Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 176.... A balloon day

Just putting the finishing touches onto the Year 10 formal today. the kids are great - they get stuck into helping. But the trick is to get everything done within the hour as they loose interest after that.....

Here is my day 176 photo with balloons... hey, its what i do!!!

Here are the balloon coloumns that we did for the stage..... I think they would have looked better in bright rather than pastel 0- but its the kids choices....

Here are the kids posing!!! The girl in the yellow hasnt put down that microphone all day!!!

The band behind them were practising too and they sounded really great!!!

Here is the arch for the doorway....

This is the lighting we did yesterday..... It will all look really great when the lights are off and the music starts!!!

I'll have a couple of layouts to upload later......
Thanks for stopping by..

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