Saturday, February 20, 2010

See Me in Hardcover......

Theres been alot of talk lately about turning your blog into print
after trying a few programs
and finding them so difficult,
I finally found an easy one that only takes a few minutes
and then in little under a month
you get
My first Blog Book!!!!

Its going to take quiet a few editions to get my whole blog in print,
as i have so many photos...
but next time i think i will go through and just delete some of the less important photos.
This one cost about $80 AUS landed.
I know it seams like alot
but I figure when i am 80 years old and reading my life in hardcover
i wont be thinking about the $80,
i will be thanking myself for recording this information for me and my family....
See, its just like a real book!!!
Here is a link to the print2blog place


passion4pink said...

wow Jodi, love this idea!!

aussiescrapper said...

Wow this is fantastic, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Love it, looks just like a book alright, wow......

Melissa said...

How Cool cool cool is that Jodi, will definitely be keeping that in mind for the future.Love how yours turned out.

Joanne said...

Thats a good idea love how it turned out.

mandysea said...

Lordy lordy!!
THis is SOOOO a must have!!

I'm in awe of this idea!!!


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