Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 117..... Colourful Day (In more ways than one!!)

Here i am day 117. Got an education today as to who has read my blog.....weird!! I didnt realise what i had to say was so interesting and cause so much concern.... Who knew!!!
So i will endevour to keep my posts very simple and not too opinionated, as you never know who is reading them!!
Funny, I always thought a personal blog was a forum to get an opionion across - thats the point of them. At the end of the day, what i have to say is just my opinions about my life and the impact cerain events are having on me emotionally. Its like a diary.... Very personal, for those friends that are interested in keeping in touch with me. For this purpose, the blog is perfect!! But at the end of the day, my opinions are just my opinions, they hold no weight, and are of no importance to anyone but myself!!
So if your reading my personal blog, and you my be offended by something about me, or a sitaution that i feel pationalty enough about to share it - or a sitaution that has hurt me enough I need to tell my firends about it... than please do not read it!! Click out of it.... just click the X in the right hand corner!!!
So, are you sure you wish to read on..... Its just personal stuff about me and some photos...... Ok, here we go then....
OK, this is just a simple picture of me on day 117 of the 365 day challenge... Its a challenge that i am participating in with a number of other scrapbookers and had no other importance than recording our lives on a day to day basis...

This photo has me holding onto a bunch of balloons that were blown up for a gorgeous lady - whom i took a great deal of pleasure in delivering them to...

This is just a full photo of that bunch.... Its lovely isnt it.... Please if you are offended by the mess in this photo behind the balloons, than dont look!!! LOL

I took this photo so you can get an indication of the size of the balloon bunch!! great value for $55 isnt it!!!!

This was another smaller bunch i did today for another lovely lady.....
So thats my day. Quite uneventfull, but at the same time very colourful!!! Ok, done now... nothing more to see here... Goodbye!!!!

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kerry said...

Cool ballons Jodi love the butterfly one.


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