque town. There are huge beautiful sculptures all over all through the parks and gardens and on the roads in and out of town.

Here is a wire scultpure made to look like a tree. A really close look showd the difference, but when i mentioned it they all quationed me first. It looks so realistic..

This is may daily photo at one of the beautiful parks with s gorgeous big sculpured water feature....

Isnt this marvellous

This is the tree i took my photo under.....

We got home and i slept al afternoon!!! No scrapping last night.. Im saving it for christmas day... My idea of bliss!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


A very big exciting day today!!!

First of all, the introduction letter went out to Cyberscraps subscribers today annoucing my arrival!! thats very exciting!! Here is the link Check it out!!

We went to Jack and Craigs place last night for a chrissy get together. it was a lovely pleasant night out.

We exchanged our pressies - I opened mine from Brenda. It was so nice and a new tradition amoungst us friends.

The little bobble is the container for a gift which should be rotated between a group of friends each year. Brenda gave me a little friendship rose pendant in the bobble and then next year i pass the bobble onto the next friend with something special inside for them to keep - but the bobble gets passed on again!! isnt that a wonderful new tradition!!

Jack and Craig gave us a huge tower of what i suspect will be lollies and chocies... YUMO!!! But i think i will keep that a secret until christmas day - otherwise they will be gone.....

Anyway, today we celebrated christmas with Mum and Ken. What a lovely night. I spent the whole day cooking up a storm. Good thing i also ordered a cool rainy day for it to keep the temperature down in the kitchen!!!

We actually got 73mm of rain today!!! the back yard is flooded. WE ahve a levy bank out the back of our house which really got quite messed up last storm - but this time it trashed it and we have a river complete with waterfall running through our back shed. Its actually my storage shed. it has all my old novels, cloths and kids toys out there..... Hmmm, i dont know if i want to see the damage!!!

But anyway, back to the christmas day thing......

Here is my daily photo Day 186.... Cooking up a storm!!
We set the table and lit cadles to create albiance.... very noice!!!

We feasted on rost pork and lamb with gravy, mint and apple sauces... all the veges... it was lovely - then Mum also made caramel and lemon marange pies... Yummy!!!

Here are the love birds. It was so nice for mum to be celebrating a lovely christmas with someone she loves so much. Its great to see them both so happy!!

Of course there were the usual tea time antics..

Then came time to do the pressie thing....
Mum loved her teddy bear. On the card i wrote "To little Margie, get well soon, love Santa", as the little bear Mum wanted so much is a get well soon bear - but he is wearing the cutest bunny slippers!!!!

After the exchange of gifts, Mum entertained the troupes with her hilarious rendition of Jingle Bells..... Between much laughter Im still not sure if we manged to belt the whole song out or not!!!

Ken then serended us with the real thing. he plays so beautifully. And it was evidence that emelias guitar does actually work and isnt broken like she tells us!!

Not to be shown up... Mum then joined Ken in the playing.....

All in all it was a lovely christmas celebration.....
Till tomorrow
Have a great night
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