Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 167 - Ironing Day today....

Well, if i am anything, it is predictable!!!
I have my weekly routine and things work best when i stick to it....
So its ironing day today. Half price day at the video shop - which is $2 now as the prices have gone up from $1 - Damn!!!

This is todays photo - Day 167 of the 365 day challenge..... Nearly half way Day 182 will be half way!! Gosh - I thought i would have deffinately be half way by now!!

Gonna do some scrapping tonight. I think i will start on my Brisbane trip. Thats going to be a whole albu, on its own.
I should get my first DT pack this week for cyberscraps!!! I have a heap of ideas for the forum... Just gotta put them all in writing and submit them to the "boss"... So keep stopping by here
Thats all for today..... see ya tomorrow!!

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