Friday, October 26, 2007

New Hair Again!!! Day 128

Im discovering advantages everyday from this 365 day challenge...

You know how it is, when you ceom home from the hair dressers and you think.... they did it wrong.....

So I looked for my last new hair photo which is 118 days ago by the way!! LOL And doing the comparison - it looks pretty much the same!!! I thought this time is was way lighter.... But comparining it to last time - its the same - so im happy now. Just takes a bit to get used to it i suppose!!!

This time
Last time!!

Now for my other exciting news.

I uploaded by DT competition layouts last night!! Its done now - no turning back!!! I feel sick about it!! Is my stuff good enough?? I get constant reject letters from the big 3!!! But gotta be in it I suppose!!

Wish me luck

Go to cyberscraps gallery to have a look at my layouts.. Go to cyberscraps forum for an explanation of the OTP album

Wish me luck!!


Jack said...

Good Luck Jodi....Go Jodi, Go Jodi, Go Jodi, give me a J, give me an o, give me a d, give me an i, what have you got JODI. (lol)

Brenda said...

Good luck Jodi with your DT application I know you can do it!!! For what it's worth I think your hair looks great!!!


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