Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Goat

Its been a long time since a decent post....
Things have been very hectic and stressful here at the moment.
We've had a huge few weeks
lots of emotion
and outpouring of tears..
But time will see things come together again...

So i just thought i would share some fun we had in Lismore
Next door to Stu's parents place
lives a goat and a miniature pony

Its a gorgeous spot
Up on Richmond Hill between Lismore and Ballina

The pony was having an outing somewhere this trip,
so the kids only has the goat to amuse them..
Here he is...
We have no idea what his name is
But the kids enjoyed watching him....
I have no idea what Joshua was finding so interesting???
They were watching him scratch
and climb the tree
Its funny what kids resort to for entertainment when the internet is removed from them...
Personally, I cleaned!!!
And not my house either!!!
My house is a total disaster, but we wont talk about that!!

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