Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day 169 - Im Hexausted!!!

Here i am on the phone to mum telling her about my day. She only lives around the corner, but for many years she has lived away and we got into the habit of ringing everyday!! The phone bills were enormous!!!

Had a huge day today. Started the decorations for a 50th birthday and this lady is going to have a blast of a night!! they are having a band and everything - full catered and a beautiful marquee that i am deorating in my fav colours lime green and rose pink!! I put the ceiling canopy in tonight and after going up and down the ladder and reaching all night my body is so sore!! I was at the VERY TOP of this marquee - up the extention ladder!!! I amaise myself at my balancing ability!!

Anyway this is day 169 for me!!!

I will have some photos of this party for you tomorrow and Saturday!! Lets hope it doesnt rain!!!

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