Saturday, February 27, 2010

Primas Big Secret!!!

Any Big Secret that Prims has,
has me very interested!!!
And by being curious, it can win you this!!!!!
Pop over to their blog for your chance at the stash
see here
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Friday, February 26, 2010

ACDC!!!!!! Blew my head off!!!

Thanks to one of Stus mates,Add Image
we found ourselves on the way to Brisbane yesterday'
to see ACDC

We had sorta resigned ourselves to the fact that we wouldn't get there
and then out of the blue Sty gets this amaising phone call
offering tickets!!
And great seats too!!!
No one was infront of us and we get clear views all night!!!
Here we are ready to go...
Had no idea what to wear!!
As you can see............
He got lots of favourable comments...
I got some great photots...
I took 560 and most of them turned out really well!!
So love my new camera and the non shake lens!!
I set it to sport, and didn't use the flash..
They had some great staging
But i was so impressed with Angus!
This guy is 53 years old and total inspiration!!
The man didn't stop the whole night!!
All the crowd had those red light devil horns!!!
And looked great through the mosh pit!!
Angus's Solo fanalie
We worked out there was about 45 thousand people there...
When we turned up, the highway was blocked off....
there were so many people!!!
But of course, they are all arriving over the period of a few hours!
Leaving the place was very interesting!!
45000 people, all leaving via 2 gates!
With about 500 waiting buses!!
We were herded onto the buses with pot luck where we would end up!!
Thank goodness we ended up quite close to were we were staying,
but after studying the map at the bus terminal and then
walking in the exact opposite direction we needed to go......
Lets just say thank goodness Don hailed a Taxi!!
We might never have got home!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some More Layouts

Here are a couple of challenges I did yesterday..
The first is the
Monthly challenge.....
This layout features Emelia & I
when we are about the same age
and we look so similar!!!
Poor girl, shes goona look just like her Mum!!! lol

This layout
is based on the Pencillines Sketch 175
This is how desperate i am for photos...
Im now scrapping landscapes!!!!
But i do like how it turned out!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Layout for Me

I dont often get time anymore
to do a layout just for me
with product that i want to use
and themed the way i want to....

So last night i did this layout
using my new CHA Prima Yummies...
All for me!!

And its a layout of ME!!!!
"Baby Steps"

Become a Fan of Scrap Therapy on Facebook and Win $100 RAK

So you want $100 worth of yummies
delivered to your door
courtesy of
Scrap Therapy!!!!

Its easy!!
Become a Facebook Fan

Simply become a fan
before Friday
and if the fan tally reaches 300...
Someone is going to be $100 worth of scrap product

Also, make sure your friends join too.
There has to be 300 fans before Friday
for the $100 to go off!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Layout Share

Here is another layout
I forgot about...
Did this a while ago for a challenge...
This is my friend Lindi that i went to school with, and two of her adorable three daughters...

Scrap Therapy Challenge Showcase

I thought it might be time to share some layouts that i have done during the month for Scrap Therapy Challenges....
This month we are featuring the many benefits of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.
And i have to admit, ive never really been a big fan of these "Novelty" kind of techniques, but i have won myself over this month!!!
Its such a versatile product!!!
See here for glimmermist
(Theres not much in stock at the moment, but a huge shipment is on the way, so keep an eye out!!)

This layout i have simply sprayed
Ink Potion #9 on the layout first,
(This stopped the Glimmermist from wrinkling up the paper, keeping it flat. If you dont use it, the page curls up and wont sit properly)
Then sprayed a light mist over the white section in the centre just to take the starkness of it.

"A Boys Story"
With this layout, i have used the glimmermist like paint, and just painted it on the clouds, aeroplane and the boat to make them sparkle a bit.
These layouts are for the
Scrap Therapy Cybercrop we have had this weekend
See here for the challenges
"5 Things"
This layout was the Theme Challenge.
This months theme is "What We Love"
and we had to name 5 things we love.
Ive used glimmer mist to colour change the white flowers
and also sprayed on the paper doiley.
This was the Inspirational Challenge
set by Me.
We had to gain inspiration from a photo
and scrap about a new addition to the family.
"An Angel is born to us"
I really love this layout.
I have also used glimmermist to colour change the lace at the base.

A Movie Weekend

Everyone in the family was off doing their own thing this weekend, and i was home alone... The scrapping bug just hadnt bit me, and i was so bored!!! I went and talked to the horses, but they didnt have much in the way of conversation happening, so i decided to head to the movies to see a couple of films that i had been pestering numerous family members to see with me.. But alas, i went alone....

The first was
"Its Complicated"
This movie was laugh and snort out loud hilarious!!!
Im usually not a huge fan of Alex Baldwin, i think he is a bit of a sleeze, and he totally is in this movie too, but so funny!!!
The guy behind me was cacking himself laughing!!
There is no sudject of grounds...
Including the "Your vagina will close up if you don't have sex" myth!!
If you want a good belly laugh, go and see this!!!
Meryl Streep is so loveable in this movie too!

Then i hung around and saw
"The lovely Bones"
I read some reviews and with most book to film movies, its always very controversial. Some reviews people loved it, some thought it was lacking...
I enjoyed it, but alot of the emotion in the book wasnt in the movie. And to tell you the truth, i kinda didnt even shed a tear and i totally expected to ball my eyes out!!!
But, I think each person sees things differently, maybe if i was in a different frame of mind it would have been better.

The Tooth Fairy!!
Emelia and i went to see this today....
What a cute movie!!
The scorpion king plays really good kids movies!!!
Funny, sweet and it has a moral to it like all good kids movies!!
Dont try to destroy peoples dreams!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

See Me in Hardcover......

Theres been alot of talk lately about turning your blog into print
after trying a few programs
and finding them so difficult,
I finally found an easy one that only takes a few minutes
and then in little under a month
you get
My first Blog Book!!!!

Its going to take quiet a few editions to get my whole blog in print,
as i have so many photos...
but next time i think i will go through and just delete some of the less important photos.
This one cost about $80 AUS landed.
I know it seams like alot
but I figure when i am 80 years old and reading my life in hardcover
i wont be thinking about the $80,
i will be thanking myself for recording this information for me and my family....
See, its just like a real book!!!
Here is a link to the print2blog place

Prima Giveaway!!!! New Product Pick

How great would it be to win this fist full of prima!!!
stop here and find out how

Pick me Pick me!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Scrap Therapy Cybercrop.. Surprise Challenge

The Cybercrop started tonight
we have done the Blind Challenge,
but the instructions are still up if you want to give it ago...

But Lee-Anne has issued a surprise challenge
the person that raises their post numbers the most over the weekend will win a prize!!
How easy is that!!
I tell you there are some funny posts in there already!!!
Lots of talking to ones self going on...
But its all good
Come in and join the fun!!!!

Blog Giveaway

Natalie over at Scrap Doctor
has a great lighting giveaway going..
I love this tiffany lamp. it would look great in my lounge room!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scraptherapy Cybercrop Friday 8.00pm start NSW Time

IM hosting the blind scrap
starts 8.30pm NSW time....

Here is my childhood happy place, for those that need it today....

Its funny how songs can have such a huge impact in our lives....
This one had a massive impact on me.
The thought that i might be able to find some place better than the place i was when i was young was the answer i was looking for....
All i needed was some encouragement from Kermit to help me find it..
I will always be grateful for this song...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A2Z Scraplets - February Releases Part 2

Here is another new Scraplet

There are some great new scraplets
check them out here

Excellent Twilight Video.. for all those husbands out there.

This video is excellent
I found it on Scrappin Bridge's blog
Her husband found it and put it on her facebook!!
So funny yet so true....

A2Z Scraplets - February Releases Part 1

A 2 Z Scraplets have released
some awesome new designs this month..
So many infact, that the release is in two parts.
Here are my layouts for part 1!!

"Josh Turns 19"

the New Scraplets "Tag Word Set" has been used. This set consists of 3 engraved "Tags" with the words "Celebrate", Good Times" & "Friends" ...

(also used Number Corner 2) ...

And this one
"Best Friends"
features the new scraplets Word
Best Friends with the arrow
Go check out all the other new releases here

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ACDC Next Wednesday!!!!

Stu and I are off to Brisbane on Thursday to see
ACDC Black Ice Tour!!!
Im so looking forward to it!!
Stu will be Stus first ever real rock concert!!!
Cant wait!!
I dont know anything about the details, where we are staying or how we are getting there.... apparently someone else is taking care of all that
and hasn't yet shared the details or the cost!!!

Cant WAIT!!

Valentines Day Post.....

My Valentines day is spent blowing up these...
But as it was a Sunday this year, i only
worked til about 11am after a 6am start!
So it wasn't too bad!!

I gave Stu these guys..
He sent me a txt saying
Me and my friends wish you happy Valentines day...
Awww... Cute!!
And Sunday is a free day on my new eating plan...
and i lashed out!!
After two weeks of no cakes, bikkies, sweeties, chocolate and very limited fruit,
I had fruit and pancakes for breakie
and a sandwich for lunch
and chineese for tea
and topped up on these!!!
And guess what?
I still lost a kilo!!

I've died and gone to heaven!!!

Look what turned up in the mail today!!
CHA Prima!!!!
Its so nice...
If you rub it against your skin it makes you feel special!!!! lol
All glittery and shiny!!!

So preddy!!!
Cant wait to scrap it now!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Heart Faces Week 7 - "I Wanna Dance" Photo Challenge

I dont really have the photos to "compete"
(not that i am ever a competitor!!)
this week as there really arn't any decent
photos that i have taken about this topic.

But I do have photos......
So I shall share as they are so hilarious!!!

100 years ago, when i had my 40th birthday
my dear friend Kaysie was asked to be the resident photographer!!
She did a brilliant job
and got some awesome and embarrassing photos!!
Let me share a few!!!

We had a jukebox
and everyone was getting up having a sing..
every singer need groupies!!!

So here we are:
I so LOVE this photo of Brenda!
I don't think i have ever seen her laugh so hard before or after!

And the fun continues....
We all get into the jive.....
And then the piggy tale has a mind of its own!!!
Brenda looks a bit bored by it all now though...
This was the total best party!!
Cant wait for my 50th now!!!

If you want to see more great dancing photos
have a look here

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Prima BAP Challenge - February

I love PRIMA!!!
Here is my Build A Page for February!!!
Pulled some old papers and embellies out here.
Im trying not to buy any more until the CHA stuff hits the shelves!!!


Happy Valentines Day
This is what i have been doing today....
Blowing up Valentines Day Balloons..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Julie & Julia - DVD Review

I just finished watching this DVD
I wasn't too keen on it, i thought it might be dull
but it was such a feel good enjoyable movie
and both ladies were so believable
and so loveable!!!
Great viewing!
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