Monday, October 1, 2007

Day 103 - Happy Labour Day Long Weekend!!!

Well, I spent the day doing things i dont very often get to do today. I stayed in bed reading my book until 11.30am when dd came in looking for a lift to the boyfirends place.... damn!!!

Then I read some more. Finally got the book finished and it was great. Jodi Picoult 19 minutes it was. Great read!!!

Here are some layouts ive been doing over the last couple of days.

This is the final archery one - in this lot anyway!! I used Augsut Sissy pack for this one and the colours are great!! New Idea!! Rather thab paint the chipboardm I kindy glitzed it!!! Why didnt i think of that sooner!!!

This one is called "3D Champs"

This is the the first of the final instmallments for the celebrating me in 2007 challenge. Favorite thing to read.

I think the final Harry Potter instalment is of the upmost importance for this years fans, So natually this one is called "Goodbye Harry"

Favoite food!! Well, I do have lots of favorties - all which hold no relivance to my diet the last couple of years!! Ive lived on Jenny Craig. These are my favorite Jenny foods.
Titled: "Have you called Jeny Yet?"

This is day 103's photo of me in the garden....
There are also some lovely new additions to the garden too!!! Look at these cute little pom pom flowers!!!

And who can beat the gorgous bottle brush that i just had to take a photo of as well.....

So, thats day 103 for me.... Seeya tomorra!!

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