Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Updates on the Waterways Wildlife Park Issues

The following is my personal view.
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Updates on the Waterways Wildlife Park Issue
Here is a link to the Prime News Report
Other information has been coming out since about this issue and evidence is gathering that it was all about the TV show Animal Rescue rather than the uncared for animals in the park.
Apparently the original anonymous tip off was about the condition of the Dingos. The RSPCA went out to inspect them, and made their findings known to the park owners.
The park owners acted on the advice from the RSPCA.
When the RSPCA returned several days later with a film crew to further inspect the Dingo, the situation with the Dingos was null and void as the owners had addressed it.
Therefore they were out there with a film crew all the way from the City and no story.
My personal opinion is that they made a story up regardless of the situation.

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phillipa said...

What a horrible thing to do to these people who spend their time caring for these animals!!


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