Friday, February 26, 2010

ACDC!!!!!! Blew my head off!!!

Thanks to one of Stus mates,Add Image
we found ourselves on the way to Brisbane yesterday'
to see ACDC

We had sorta resigned ourselves to the fact that we wouldn't get there
and then out of the blue Sty gets this amaising phone call
offering tickets!!
And great seats too!!!
No one was infront of us and we get clear views all night!!!
Here we are ready to go...
Had no idea what to wear!!
As you can see............
He got lots of favourable comments...
I got some great photots...
I took 560 and most of them turned out really well!!
So love my new camera and the non shake lens!!
I set it to sport, and didn't use the flash..
They had some great staging
But i was so impressed with Angus!
This guy is 53 years old and total inspiration!!
The man didn't stop the whole night!!
All the crowd had those red light devil horns!!!
And looked great through the mosh pit!!
Angus's Solo fanalie
We worked out there was about 45 thousand people there...
When we turned up, the highway was blocked off....
there were so many people!!!
But of course, they are all arriving over the period of a few hours!
Leaving the place was very interesting!!
45000 people, all leaving via 2 gates!
With about 500 waiting buses!!
We were herded onto the buses with pot luck where we would end up!!
Thank goodness we ended up quite close to were we were staying,
but after studying the map at the bus terminal and then
walking in the exact opposite direction we needed to go......
Lets just say thank goodness Don hailed a Taxi!!
We might never have got home!!!


lindy said...

what awesome photos Jodes,heard it was a great show

passion4pink said...

Fantastic show, everyone talking about it!!!Great photos yet again!!
I awarded you an award if would like to pop on over and pick it up
cheers vicki

Brenda said...

You deserve an award or 2!! so pop on over and collect it.

phillipa said...

Glad you had such an amazing time!
They said on the radio you could hear the music up to 10kms away!!!

Moonie said...

So it was a tad better than Whitney girl I take it? lol...
Love your blog... very beautiful x

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