Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ACDC Next Wednesday!!!!

Stu and I are off to Brisbane on Thursday to see
ACDC Black Ice Tour!!!
Im so looking forward to it!!
Stu will be Stus first ever real rock concert!!!
Cant wait!!
I dont know anything about the details, where we are staying or how we are getting there.... apparently someone else is taking care of all that
and hasn't yet shared the details or the cost!!!

Cant WAIT!!


lindy said...

how exciting for you both, bet that brings back some memories

aussiescrapper said...

Wow how wonderful, I love AC/DC and remembeber concerts before my little man was born 3 years ago. I hope you totally enjoy, You shook me all night long, wow that brings back memories you are about to enjoy........Love Melxxx

passion4pink said...

sounds like fantastic night, good on ya's have some fun for me too!!
Thanks for the kind thoughts by the way,helps more than you know

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