Friday, December 28, 2007

Day 192....... I had a Monday today....

Here is my daily photo - pimple and all!!! Hairs a mess. Just got back from our walk after a lovely tea of plum lamb shanks.... MMMMM and guess what?? I cooked them... me.... all by myslef!!!!

If it takes 1/2 hr to cook im hopeless!! If i can just play wiht it while i strip beds and do the washing ironing and watch a couple of dvds, i can cook perfectly!!!

Anyway, today i pulled the tree and decos down, and done the washing and ironing.... Made a quick trip up the street. Stripped beds to put on new sheets i bought yesterday... Eqyptian Cotton ones at 50% off!!!

So it was a boring old day. Didnt get any scrapping done at all!!! Ok, maybe a tinsy little bit!!
Seeya tomorrow.

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