Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gratitude Challenge 2012

I've been giving alot of consideration about my focus in 2012...
Anyone who knows me well, knows that 2011 for me was a personal challenge.
There were dreadful illnesses suffered by dear friends
Disharmony in my marriage
This is my first year of Anti-Depresents in 9 Years
Challenges with my Work and Massive Changes
but the one thing that had my crying most days
was the fact that my daughter left for college...

I still cant believe how much her being away effects me after a whole year!
I was talking to a friend the other day and I teared up about her going back to college and we still have her for another 20 days!

So 2012 is going to see a change of focus for me....
Im not going to declare that i will lose a tonne of weight
or give up anything that i enjoy
but I will focus on things that i am grateful for.

There are so many things that i am grateful for..
I still have my mum, who I love very much! Poor Stu doesn't have his Mum anymore...
My kids still have their dad, my dear niece & Nephew don't have their dad anymore..
I have a husband who loves me very much, where many people i love no longer have their husbands...
I have my health, Yes I am overweight, and i can use a few trips around the block, but essentially, I am healthy. I have dear friends that dont have that or are concerned about their health.

So in 2012..
You will see

Jodi's 365 Gratitude Challenge...
Everyday I will take a photo of something or someone I am grateful for,
or something have has bought a smile to my face, or made me feel good about myself
and I will share it with you here.

If you wish to join me, link in your blog in the comments and we can encourage each other.
But this is a personal journey..

Enjoy your New Year Celebrations.
For the first time in a long time, I wont spend NY on the couch! Yay!
We will see what Day 1's gratitude is?
Hopefully it wont be hangover related!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book Review - The Infernal Devices Book 2 Clockwork Prince

This is how I spent Christmas
Reading this book!
The original one is Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare....
Set in old time London
And its full of those mystical creatures I love so much
like Warewolves and Vampires
but its based on Tessa and her search for what she is!
Amaising Book
with a fantastic twist!!
This series is  a wonderful entertaining magical series...
Highly Recommended!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Scrapbook Nook Scrap n Chat - Lil' Primrose Kit

My New Scrapbook Shop
The Scrapbook Nook Scrap n Chat
Now has some Kits in store
and available for purchase online....

This is the second one for the month
Lil' Primrose..

It Contains:
Die Cut Paper - Fabulous
Double Sided Papers - Summer Bonnet, Fancy Dress, Proper, Hand Me Downs, Frock, High Tea
Sticker Sheets - Princess, Diva
Paper Pad
Die Cut Collectables
Rub Ons
Paper Blooms - Dusty Pink, Olive
Rhinestones - Silver
Also included is the Kaisercraft Workshop Magazine containing heaps of inspiration
and also the ENewsletter which has a hint by Me!

Here is a piccie...
The photo shows both sides of the papers, but only one paper of each is included.

Full Retail is:$59.95
But purchase the kit at 10% at $54.
Plus Postage...

  If you wish to purchase a second sheet of papers, or other matching paper blooms or acetate flowers,
just email me and i can include those at an extra 15% of retail.

Here is a bird cage I made using this range.
I have the traditional Birdcage in the shop of $28.70
Or you can purchase this Oriental one for $39.95

Here are some layouts done with this collection...
"First Cuddles"

"Not So Prince Charming!"

Email me at
or ring the shop on 0267421566
Bankcard Facilities are available...

The Scrapbook Nook Scrap n Chat - Kaisercraft Kits for sale.....

My New Scrapbook Shop
The Scrapbook Nook Scrap n Chat
Now has some Kits in store
and available for purchase online....

The first one is the 
Hummingbird Collection....
Containing One Sheet each of:
DieCut Sheet - Flora
Double Sided Sheets - Nest, Flight, Avery, Flower, Nectar, Feather
Foil Speciality Paper - Flutter
Sticker Sheet 
Paper Pad
Rub Ons
Die Cut Shapes Collectables
Paper Blooms - Iceburg, Buttercream
Rhinestones - Sliver...
Also included is heaps of inspiration for these lines in the Kaiser Workshop Magazine and the Kaisercraft ENewsletter which features a quick tip by Me!

Here is a piccie...
The photo shows both sides of the papers, but only one paper of each is included.

Full Retail is:$55.98
But purchase the kit at 10% at $50.
Plus Postage...

 If you wish to purchase a second sheet of papers, or other matching paper blooms or acetate flowers,
just email me and i can include those at an extra 15% of retail.

Here is a gorgeous little cabinet i made from this range...
Available for sale at my shop or for online purchase at just $39.95

Email me at
or ring the shop on 0267421566
Bankcard Facilities are available...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kaisercraft Creations...

Kaisercraft always surprises me with how gorgeous their ranges are every month!!!
This range....
Sweet Nothings
is so adorable!!!

I made this tiny shadow box....

"Because of you I Believe in Myself..."

"I wish you Peace" Card

"Sweet Kisses" Layout

(This range is in Stock at my Scrapbook Shop
41 Chandos Street, Gunnedah)

On the Go Collection

"Racing Into A Roaring Birthday" Card

And these totally Sweet
Mini Box Chest...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Kaisercraft New Realse - On The Move

The New KaiserCraft range...
On The Move
is available now....

Its a really great collection, with fabulous colours!!
So multipurpose!!

This is what i have done for my layout....

See the Kaisercraft Blog for more creations....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kaisercraft Core Product Feature - Resin Flowers


If you haven't had a chance to play with these yet, you don't know what you are missing!!!
And if you need some,
I have them available at my shop - The Scrapbook Nook!

See here for the other creations using Resin Flowers..

But here is mine..

Pride & Joy

KaiserCraft Saturday Sketches - #1 Decemeber

Its my turn today to bring to you the Kaisercraft
Saturday Sketch....
You can see the sketch on the Kaisercraft Blog here
And here is my take on it...

A Brand New Addition....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Gingerscrapstreet Article - Its Not Easy Being Green

This is my final article for Gingerscrapstreet Magazine...
I was due to write an article for December, but due to a breakdown in communication, it didn't happen.
It was fun on this team, I enjoyed exercising the creative thinking part of my brain and putting my personality on paper.
Thank you to Dora and the crew at Gingerscrapstreet for having me on the team for the last 12 months! Was totally fun!

It’s Not Easy Being Green
Jodi Dolbel
“It’s not easy being Green; having to spend each day the colour of the leaves. When I think it could be nicer being red, or yellow or gold or something much more colourful like that. It's not easy being green; it seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things, and people tend to pass you over 'cause you're not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water or stars in the sky. But green's the colour of Spring, and green can be cool and friendly-like and green can be big like an ocean, or important like a mountain, or tall like a tree. When green is all there is to be it could make you wonder why, but why wonder why wonder, I am green and it'll do fine, it's beautiful and I think it's what I want to be.”
If you grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, you would recall this song from “The Muppets” by Kermit the Frog.

Okke by Nanette van der Veen
Digital Supplies: Element: With a Russian-Dutch Heart, A splash in the Pond, (, Software: Photoshop Elements 6, Fonts: Stacey’s Scraps, A little Fruity, Font: lucida handwriting.
Journaling: My son Okke, welcome to the world, August 1, 2011.

Discover Nature by Heather Hines
Digital Supplies: Kit: In My Backyard Value Collection by Elizabeth Weaver (digitalscrapbookplace), Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Fonts: Rat Infested Mailbox.
Design Notes: The photo matched the products so well that all I had to do is add the elements directly to the photo to create this fantasy scene.
Journaling: Connor August 2001  

Elina By Ulla-May Berndtsson
Digital Supplies: Kit: In Your Face Collection by Dawn Inskip (Scrapbookgraphics), Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Fonts: Typewriter- Font Royal (200).
Journaling: Lilleby July 10th, 2006.

I can still see Kermit sitting in his pond on his lily pad singing this song. It describes Green perfectly. I sometimes wonder if it’s because of Kermit’s song, that green is my all time favourite colour. I wonder if in my child’s mind I thought “I will love Green too Kermit, so you’re not alone”.
How can one not love Green though? When I think of Green, I think of spring and all the new fresh green sprouts shooting through, I think of lovely fresh Granny Smith Apples or a beautiful big green lawn where it just invites you to relax and unwind with drinks and canap├ęs . Green smells fresh; the smell of freshly cut lawn to me is Green and reminds me of summer days spent cooling down under the sprinkler.

Flower Girl by Heather Prins
Digital Supplies: Element: Renewed Spirit - Agnes Biro/Yellow Butterfly Collab, Software: CS5, Fonts: Handwriting Dakota, Halo Handletter.
Design Notes: I loved layering all the different stamps (I used 4)! The lace was a perfect compliment to the kit and having it just peek out from under my photos made me smile. I recoloured the butterfly to better suit my photos and the glittered hearts finished the whole look off.
Journaling: Chloe in her element- a field full of flowers! She loves to collect flowers in the lot across the street.

Mallory & Reagan by Jill Dinkel
Digital Supplies: Element: Boho Chic by Kristin Cronin-Barrow (Sweet Shoppe Designs)’ Go Large template by Misty Cato (Sweet Shoppe Designs), Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Fonts: AdineKirnberg-Script.
Journaling: Mallory & Reagan June 2011.

Summer in Branson by Susan Thormahlen
Digital Supplies: Kit: HunnyBee Designs Watermelon Papers, Elements by Scrapbookgraphics, Creative Memories and HunnyBee Designs, Software: Storybook Creator 3.0 by Creative Memories.
Design Notes: When creating this page I was designing a layout for a How Much is too Much challenge being hosted by Two Peas in a Bucket. I am fairly new to digital scrapbooking and only started doing digital since January. I do go online and check out other layouts for inspiration. I also have found that you can pretty much do the same layouts whether they are paper (traditional) or digital. It seems to take me about the same amount of time because I'm very picky about how everything looks.
Journaling: When I took this picture while in Branson on vacation I didn't realize that a butterfly the same color as the flower was in the centre.

Green is also a great colour for scrapping. I know when I was searching for layouts, more than any other colour, it was Green that jumped out off the page at me. Maybe it was just because it is my favourite colour? But when perusing layouts in the galleries I felt refreshed and content looking at Green. How can a colour trigger those kinds of emotions just by looking at it? With that thought it mind, I went in search for the “meaning of Green” and this is what I found.
“Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is also commonly associated with money. Green has great healing power. It is the most restful color for the human eye; it can improve vision. Green suggests stability and endurance. Sometimes green denotes lack of experience; for example, a 'greenhorn' is a novice. In heraldry, green indicates growth and hope. Green, as opposed to red, means safety; it is the color of free passage in road traffic.” (
Isn’t that interesting? That explains it then. I think we should all look at Green everyday and we will feel better for the exercise!

4th Grade Picnic by Jennifer Schmitt
Digital Supplies: Kit: Playful by Jennifer Schmitt (Sunshine Studio Scraps) and East Meets West Templates by Chrissy W. (Two Peas In A Bucket), Software: Photoshop 7, Fonts: Pea Katie.
Journaling: Kyle and Mr. King at the 4th grade class picnic. Enjoying the last few days of school.

Love Music by Keela
Digital Supplies: Kit: Rainbow Joy Papers & Elements, Headphones and Musical Notes: iRock, Frame: Curled Frames by Miss Mint (Peppermint Creative), Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Fonts: A Truer Blue (kevinandamanda)
Design Notes: This layout was created for a font challenge (using the A Truer Blue). I used the elements from Miss Mint's kit to help form the 'saying'. As for the font, I typed out the words and then changed it to "overlay" on the Layers Palette.
Journaling: love music play it always sing loudly always be you.

Up, Up and Away by Melissa Cahill
Digital Supplies: Kit: License to Drive by Mandymade, Software: PSE 9.0.
Design Notes: Overlapping actions photos is a great way to create movement in your layout.

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