Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day 112 - Teenage Sillyness

The really excellent thing about doing this 365 day challenge and loading it onto my blog, is that i am obligated everyday to document the activities of the day and take a photo!!!
What a better way to keep a diary for a whole year. Not only of me, but of my family tooo. Its excellent and its going to be so great for scrapbooking...

DD had her birthday last weekend, and although we did go out to tea, she wanted to have a sleepover which was put off until today...

Some of her friends couldnt come - but after what i saw of their sleeping arrangements - I think they were the lucky ones!!!

So the girls had to dp a photo shoot!!!

Look at my poor dd, shes the short or petite one in the middle!!!! LOL She cops it all the time about her height!!

Cool Man!! Very retro!!!
The final cj from chookscraps turned up.... Mine should be home very soon!!! This one is Frans and i loved it. It was about your family "roots". I loved her cover!!

I based my pages on my Nanna Job who was raised and tortured in a Sisters of Mercy Orpahage in Aubury. She bore the physical and emotional scares her entire life.... but she was such a wonderful, fun, giving lady and had so much laove to give after such a loveless childhood!! She was very special!!!
My photo for today, I shose to take infront of these gorgeous hot pink bottle brushed in what used to be our driveway - now the messy bin area!!! They are a lovely colour....

And the bees are busy doing their thing....


kerry said...

Jodi i so remember tis age like yesterday.Great photos and frans journal is great i love the old photos.

scrapwitch said...

love those HOT PINK bottle brush...devine


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