Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 116 - Archery today - back on the range!!!

Ive had a bit of a break from archery since my dismal performance at the nationals!! Had a bit of a melt down. Too much pressure. I totally went there to win the ABA and failed dismally!!! But the thing thats so annoying is that like i shot 17 A's out of 20!! But the three that i didnt shoot A's on, i either missed or used a third arrow which is as good as missing!!! I cant believe one can shoot so damn well and still stuff things up like that!! Its so infuriating!!! Like I got a BRONZE which is great, but i shot that good most of the time i should have won it.. But i stuffed it up myself!!! See, Im still sour over it!!!

I DID take home TWO gold still... I took out the 3D and also was selected for the regional 3D team and we took it out as well, so i am a member of the NAtional Champion 3D team, which is HUGE for a lady.... they very rarely pick ladies on the teams as tradionally we dont shoot as well as men..... But I was the only women on the adult team for both 3D and ABA which is huge and i was so proud!!!

So all in all, the nationals werent a dismal failure..... but i still needed a break.

But with the nationals only about 6 months away again, i thought id better pick the bow up and get back on the range again.

I shot 915 out of 1200 on delta tagets, which are extremely tough as you cant see the a zone... so Im really happy with the performance... so all isnt lost!!! Might be able to get the edge back for the nationals....

I totally want to be in A grade this year. I will be the ONLY women A grade shooter in my division. In all australia there is only one other women in ABA a grade.. but shes in a different divison to me. So, that in itself will be HUGE!!!

As ABA is tradionally a hunting game, there arent that many really good lady archers. Most ladies shoot FITA, which is the olympic style of archery and its clean. Its on an open field with lawn, and you wear a uniform - very formal and serious!!! Not my kind of social scene. i like the ABA guys, very laid back and are there for the fun!! And it is totally FUN!!!

Anyway, this is me in my archery gear!! This is the pimp hat!!! LOL

Seeeya tomorra!!

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