Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Celebrating the life of Marnie

We attended Marnie's sad memorial service
on Monday 22nd March at Lismore.
It was a beautiful service.
Stu and Jude wrote the eulogy
and planned it all.
Then it was back to Marnie and Jims place for the Wake.
We took advantage of everyone being together
for the first time in alot of years
and we also got some cute photos of the kids...
Theres only 5 grandkids from a family of three children.
Beth is the oldest and Emelis ins the youngest...
This them all being sweet!
I love this photo of the kids with Jim.
Despite the sadness of the day and the many tears shed,
Grandad really enjoyed his family around him
There were some beautiful floral tributes.
This is one i got from Ness and her family..
So thoughtful of her, thanks Ness.
It was beautiful
There was a 1.2metre long wreath of native floral
So beautiful!!
I told Stu this is what i want too....
I loved these white things,
not the lilys, but the ones behind them..
Fluffy ones...
What are they called?
Despite the occasion and the sadness
how wonderful was it to be surrounded by

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Goat

Its been a long time since a decent post....
Things have been very hectic and stressful here at the moment.
We've had a huge few weeks
lots of emotion
and outpouring of tears..
But time will see things come together again...

So i just thought i would share some fun we had in Lismore
Next door to Stu's parents place
lives a goat and a miniature pony

Its a gorgeous spot
Up on Richmond Hill between Lismore and Ballina

The pony was having an outing somewhere this trip,
so the kids only has the goat to amuse them..
Here he is...
We have no idea what his name is
But the kids enjoyed watching him....
I have no idea what Joshua was finding so interesting???
They were watching him scratch
and climb the tree
Its funny what kids resort to for entertainment when the internet is removed from them...
Personally, I cleaned!!!
And not my house either!!!
My house is a total disaster, but we wont talk about that!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Im Back

It seems im never home lately!!!
And i have another big weekend coming up...
this one is for work though!!!
But here is what we did all weekend!!!
Quiet successful!
That big red ribbon at the top
is a Runner Up
for the highest point score
in the Greg Swain Jumping Day
at Manilla.....

Will share a HUGE catchup post soon

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Huge Leeanne Pearce Giveaway!!!

I love Leeanne's Stuff
I've already purchased from her Etzy Store...
If you would like to win some of her awesome custom
made bits and pieces
go check this out here

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Photo Tribute to Marnee RIP

Ethel Margaret Hanna Dolbel
passed away this morning.
18th March 2010
Beloved Mother of Stu and Marnee to Josh & Emelia
She has struggled with her health for a long time now
and it really did effect her quality of life.

Marnee had a very full life with lots of experiences.
She was a very successful and demanded knitter.
She made the most beautiful pure wool jumpers
worn by a few famous people too
Like Molly Meldrum
He wore an Aussie designed jumper
that Marnee sent him on his show.....
She grew up in a large family
and worked as a teacher and a nanny.
She met Jim, and they fell inlove and married.
Jim worked as a share farmer out near Moree
for many years. A very lonely life.
But Marnee passed the time with her young son Trevor
Then eventually Judith came along
followed by Stu who snuck up on them....
She is survived by
Husband Jim
Children Jude & Stu
Grandchildren Bethany, Hanna, Joshua, Sam & Emelia
As well as Daughter in Laws
Kerry & Jodi
She loved being surrounded by her family
and sharing in yarns about the past
and dreams for her grandkids.
She will be very sadly missed.
But we hope she is now resting with Trevor and her babies.
R.I.P Marnee XXX

ScrapTherapy Cybercrop Starts Friday!!

Yay, its that time again!!!!
I love cybercrop time......
So Pop into Scrap Therapy and regsiter for the Cybercrop
Chatting starts at 8pm NSW Time
and the Blind Challenge run by Lisa starts at 8.30!!
Always such fun!!!
Come and join us

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A2Z Scraplets - New Releases for March

It was a big month for New Releases
during March...
Here are the contributions i made:

Bird and Nest
There is also a scraplet scroll on the bottom left
"Daughter of Mine"

Book Review - Fallen By Lauren Kate

First we had the vampires......
Vampire Academy
True Blood
House of Night....

Then Warewolves....
New Moon

Now we have Fallen Angels
This book is fascinating!!
The heroine of this book is Luce
and through circumstances ends up at a reform school
where she meets Daniel and Cam
She feels she knows Daniel,
but shes never met him before....
or has she...
Its a wonderful entertaining read and i so cant wait for the
next instalment in September "Torment"

Go out and buy one now if you loved all those
other fantasy, sexy, hot hero type books!!! hehe

Monday, March 15, 2010

I heart Faces - Week 11 "All Bundled Up" Photo Challenge

This weeks challenge is
"All Bundled Up"
This is a photo from the drags last year.
Stu, Emelia and the Buell....
Go check out the other fun entries here

Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthday Re Run..................

I had my birthday again today....
Because i had to cancel on Wednesday, due to my missing tooth
Brenda and I met today for Breakie
Poor Jack has to work :(
(Work ruins a good social life!!)

So here we are... Just Me and Brenda
It was lovely though
We saw some crepes being dished up last week and looked divine!
So guess what we ordered??
With strawberry's, banana and sauce
Jack & Brenda so spoiled me...
As i mentioned in a previous post,
Jack got me a fondu fountain, some smellies
and lovely flowers....
And Brenda bought me the gorgeous friendship Angel!!
So all in all, ive had a lovely couple of birthdays!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Scrap Therapy - Inspired by Lizzy Week 1

Scrap Therapy has a Weekly challenge by one of the forum members Amy.
We are being inspired by
Lizzy's Weekly Challenges.

This challenge was about being inspired by an Outfit.
So when i took this photo, i thought this was the perfect challenge to suit this photo.
Emelia is wearing her Deb dress and i was inspired by the dress.

"Taffeta & Tulle"

Ive used the lace punch for the skirt layers
tulle, obviously for tulle
the prima crystal vine for the crystals on the dress
and used white with bits of gold tattered angels spray as there is gold thread on the bodice.

Eclipse Teaser

Found this on Bridge's site, so i stole it!! lol


Look what turned up today!!!!
My PRIMA prize!!
There is heaps of stuff in here ive never seen before!!!
I cant wait to start using them!!
Thanks so much PRIMA!! Yay
And some new editions to the family!!
I bought these guys from Brenda!!
She makes the totally BEST little creatures!!!
This one is for Emelia
It is her Wisdom Owl and looks over her test
to impart knowledge when she is
doing her homework!!!
This one was going to be Solo's
But she is too gorgeous!!
Love her red beakstick!!!!
She looks over me and imparts her wisdom to me...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

21 Today.............................x 2

Today i turned 21...... x 2

This is me last year.....
This is me today.......
(You can now start to see that i am finally loosing weight!! Yay)
The day started out with an 8.15am Doctors Appointment
They removed my tooth....
Very sad :(

I now have this mouth guard thing with a tooth in it for the next
four months...
And talk about bleed!! Omg!!
I didn't stop until about 2.00pm.
I had three doses on Panadine Forte!!
Had to have a sleep
and had to cancel my lunch with Brenda and Jack...
So i think we are going to do my birthday on Friday
when i am feeling more socialable!! lol

Stu handed me my lovely gift at like 6.00am!!
He bought me this gorgeous pendant!!
And Mum got me the hearts charms...
Totally adorable!!
As Stu & Emelia were attending TAFE
Josh & I had take away pasta for tea from
Wild Orchards and it was so Yummy!!!
Then we topped it off with some birthday cake!

Josh sung me happy Birthday when i blew out the candle!!
Jack bought me down some adorable flowers
and a awesome chocolate fondu fountain!!
Hmmm, gonna takle that one!
With some beautifully smellies
and her daughter Luce made me a lovely card!!

Got heaps of txts from my wonderful friends
so all in all it wasn't too bad a day really....

Thanks to everyone for all the messages Mwah!

And the winner is............................

Debbie Lawrence said...

Hi Jodi, a big congrats on the win. Lucky You!!!!!! And so generous as well, of course I would love to win your bottle of goodies -

Deb xx

Thanks everyone for playing!!
Hope you enjoy all your new flowers Deb.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fare the Well my front tooth............

You know how when we get pregnant,
some woman have teeth problems??
Well, Im one of those woman.
When i fell pregnant with Joshua
I got a huge abscess on my front tooth
overnight my face just swelled up like a balloon!!!
Was so scary!
Anyway, i went to the dentist
(who was this half wit import)
and he didn't even know what to do, sent me home...
So in the years past then, i have has a growth on the front of my gum
that varies in sizes.
After i had Emelia, the tooth was starting the change colour
and then eventually died.
So the dentist ended up doing root canal surgery
and pulled the nerve out (Or whatever it is they do)
packed up the root with this stuff and bobs your uncle.
Then for some reason, the tooth just cracked in half
right down the middle.
So the tooth had to be removed,
(The roots remained)
And i now have a full crown.
Now the whole in the root that the post goes into is
failing. I've had it re-glued like 6 times over the past couple pf years and 4 times in the last 6 months.
So its time for it to go and i have to have an implant.
Thats where they surgically implant a titanium post into your jaw
and they screw a tooth onto it.
Its a process that takes about 4 months.
Today i had a fitting for a temporary denture..
And tomorrow, the whole thing gets removed!!!
Im a bit scared, but also really really sad.
Im so fanatical about my teeth
I've had some really shoddy dentists over the times
and i don't have many teeth left.
So i treasure the ones i do have.

So in commemoration of my tooth
i had my own little ceremony.....

So here i am
the last photo with my front tooth
And then a commemorative balloon release
There they go.......
Goodbye tooth...
So tomorrow, i am spending the morning
strapped to a dentist chair.
I've been told to bring a book, so im expecting the process will take a while..
What a great birthday present!!!

Week 10 - I Heart Faces "Jump for Joy" Photo Challenge

This week at
we are jumping for joy!!!

Now I know technically, this really isn't what they are looking for....
But its the best i have!!!
Besides, they really are both jumping for joy!!
They are having a great time!!
Go check out the other joyous faces!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Weekend of Scrapping.....

Seeing as my events planned for both
Saturday and Sunday were cancelled
I ended up doing a heap of challenges
over the weekend.....

This one was a challenge
(That i actually failed as i forgot one item!!! Ahh)
I had to:
Use 2 photos,
The word Groovy in the title
Stamps on transparency (Which i forgot)
Bright Colours

"Feelin Groovy"
That sexy chick is me!!! lol

This one was a sketch challenge
"Over the fence"
This one was a mystery challenge!!!
Haha, im so bad at these and mine is nothing like the others!!!
"Im too sexy"
The person in the sexy shorts is me!!!
This is a monthly challenge
Its the Journalling Challenge...
But also, using embossing and going green
I have embossed some scrolls on the left
and have re-used Prima Packaging
And journalled around the outside
The Debutante is me!!
This is the monthly sketch challenge
But also using the goring green
and embossing.
I have embossed the title and some swirls
and used cardboard as the matting.
Try getting over the ScrapTherapy this month and doing some challenges...
There are some great prizes!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Challenge Release This Weekend at Scrap Therapy

This month at Scrap Therapy
the theme is
Going Green
and the technique is

So with that in mind
Scrap Therapy released their
Monthly Challenges on Friday night.
This month, i am doing the colour challenges
And these are the colours

Here is my layout
I have used lots of different types of embossing....
Stamped and embossed the edge of the cardstock
Embossed the plasterers Mesh behind the photos
and also embossed the lettering.
In line with the going green
I have recycled the old phone book
to make these layers paper flowers.
For more information on techniques
or to participate in the challenge
visit here
Load into the gallery by the due date to be in the running to win a voucher.
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