Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 133 - Wedding time again!!

Doing wedding preparation yesterday and today...

Here i am with a sign i have done up for one bride...

This is a gorgeous bouquet that will have blue heart balloons added for a christening

Dont know what this wierd stuff is in the shiny bush.... all white and fluffy like snow. Ive been wanting to get a photo of it for a while now... Anyone know what it is??

Day 132 - Jacarada TIme

The Jacarandas in Gunnedah this year are totally gorgeous!! Gunnedah has some lovely trees and looking from the lookout, you see purple patches everywhere.

We have a few jacarandas in our yard....

Here is me with one before my trip back to the hairdressers.....

And after my trip to the hairdressers.....

I know, you cant tell the difference - but i can and thats the most important thing!!! LOL

Here are some sample trees from our yard

Some from up the road.....

And the view from the lookout - where we walk to everyday by the way!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 131

Monday is cleaning day in my house.... no nothing was done at all!! But I do look forward to some scrapping tonight!!

I also have two weddings this weekend - so look out for some preview photos!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 130

My new hair-waiting for the phone call to return my hair to me.

Great colour - just not on this face!!

Scrapping with the stars

Scraptherapy is running this fun competition. I thought id give it ago.

The first challenge was to do a soely black and white layout. The only colour being the photos..... This is mine....

Im still really really even more so hating my hair!! i cant even look in the mirror as i get the shits!!! They have given me someones elses hair colour im sure of it!! I dont have mine this light!!!
Im not me in it.. Its like im wearing someone elses wig!!!

I'll upload a photo later...

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Are you sure you wish to proceed.......

Ok, ive given you ample warning.....



One of todays jobs was to do a kids party.... balloon twisting in my very hot satin clown suit!! Talk about sweat!! And i was out in the sun the whole time!!!!

Look at this!!! Return of the SLOGAN T-SHIRT!! Ime sure i have a photo somewhere of me wearing one back in the 1980s..... Scary.... Im doing a layout on this tonight!!!
Now, Im alse recording photos of my hair!! Im totally sure this is way lighter than i have had in the past!!!

I cried myself to sleep last night!!! I rang the hairdressers, but they are closed till Tuesday, but hopefully i will get in then to have it darkened a little!!! I totally hate it - its not me at all!!!

Now this photo, i was sure you guys would get a laugh out of. This is me doing a delivery this arvo!! The car is choka full so the balloons are also flowing into the front seat!!!

People see me driving around doing deliveries and get such a laugh!

Now this photo is just for fun... See the jasmine growing so nicely around the oliander.... if we wanted it to do this, we couldnt have got is so neat!!! LOL Dont you just love nature!!!

And we so nead smellablog!! The fragrance is amaising!!!

That was my saturday,,, busy busy... now time for me!!!
Seeya tomorra!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

New Hair Again!!! Day 128

Im discovering advantages everyday from this 365 day challenge...

You know how it is, when you ceom home from the hair dressers and you think.... they did it wrong.....

So I looked for my last new hair photo which is 118 days ago by the way!! LOL And doing the comparison - it looks pretty much the same!!! I thought this time is was way lighter.... But comparining it to last time - its the same - so im happy now. Just takes a bit to get used to it i suppose!!!

This time
Last time!!

Now for my other exciting news.

I uploaded by DT competition layouts last night!! Its done now - no turning back!!! I feel sick about it!! Is my stuff good enough?? I get constant reject letters from the big 3!!! But gotta be in it I suppose!!

Wish me luck

Go to cyberscraps gallery to have a look at my layouts.. Go to cyberscraps forum for an explanation of the OTP album

Wish me luck!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sneek Peak

This was going to be the final layout for the dt challenge at cybrscraps.... but i dont know now......

They say that it has to be your own style..l. which this is at the moment!!! This is the kinda stuff i scrap - its not cute kids.....its my life!! What if my life isnt exciting enough for a dt position!!! :(

I dont know now.....

I should just load them all up and forget about it!! If it happens it happens and if it dont, it dont!!!


Well, Stu did warn me yesterday that we wouldnt be walking this morning as there would be storms.... yeh yeh - whatever you say!!! LOL

But guess what sound we woke up to......... yes...... THUNDER!!!!!! How exciting!!! And it bought with it some RAIN!!!!

So, its been storming all day. Just small storms and not dropping too much rain - but its so frech and gorgeous!!!

Here i am out enjoying it!!

This is what we woke up to:

And look at that beautiful rain..... the rain... not the green pond!! LOL Theres 100s of fish in there somewhere. Its started of at two pet gold fish!!

And now enjoy those lovely rain drops.....

There was also more pink ribbon day morning teas today.
Mum and i had such a pleasant morning sitting outside in the fresh air!! The host put on some lovely food and raised over $300 which is wonderful!!! Thanks for a wonderful morning!!!

Here are the balloons i took down to brighten the place up. Look at those insider balloons....... And the flowers with the white stamins..... Ignore the messy room behind them......

So that was my day!! Hope yours was full of beautiful rain too....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 126 - A girls day out

Emelia and I had a lovely girls day out today in Tamworth.
We had lunch at Bicentenial Park with the ducks.... so cute.

This fountain is lovely. I missed a great shot when the maintenance dude put some cleaner in the water which sent it blue and all the spurts were blue too. But only for a little while and i missed it!!

See the cute little duckies!!

And the enquisitive big duckies!!

And thats my lovely day......
Seeya tomorra

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Its pink ribbon week this week. There are several functions planned. Three of which i am going to try to attend. the first one is a breakfast tomorrow morning. I'll ahve to go in my gym gear though!! How embarrasing!! But better to arrive like that than not at all!!!

So many people are effected by Breast Cancer!! If i got it i dont know who would suffer most, me or my husband!!! LOL

But its a great cause and all women should give all they can to research into this devastating disease!!!

So being Pink Ribbon week, I thought Id wear pink for a change LOL!! here i am infornt of my favorite tree at the moment!! This is day 125!!

We have two of these trees flowering now and they are totally gorgeous! We call them the fluffy flower trees!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sissy Time Again!!!

OMG!!!! My monthy Sissy pack arrived today and Im so excited. Its all totally so cute!!! I cant wait to find some appropriate photos!!!

And do you know the really sad thing... See that little bag at the front with the gold hearts and white and pink things..... They are the best bit!! They are the chocies and candy almonds that Michelle puts in for us!!! Yummo!! First thing to go every time!!!!

Wait to see what i do with these yummy papers and things.....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Boy, did we eat well again last night!!!

How excited was i to get a phone call from one of my bestest buds Jack, to come over their place for lamb shanks for tea!!!

Between you and Me,these are the hubbys fav food!!! So of course we were there!!! Craig is totally the best cook. And so great to watch while he cooks and serves up!! That in itself is entertaining enough - but then we actually get to EAT it!!!

Last night was no dissappointment either. SO totally Yummy!!

Heres Craig serving up!

And this is what we were FORCED to eat!! Hard work, but someone has to do it? The problem was, there was no time to chew, as as soon as you got the food in your mouth, it all melted away and there was no need to chew it!!! Very dissapointing.... NOT!!!

Great for those like me that dont have any teeth!!

Even the mashed potaote was perfect!!!
Then after that endulgence, we were forced to ea Jacks triffle!!! It tasted like Christmas!! It was so lovely!!!
Jack & Craig are the best hosts. You know how some people just know how to entertain...... thats what they are. I cant do the whole entertaingin thing. I get so bogged down in the feeding of everyone - i forget to have fun. SO I dont do it very often. Im thinking though, to be fair, maybe i could do a chineese takeaway night.. That could be fun!!!

DD joined us through the night when she finished work and started playing with my camera. I like this photo!!

Then when i got home, with a few drinks under the belt - I decided to play dressups!!!

Also yesterday, I was out admiring our gorgeous garden!!!
Look that these fluffy trees!! Dont know there real name!! LOL

These are the fluffy trees flowers - see they are fluffy!!!

This is our Chinese Jasmine Vine, so lovely in scent!!!
This is today photo - day 123!!!
Im stopping to smell the flowers!! LOL

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